River is a beautiful young women who lives with her older brother, Blayton, and a man she loathes with all her being, Danny. Even though she’s been in love with her childhood sweetheart and had envisaged spending the rest of her life with Sammy who lives across the road, Danny has a stronghold over her and her brother’s past when he was in the right place at the right time, deceiving them in such a way that they are both forced to have him in their lives. Regardless of Blayton’s addiction to drugs which help him with a profound depression caused by an abusive father and a mother that takes her life, he still wants to protect his sister above all costs. But by not telling her the truth, this will only make matters worse and escalate throughout the story.

Sammy’s heart is shattered when he founds out that on River’s sixteen birthday, Danny claims her for his own. In his confusion and anger, he leaves their home-town without asking for any explanations. After finishing his studies, he moves back home with his best friend Jasper and finds River having a more than heated argument with an undesirable character who is accompanying a friend of Sammy’s mother, Sandra. A loose woman and heavy drinker who had never cared for the upbringing of Sammy or his younger brother, Jase.

Sammy hasn’t got over River. She loves him more than ever. She’s not prepared to tell him why she’s still with Danny and he in turn, can’t fathom out why she lives with a jealously maniac bad guy. The plot thickens around abuse, violence and murder. Consequences that at all times are being observed by a neighbour, Derek, who in the long run will save the day, or not!

Just when you think that that their lives have found eternal happiness, everything comes crashing down into a horrendously intriguing cliffhanger!

I really don’t won’t to tell you more about this incredible love story because you must read it to judge for yourselves. Without a doubt, the author’s capability to describe details which will take us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, is more than commendable. If you want explicitly hot, hot, hotter than hot sex, impressive grammar and vocabulary, “broken” characters who you’ll never forget, this is definitely for you!

My favourite expression; “Breathe for me Twink.”

INNER CORE (Stark #2)

Firstly, I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read the ARC of INNER CORE.

Secondly, I would also like to mention that this book review is totally unbiased.

Towards the end of Layers (Stark 1), Daniel reads an earth-shattering article about his most guarded private life, jumps to conclusions and accuses Haley of revealing details only she have could known. Although she denies being the culprit, he doesn’t want to listen to reason and breaks up with her. Broken hearted, she carries on with her plans to visit her parents and while there, she finds out that her brother is missing in action. When Daniel realizes he has made the biggest mistake of his life, he tries ringing her mobile which to his consternation, is disconnected. As he has a vague idea where she might be, he rings Hayley’s best friend and flat mate, Tasha. She tells him where she is, gives him her parents’ phone number and she also informs him that Hayley’s brother is missing in action in Afghanistan. By using his influences in higher places, he manages to get information about her brother’s platoon and books a flight to…

This is exactly where Inner Core kicks in. Haley can’t believe her eyes when Daniel gets out of the taxi in front of her parents’ house. Emotions run riot…I won’t tell you where, and they promise each other to be more truthful and communicative in the future. Even though you’ve met Hayley’s best friends in Layers, I must mention them again. Natasha, Ian and Haley are without a doubt, such a close-knit and self-made family, it makes one envious. Family underlined and inseparable! Tasha falls for Brad, a very dubious guy who just happens to have been one of Hayley’s ex one night stands! This makes matters more complicated because he was also an associate of Daniel. And Ian! Ian is the life of the party. Extrovert, loving and always ready to give good advice. After a night of debauchery, he is thrown out of his home by his landlady, and between him and Tasha, cajole Hayley into moving in with Daniel, something he’d been asking her to do for ages. Consequently, all Hayley’s insecurities are uncovered. I don’t want to share more of this tremendous love story because it wouldn’t be fair!

Ms. Ehrlich has not only an incredible ability of conveying the smallest detail regarding her characters’ personalities, she has been able to make us visually see their physical appearances too. Most writers in these type of romances, chose the dark haired, blue eyed boys and alpha male. Not her. Daniel is nothing but this. Strong personality, definitely, more down to earth though and with a lot of soft spots in between. I just loved his scar on his lip and the colour of his hair, everything about him. Haley is, what can I say? Outstanding, sexy, and if I was a guy, I’d say gorgeous! Inner Core is an apt title for a book that needs to be read. My personal recommendation to the author is to simply to keep up the good work. Bravo!