KINK by Nikki Sex


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends ForeverKINK image

The author has not only surprised me with Kink, but she’s also managed to do what few authors can accomplish. Write a standalone novel with a brilliant past. If you haven’t read Fate yet, no worries. There is no confusion in the storyline of this novel as she has taken utmost care in pointing out important facts with style and flow. However, I would highly recommend that you do read the first book.

The unimaginable has happened to Paul. This Alfa male who doesn’t do relationships and has had more than enough experience in BDSM for someone as young as him, has fallen! Fallen for a lass that’s just adorable and up to a certain point, inexperienced. Emily’s willing to please her lifelong friend and now lover but there are a lot of trust issues. Paul’s put his foot in it and for the first time in his life, and he feels totally baffled. How he’s going to win her over remains to be seen in a novel that’s so steaming hot that I was grabbing for the fan! Be warned folks ‒ the sex scenes are sublime! Their pasts haven’t been exactly perfect and this will play an important part on how the story evolves. How both of them are going to overcome these problems is well planned out in a love story that has you asking yourself why the prologue started off as it did?

I really must mention André! He has a way subtle way of popping up in all the author’s stories. Andre is a maestro of masters and the quotes throughout the book are becoming and welcomed! Actually, there was a point when I compared his quotes with Confucius!! No disrespect to this philosopher either, but it goes to show you how well the author has written this book.

One little observation I have had were the tinsy-winsy repetitive expressions that Paul had regarding his feeling for the woman that he could never have imagined having in his life. Apart from that, I was enthralled with their story.

The editing is without a doubt, really well done. The author has left us on a precipice of sorts which is actually what one would look for in a good read, and I think I have summed up this book without revealing any spoilers. For lovers of this genre it is a must read! Bravo Ms. Sex! Looking forward to reading the next instalment! If there is one of course!!!

THE PLAYER #1 of the Rouge Passion series by J.D. CHASE


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Oh my goodness me! What a read, what a plot and a half and be warned, if you’re easily offended by four letters words and explicitly described sex, this book isn’t for you. It was for me!

Roll on size sixteen! Meet Isla. She’s a curvaceously attractive redhead with a witty sense of humour who doesn’t take any crap from anyone and gives as much as she gets! Hard-working, ambitious and wary of the opposite sex from a past experience, is about to change her way of thinking. The luxurious hotel where she works as Deputy General Manager in the heart of Kensington has been sold. Why the new owner’s name hasn’t been revealed is unsettling for all the employees and more so for Isla who has had her eye on the General Manager’s position.

Xander takes the helm. This man makes the word arrogant seem underrated. He’s curt, obnoxiously offensive, sex on legs and even though their strong personalities clash, they both have something in common. An overwhelming attraction for each other. The author describes the leading characters in a plot which has you guessing as to why he’s so secretive throughout the book to perfection. This godlike man has such a dirty mouth and I loved it! The only way for him to release his pent up frustrations is to have hot wild sex with her wherever and whenever and boy oh boy, is she game to play along! As long as there’s no emotional strings attached, their mutual sexual obsession is under control. But not everything is what it seems to be in a story which is unravelled at a steady pace.

At one point, the secondary characters made me think of the English series in the 70’s, Faulty Towers! The barman is adorable, the two receptionists christened the Barbie dolls by Isla feed on gossip and are constantly vying for Xander’s attention, and the banter between them all is fan-bloody-tastic!

Towards the end of this brilliantly written book, I had a vague suspicion that the cliffy was going to leave me dangling. Dangle, I did! Oh yes… I felt overwhelmingly outraged and it took a lot of control not to throw my kindle out the window.

I read this novel in one sitting, lost sleep over it and wrote this review at silly o’clock! This is the first book I have read by Ms. Chase and it definitely won’t be the last. The grammar is faultless, the storyline totally absorbing and I can’t wait to read The Redeemer: Part Two of the Rouge Passion Series this coming autumn. I am now a fan of yours Ms. Chase! Bravo!

Just have a look at these teasers!THE PLAYER PIC 3THE PLAYER PIC 2

THE ALPHABET GAME #3 L to R (The Alpha Series) by ANDIE M. LONG


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.

ABC TEASER 4 ABC TEASER 2 ABC TEASERThe cliff hanger in book two left us on a precipice and dying to know what letter L would bring. Before the author gives us a taste of Stella’s out of the classroom sexapades, she and Gabe follow every possible lead they have to bring down the two most odious people in their lives.

Not only do they have every reason to follow the trail which seems to get more complicated by the minute, but neither of them were banking on an unexpected surprise waiting for them at his mother’s house. Things really start to pick up when more deceit and lies are revealed giving them more motive than ever to pursue their respective fathers.

Now for the letter L. L is for what you may ask. Leashed restraints, leather attire, or luscious sex? Well, there’s lots and lots of sex and really hot, too! Keep guessing because when you do read the book, Gabe has to “come around” before enjoying the game he concocted in book 1.

Previously, Stella had agreed to learn the ropes in one of her father’s clubs hoping to uncover well buried smokescreens. So she and Gabe trot off to The Big Apple. Why her stepfather is so interested in her working in a club where everything is permitted still has me wondering and that folks, is a good sign in a book with suspense.

They had already come to the conclusion that their relationship was more than a titillating game of letters, but when the most horrid of characters in this plot lets on something of extreme importance to Gabe, it certainly looks like their relationship will come to a quick end. We’ll have to read book #4 if we want to discover the outcome of his dilemma. I can’t tell you how much a love these two protagonists. More often than not, their down to earth dialogue had me in fits of laughter.

Even though the author’s ability to mix humour with brilliant banter between her characters is uncanny, I had a few issues with the editing of this really awesome story. However, I’m sure the author is aware of this and it will be rectified in book #4. Well done Ms. Long! You are without a doubt, a good storyteller. Bravo!

The last teaser is definitely my favourite passage!

MISTER BLACK: A Billionaire SEAL story. #1 (In the Shadows) by P T Michelle


red corsetReviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

I didn’t know what to expect when I started to read this book. The prologue gave me the impression that this book was aimed at Young Adult readers; oh, how wrong I was! I became more and more intrigued and couldn’t put this short read down. I’m not a big lover of so many flashbacks either but I soon realised that without them, this story wouldn’t have had the backbone that it has.

Taila’s personality is beautifully described by the author and you can easily imagine the pain and heartbreak she goes through as an adolescent. Distraught after a dreadful happening and while walking in the rain feeling totally lost, she has a chance meeting with Blackie. He calms her down, gives her hope, and leaves an impression on her so ingrained that she’ll never forget him calling her Red.

Time goes by and as a young woman, her best friend cajoles her in to gate-crashing a party. The only reason she agrees to go is because not only will they go incognito, but she’ll also have the opportunity to meet someone who could help her clarify the death of a college student. The story’s turning point in this impeccably written story of deceit, lies, suspense and hot, hotter than hot sex was just what I was waiting for. And my, oh my, I wasn’t let down in the least. Now, the big question is; who is Blackie? Who is Sabastian?

Well, well, well! What can I say about this horrendously Alfa male whom consumes Taila’s thoughts day and night? Demanding but considerate and everything rolled into one is him. Oh my God! Talk about fate playing tricks in wondrous ways is an understatement!

The author’s ability to describe her protagonist’s personalities is without a doubt, fan-bloody-tastic! The storyline is faultless, the cliffy is brilliant and as I’m not partial to stalking authors, I’ll have to play the waiting game for the sequel of this more than unusual not “love story” for the moment. I have no idea when she has plans to have it published but I must warn you about the sex scenes. They consume a good part of this book and if you don’t like this kind of genre, it would be advisable to read the reviews before one-clicking! I’ve just read what I’ve written and even though it sounds overly enthusiastic, it’s exactly how I feel about this book. It’s a page turner. Bravo Ms. Michelle!

THE ALPHABET GAME #2 F to K (The Alpha series) by ANDIE M. LONG


The Alphabet Game 2Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

I read The Alphabet Game #1 A to E in a day and couldn’t write the review quick enough! The author hasn’t let me down with the follow up of the first book in this fan-bloody-tastic series. The sex is reach for the fan as soon as you can material! But at the cutting edge of a good read is without a doubt, the plot. It’s so down to earth, so feasible, but at the same time, so unpredictable that you’ll be on tenterhooks. And that is exactly what I look for in a good book.

Stella and Gabe have big problems with a capital B! No pun intended on my part! And the only way to solve them is to make a pact of sorts. Hence, the Alphabet Game. How on earth Gabe (the author), dreamt it up is beyond me! Book #1 leaves us hanging on a steep cliff when Stella has an extremely unpleasant surprise.

Book #2 flows perfectly from the last paragraph of A to E to F to K. Now she’s made a decision of sorts. Not to get involved and take matters into her own hands. She’s had enough of Gabe’s luscious invention, and even though she’s got the gist of it, she misses playing the game. Easier said than done when you’ve got a gorgeous hunk of a man with muscles in all the right places who begs for forgiveness with her one weakness, M&Ms!M&Ms

It wouldn’t be fair if I told you more; however, vengeance is supreme in this fast and quite hilarious story of two lovers that don’t want to get involved. Past issues are of utmost importance and will this bring them together or pull them apart? Coincidences collide, secrets are unfolded, and trust is questioned. I really must tell you that these two loveable characters’ personalities are simply described to perfection. The banter between the protagonists had me reading out aloud and laughing even louder.  Quite incredible! I really like the grammatical tense that the author has used too.

Before I say hi to Ms. Long, I would like to quote my favourite passage; “Come get me then. Beg, crawl, whatever you like. Because you don’t get to talk to me like you have today and get away with it.” Say no more folks! Read it! There are no spoilers in this review.

Ms Long! What can I say? A sleepless night was well worth it! I salute you. Bravissimo!


FIVE STARSForever-Baby-Cover

Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

Forever Baby by Ellie Wade is a début by this up and coming new author.  At first look I thought the book was another one of those coming of age female and male best friends in love kind of story. I was pleasantly surprised.

It begins with Olivia and Nolan, two American best friends. They go away to Spain for the summer on a foreign exchange programme. The two of them stay with Spanish families with college students their own age and become fast friends. One of the friends is Andres and there seems to be an instant attraction between Olivia and Andres. Olivia is a very insecure young lady and Andres has deep routed issues. Consequently, he does not do relationships and he is a bit of a player, too. These two embark on a summer romance which is very intense with some hot sex scenes.

We see how the characters come to terms with their feelings and how in turn, they deal with them. Like all summer romances, they come to an end when the visitor goes home.

The turn of events when Olivia goes home are very surprising and not what I expected. Albeit while reading through the book, I felt that some angst was on its way and I wasn’t wrong. The whole experience is very painful for Olivia but she also has to battle with her insecurities. This was one of those stories where it chopped and changed for predicting how it would end. I for one, was very happy with the end. It went how I wanted it to as I very much invested in the characters.

I’ve got to say that even though Olivia was a very insecure character, she was sweet, caring and funny. There were a couple of chapters where I shed a tear for them and it wasn’t surprising considering the fact that the fantastic writing by the author makes you believe in this story. It actually made you feel like you were right there in amongst the angst.

I will be watching Ellie Wade with interest of what’s produced next and thinking about it, I think the characters could be revisited as there could be stories for the supporting characters. The over 18 rating is because of the sexual content and moderate language. Granted it’s about young adults, but I would say the more mature reader would enjoy this book. It is very well written and Ellie certainly knows how to tell a story well.



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

The storyline of this book isn’t an easy one. It is full of complex twists and turns which pop up when you least expect them to. But saying that, the author has managed to give this angst-ridden love triangle of a story flow. While on school holiday, young twin brothers, Jared and Justin, befriend Meadow when she’s dragged along to her mother’s place of work. The new school term starts and that’s when their friendship blossoms into love. Both are extremely protective of her and although there’s a certain amount of rivalry, their lives don’t start to get complicated until Meadow makes a discovery which she doesn’t want to reveal to anyone. When the cat is eventually let out of the bag is when we see a huge turning point in the story. The boys’ father is a nasty piece of work and even though I couldn’t stand him, he fitted perfectly into this gripping plot that had me turning the pages until the early hours of the morning. Meadow’s mother upset me immensely, too! A loose lady in a small town who’s more interested in her temporary bedmate than in the daughter’s welfare. I could have strangled her for being so selfish and I’m sure you will too!

KER DUKEY 1Meadow’s heart has an owner, yet the battle to win her over is going to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. She is beautiful, shy, sensitive, and loves writing songs. Hence, when the brothers buy her a guitar for her fourteenth birthday, her inspiration flourishes. She’d already been christened Beats by one of them, and she in turn, had christened the brother who plays the guitar, Riff (Rift). These gorgeous males might be identical twins but they’re like chalk and cheese. One is hot-headed with a very strong personality, the other more placid. But the only thing they do have in common throughout this fabulously well-written story is going to rip their lives to shreds. Will they be able to get their act together regardless of the many mistakes they’ve make? Will all be forgiven once they find out about the bombshell that’s going to be dropped on them, too? Talk about bowl me over and knock the air out of my lungs is an understatement! I never expected that outcome and found it enthralling.

The sex scenes are so explicitly described that I had to get the fan out! Flipping heck, the author certainly knows how to get you flustered! I’ve read other books by Ms Dukey and this is without a doubt one of the best she has written yet. Simply bravo Ms Dukey. Simply Bravo! KER DUKEY 2