Reviewed by Tracey Lou on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

If I were able to, I would have given this book more than five glowing stars. I was 4% in and totally hooked when I was thrown into a scene that got me all flustered and reaching for that glass of wine to cool down. Wow, it was red hot; he was hot, I was hot! The sexual tension between the two characters was just electric!

Gia Mastro is a complex young woman with a secret. Eva! Gia’s mother’s only aim in life is to have a rich husband to keep her in the comfort that she has become accustomed to. Sadly, she also wants this kind of life for her daughter Gia, and has also practically brainwashed her into believing that this is what she wants. Gia has been working for Gunner Esq, in the hope that one day she will catch the eye of his gorgeous rocker son, Abel Gunner.

Abel Gunner. Lead singer with the band Lethal Abel. And oh boy, is he one lethal A-One dominant alpha male rocker. Furthermore, this sex on legs guy has an attitude. He dons a piercing and an interesting tattoo which drive the ladies wild. Abel loves women! And they love him, too! A man who packs a lethal punch everywhere he goes, is a dream come true for many. He knows what he wants, gets what he wants, and he has decided he wants Gia. Nothing and no one is going to get in his way either.

The story between Abel and Gia is not a smooth one. Obviously all her dreams have come true as this was what she has been striving for; to snare Abel Gunner. The two come together under a Dom/Sub contract and that is the start of this scorching hot story. Abel becomes the perfect Dom. He’s loving but very jealous if someone so much as touches or looks at Gia. She loves the attention she receives from Gunner and the sex is…phew, unbelievable! Her feelings towards Gunner begin to change when she falls in love. Her mother is always in the background and frequently called Medusa in the book! Much more fitting because not only is she an evil and jealous woman, but she also threatens to tell Abel everything. Gunner begins to realize that Gia is the woman for him; however, there is someone from his past threatening his happiness. Alas, the stirrings of a jealously bitter woman holds no bounds and the grief she brings is heart-wrenching for both characters.

This is where the story finishes on a cliffhanger. I wasn’t expecting it to come to such an abrupt end, but I felt this was the right path for it to go.
I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this book which was well written, has a great story line, and Abel and Gia just steamed up the pages.
Thank you Ms. Whitney for one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve put my hands on this year. And I must add that I read it twice!



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

“No!” A simple negative statement most of us have no trouble saying is the backbone to this intriguing and angst-ridden love story. The suspense will have you flipping the pages at the speed of light in a book which covers extremely delicate subjects such as abuse, self-esteem, complex trust issues and abduction.

Eden Rivers has difficulty coping with something appalling that happened to her while studying at college. Since then, she is incapable of having a normal relationship with the opposite sex. Four years of continuously struggling to come to terms with it is taking its toll, but by burying her true self helps her to survive. A night out with her best friend, Tori, is just what she needs to calm her nerves. However, she’s caught out! How? You’ll have to read the book to discover why this gifted and unpretentious photographer has built up an impenetrable wall around her very being. Eden relies heavily on her few bosom buddies, trusts them completely, and are the only ones who know about her dreadful experience. Or so she thinks!

Ky Crawford is a young and well-accomplished businessman. He is at the helm of Anderson Publications where his right-hand man, confident and most importantly, his brother, works. Josh not only understands why Ky is a workaholic, but also knows why his brother has unsuccessfully been trying to live with a secret. Even though Ky has no inclination to socialize, Josh talks him into going to a club. His unbelieving eyes fall upon an outstandingly beautiful girl clad in a red jacket; he knows her, she has no inkling who he is. What he couldn’t fathom out is why she is acting the way she is. What will her reaction be when she walks into his office the next day? Why is she there in the first place? There are certainly a lot of untruths to be unravelled in this well-thought-out and original plot. One thing is for sure; the woman he has dreamt about for years is back in his life. The question is, can he keep someone he never had to start with? Can he save her from ominous events on the horizon?

I put two and two together when I was 23% into the book. I had no issue with this though, and carried on reading because I really liked the storyline, the two protagonists and the secondary characters. When I was just over the halfway mark, I started getting a tad frustrated with the repetition of facts which had been mentioned before. However, I enjoyed reading Ky and Eden’s different POV chapter by chapter; Ky is so sensitive and patient towards Eden that at times, I was wiping a tear away, too. I would have gladly fallen at both brothers’ feet in their elegant attire any day! The author has written an extremely descriptive story. The banter is good, her usage of vocabulary, excellent, and the sex scenes are explicitly defined. I am indeed looking forward to reading Josh and Ashlyn’s story coming in 2015. Bravo Ms. Brookes.

My favourite passage: ‘Fear was a devastating thing. It gripped you to the point of being completely incapacitated and swallowed every rational thought that was your given right.’



Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

Empathy- the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The title was all I had to go on and I was delighted to be asked to read and review Ker’s new book.

It is clear from the prologue that Blake and his younger brother, Ryan, have had a very unconventional upbringing. Blake is a cop but secretly a contract killer and you soon realise he is a dark soul. One thing is clear; he adores his brother and supports him through college. Ryan is a very close-minded character who does not interact with the other students. There is no eye contact, no interaction, he just exists. Melody is intrigued by him. Sitting next to him and glancing at him, they are thrown together by circumstances when they are paired up for a project and become friends.

Melody goes home to visit at the weekend and a tragedy strikes changing her life forever. However, she literally bumps into Blake and she thinks he is a rude, arrogant ass regardless of her attraction for him. Blake cannot get her out of his mind either, so is his dark side going to come together with her light?

There are some very hot sex scenes and also some very on the edge of your seat scenes. This story has a real twist in it where you think you know where the direction is leading, bam; something happens you never see coming.

This novel is very cleverly written because it makes you think you have all the facts about the characters; nevertheless, while waiting for the secrets to come out, you’ll not only be surprised, but shocked as well. My heart was beating fast and my environment ceased to exist when the whole story was unfolding. Very dark and gripping and sexy of course!

Towards the end, there is a very sweet ahhh scene and you think it is all going well only to be hit by another scene that could be a brilliant set up for more books surrounding the characters. I would love to know more about them, and I’ve got to say that Blake is my new book boyfriend. Dark, brooding and definitely a sexy alpha male. Melody is a great female character. Smart, sexy too, and a breath of fresh air for Blake in spite of the fact that she’s been through a terrible time. As for Ryan, I’m not too sure! He certainly gave me goose bumps and I’m not entirely sure if that is good or bad.

A very worthy five stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and wish Ker every great success with it. Highly recommended and I can see myself reading this at a later date for a second time and there is also a great playlist on Spotify that fits the story so well.




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

I had no idea what was in store for me when I started to read this book and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Even though it took me a while to get into it, I soon realised that the first few chapters had a solid backbone for events which would take place later on. This is a love story underlined and highlighted and I absolutely loved it.

Jordan Hawthorne has just finished her degree in history, and she’s excited! She going to have the job of her dreams, she’s engaged to the man she loves and the future couldn’t look rosier. But something goes dreadfully wrong and her whole world comes crashing down with the bat of an eye. No matter that she’d fled to a little town where she was welcomed with open arms, she still kept receiving bothersome text messages from the last person she wanted to talk to. The only people that know of her whereabouts are her parents and her best friend, Katherine, who I might add, are really lovely folk and will play quite an important part in the story. I really connected well to Jordan, and it was easy to understand why she had so many trust issues. Her reasons for not making any long-term plans, her need to protect herself from a person she thought she knew; fitted into her character perfectly. This person’s true colours are to be disclosed, and it’ll make you want to jump into the book and strangle the despot with your own hands!

‘…How could I have been so oblivious?’

Hers was a case of once bitten, twice shy; however, she wasn’t banking on meeting the most outrageously good-looking and polite cowboy, Thomas McCloud. Sparks fly from the first moment they set eyes on each other, and believe you me, their attraction palpitates! Spellbound by her beauty and her bubbly personality, this cowboy uses his natural chivalry to find out why she’s so dubious about getting involved with him. Mind you, having a reputation as a player doesn’t help either.

“Open your eyes, darlin’.” When I opened them, I gasped.

When Thomas finds out that the person stalking Jordan is her ex, he has an ominous feeling that something’s going to go terribly wrong. He’ll try to protect her from the danger she’s in without upsetting her more than she already is. Will he be able to save her from Ryan Gordon? Who is this man? Had the truth been revealed earlier, would it have made a difference? As this well-thought-out plot reaches an excruciating level, it might not be a bad idea to have a full packet of Kleenex at hand because I can guarantee you’ll lose more than one tear drop.

‘Maybe cowboys didn’t cry, but a man who lost his heart did.’

The sex scenes are explicitly described to perfection! They’re hot, steamy; and put the air-conditioning on folks. I had to! The two protagonists are adorable, and the secondary characters have a story to tell, too. Will we be seeing more of Ellie, Paul, Katherine and Lance Ms. Ford? Not only was I impressed with the banter between all of them, but I also liked the way you have managed to get the authentic southern accent across to the reader. I read your outstanding début novel in one sitting. In a nut shell… bravo!



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This is the fifth book in the Gypsy Brothers series which must be read in order. A warning; this is a very dark read full of vengeance, deception, abduction, rape, violence, and torture. Yes! Torture underlined and highlighted because even under the conditions Julie is in, Dornan never conforms. He always has the upper-hand, and he always wants more in a contorted storyline which will leave you literally spent! What I liked more than anything about this short read was how the author had slipped in a few snippets to help one reflect on past events and for that, I am truly grateful.

“Funny,” I whisper. “I never gave your sons a choice.”

Julie’s endurance to fight those who abused her when she was younger will have no closure until she has succeeded in wiping out a whole family. She will stop at nothing. But all the extreme lengths she had taken to cover her tracks in the past, aren’t enough. Now she finds herself in dire straits; however, her furious anger will feed her survival instincts. Facing the person who has caused her soul, her very being to be consumed with hatred, will be the ultimate test in a book that has a horrendous scenario. Will she be condemned to hell?

“…, I’ll come down and drag you out of hell myself.”

She’d fooled him. He found out what her game was. Now Dornan wants revenge, too. This man is one very sick SOB! And there is no-one who is going to stop him on his quest to break her. Not only has the head of the family had an important part to play in Julie’s life, but we will also discover secrets which absolutely floored me!

“Have I ever lied to you, baby girl?”

Towards the end of this story, we’re thrown into an extremely realistic shoot-out scene. It wasn’t difficult to imagine bullets flying around one’s head; god-dammit, I had to duck! And just before all this happens, Dornan’s youngest son, Jase, enters into the plot! Well, in most circumstances we would say better late than never; it’s about time lover boy showed up, yeah? Not in this case though. When Julie finds out his true colours; her emotions run wild. She’s ecstatic in one breath, she’s distraught in another. Why? One-click to find out what the love of her life has done to deserve her rebuff, why the title is what it is.

“Tell her, son. Tell her what you did.”

Even though the new character introduced to us isn’t exactly going to save the day, he did give his pound of flesh, so how could I not connect to him? I was glad to see the back of some undesirables who had a huge part to play in the other books, too. The battle of wills between the two main protagonists is well thought out, the storyline’s flow is impeccable. Ms Germain, while reading your exceptional book, I thanked god for best friends. Throughout, you have managed to make my feelings run riot. You are an extremely descriptive writer and it is plain to see that you have taken a lot of trouble not to leave out the smallest detail. Bravo!

“I’m not going anywhere,” he says, “I’m never leaving you again.”



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

The last book in the Fighter Series could easily be read as a standalone. The author has made sure that the reader isn’t in the slightest bit confused when describing her characters in a plot so fast moving that I didn’t put the light out until silly o’ clock! Reading Jax and Lily’s moving love story is without a doubt, unputdownable.

Jackson Knight, Jax, is not only the blue-eyed boy in every sense of the word; but this smart, successful investor is also the perfect gentleman. All said and done, he’s been well-brought-up in a privileged surrounding. Knight is a name that carries weight with the wealthy and influential. Even though they trust him with their money, we’ll have to see whether or not he can trust them back. He has no qualms about fighting for what he wants though. And I do mean fight! When his plans to invest in a business which specializes in his passion, he didn’t bank on having to cross so many peaks and valleys with Lily who inherited half of it from her father. He has just had about as much as he can take with his father’s scandals and what should have been plain sailing complicates by the minute.

The last thing Lily needs in her life is another amorous relationship. She’s still trying to ward off her ex who will not take no for an answer, makes her feel guilty, and virtually makes her life impossible. Caden is a nasty piece of work! The problem is that it’s not so easy for her to steer clear of this jealous and highly aggressive individual. And another problem she has is Jax! She can’t take her eyes of him, she likes his company and it doesn’t take them long to find out that they have a lot of things in common. I just loved the mealtime scenes. It has put a new perspective on the word! He worms his way under her skin with all his innuendos, outstanding banter and who doesn’t lay their eyes on a body like Jax’s is missing out! Oh my God, I’d definitely let him worm his way under by skin!

I wish Lily could have come across as a stronger person, but I think that this is understandable having been sheltered by an overly protective father all of her life. Jax will make mistakes and she will too, but hers had me floored. Why on earth she trusted who she did, well knowing that this person had been causing so much friction, was beyond me! Grrr…I would have gladly strangled her at this point in the story! The plot is extremely feasible, good and solid, and all the characters are well described. There are some brilliant bite your nails scenes, and the author managed to get me all worked up regarding Jake’s insistence on getting vengeance the way he did. Ooooh yeah! What we all like to read in this type of genre is some hot sex. It isn’t hot; it’s sizzling! And what I liked more than anything here was when Jax takes his suit off. This polite and courteous man has a really dirty mouth when undressed and his vocabulary is so vividly described that you’ll need to get your fan out. Bravísimo sums this book up to a tea!

SWEET FALL (Sweet Home Series #3) by TILLIE COLE


FIVE STARS (Not allowed to rate it with more!)

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

It’s extremely difficult to put a star rating on a MASTERPIECE! This outstanding read has been a hard lesson for me since I was ignorant to the fact that this illness not only has an immense physical and mental impact on the person that has to fight it, but also how their loved ones manage to cope with it. The author’s sensitivity, her knowledge and ability to describe both protagonists’ feelings will leave you breathless and is nothing less than admirable. Every minuscule detail is relevant in this angst-ridden book and regardless of whether or not you’re sobbing your heart out, it will have bring out the strength in you to carry on reading.

Even though Austin Carillo is from the wrong side of town, he’s responsible and adores ‘sua famiglia’. I just adored the way the author has subtly integrated the Italian language into the story giving all the family members’ backgrounds such authenticity. He hasn’t got time for gals or socializing because he’s too busy trying to hold his family’s fragile infrastructure together, playing football and studying. His mother, Chiara, is terminally ill and needs expensive treatment which has to be paid for. The money that comes into the household is earned dishonestly and going to cause considerable friction between his oldest brother, Axe, and himself. When Austin finds out that his youngest brother, Levi, has been dragged into the Heighters gang, he goes apes**t! Austin is sooo sensitive. This young man’s personal story is heart-rending. He’s far too proud for his own good, and won’t listen to Rome, his best friend who plays quarterback on the same team and consequently, Austin carries all the family obligations on his shoulders. Despite the fact that Axe is convinced his method of overcoming their plight is a pushover and berates his brother for being so righteous, Austin does all in his power to control a situation that is spiralling out of control.

“I’m keeping this famiglia going, not you, superstar.”

Oooh Lexi! If my heart broke in two for Austin, it was literally shattered to smithereens when Lexi’s story unfolds. You will discover why Lexi confesses her true feelings to someone very dear to her heart by the only way she knows how; writing in her diary. And you will comprehend why she has this disorder, why she hides behind outrageously heavy makeup and sloppy clothes all in due course. But there’s an inner voice constantly persecuting her which she has to fight against.

“The temptation of the inner voice… the desperate temptation to go back there, to freely give over the reins.”

Does this beautiful soul have the strength to ward off something so harmful? She cheers for the same team that Austin and Rome play for and she’s good. However, she wants to be better, more beautiful, and show her best friends that she’s a true friend and team member, too. Wait and see if they eventually see through the façade she has so carefully erected around her slight frame; her vulnerable state of mind.

“…standing in the pouring fall rain, I felt a piece of my soul die.”

If there were ever two opposites in life, this is Lexi and Austin! Circumstances draw them together but those very circumstances could pull them apart. They are without a doubt, made for each other. Their connection is more than body and soul, it’s celestial. These two wonderful protagonists who are in desperate need of being saved will become one another’s saviours.

“Breathe deep. Be strong. Be brave.”

I can honestly say that I have never read a story that has emotionally affected to the point that I had to cry help to another blogger. Thank you Jo for your little nudge! Much appreciated. I took a deep breath and carried on to be absolutely overwhelmed and was left with the biggest smile on my face. What a fan-freakin’-tastic read. I am lost for words to describe how well Ms Cole has written this story. The development of all the characters and storyline is beyond perfection. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Bravo!