Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

It is of utmost importance that book one and two in this series is read before Little Dove. This is not an easy read if you are squeamish! Violence, revenge, abduction and abuse reigns in this read so please be warned!

Dimitri and Columbia’s love for each other flourishes beyond obsession. I found their need to have sex in every place imaginable a bit over the top and totally unrealistic! Dimitri wants erase his past and be a better person for Columbia and even though they constantly have sex on their minds; with their arch enemy, Sergei, nicely taken care of, their relationship seems to take a turn for the best. They start to build a life together with Nico at their side. Always the devoted protector, he helps Columbia’s dream come true, eradicate the underground sex trade.

What they weren’t banking on was the watched had been watching them! Their plan goes terribly wrong and Columbia is abducted. Here is where I couldn’t understand parts of the plot. She has no idea whether Dimitri is alive or dead, but when she’s thrown into a cell with another sex slave and discovers who she is, she says that Dimitri is alive and well! I found a few other discrepancies in the story which I won’t go into; however, there is absolutely no doubt that the author has written a story overflowing with twists and turns. She knows how to write explicit sex scenes and the torture is extremely vivid, too. Her characters’ personality traits are well thought out, and you will abhor the baddies and love how Dimitri never gives up on his quest to release his little dove from the hands of her abductors.

Without Columbia by his side, Dimitri is mentally at his weakest point. Can this beast of a man find the strength not to revert back to his old self? Can he overcome all the obstacles put in his way, get to the love of his life on time? Fearing for her life and the lives of Ioana and Iryna, Columbia and the gals who she has befriended will be put to the limit. If you’ve read book one and two in this series, Little Dove has an incredible twist at the end and it is certainly worth reading to find out what happens.

I couldn’t read this novel in one sitting. Sex trafficking is repulsively harsh and difficult to comprehend in today’s society. The author has been very straightforward regarding this subject, so that is probably why I found the book exhausting. Saying that, one has a choice when one-clicking this kind of genre, and has anyone ever written a book about personal tastes?




TORTURE TO HER SOUL (Monster in His Eyes #2) by J.M DARHOWER



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

Don’t even attempt to read this book without having read Monster in His Eyes first which I would like to add, is an absolutely marvellous thriller full of twists and turns and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Not only did the cliffy leave me aghast, but the anticipation I also had for the release date of this follow up has literally been a long waiting game and believe you me, it was worth it!

I just love the author’s style of writing! And at one point, if I hadn’t known that the writer is female, one would have thought that this book has been written by a male author. How on earth she has the ability to think like a man is quite uncanny. The whole book is written from Ignazio Vitale’s point of view except for a bonus scene at the end of the story. His internal battle to do what is right, even though it is wrong, pulls him to shreds. Naz shouldn’t have fallen in love with Karissa. He knows that their relationship is a live wire waiting to detonate at any time. The question is— will he be ready when it does?

‘We each hold nuclear weapons inside of us, our fingers always hovering over the buttons for detonation.’

Banter abounds throughout the book. It is written in such a way that it felt like I was a fly on the wall listening to Karissa complain to Naz about him repeating what she says. In a nut shell, the dialogue is fan-freakin’-tastic!

She groans loudly. “Can you not do that right now?”
“Can I not do what?” “That! Repeating everything I say in that tone you use.”
“Repeating everything,” I say, “in the tone I use?” “Naz!”

Naz has never questioned who he is convinced, is his saviour, Ray. But Ray is a sly selfish SOB, and has no thought for Naz’s personal feelings. Honour and trust issues will be put to the test when Ray discovers that someone has betrayed the organisation; however, there is much much more to this suspense story riddled with intrigue than meets the eye. Now Naz has to make a choice. Is he prepared to acquiesce to his and the only person he cares for fate? Because an unhanded ultimatum which could change their lives forever will undoubtedly destroy the only ray of hope he has in a dark world of deceit and death.

‘Because failing Ray’s test doesn’t mean bad marks. It means certain death.

This read is explosive and once again, had me on tenterhooks. I just adored the two protagonists’ personality traits, hated the secondary character, Ray, and his girlfriend, well, she has a façade that I wasn’t ready for. I really liked Naz’s dad who had cut off his relationship with his son years ago. He does something so unexpected for Naz that it had me sobbing my heart out towards the end of the story.

“But that doesn’t mean you should give up on them that you should write them off. Because nobody is hopeless as long as they’re breathing.”

Gritty, erotic, and extremely titillating! Yeah, Naz might be a man set in his ways, but boy oh boy, does he know how to draw his lady out in the bedroom! You certainly won’t be let down by this man of few words because when he does have something to say, he makes sure he’s heard. And Karissa! Is this patient and beautiful soul old beyond her years, in love with her possible executioner? You will only find out by reading this highly recommended book which is faultlessly plotted out. The grammar and editing is excellent and all I want to say to the author is…Bravo!

ROBERT (Fallen Angel Series) by TRACIE PODGER


Reviewed by Dawn Vickers and Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This isn’t a love story. There are no steamy sex scenes as such! This is the life story of a beautiful person who you have probably meet in Fallen Angel series, and if by any chance you haven’t had the opportunity to read book one, two and three, no worries!

                                                                                               ❈ ❈ ❈

“I really think that one could consider this book as a prequel Dawn. What do you think?”

“I totally agree with you Sharon! In fact, I would go so far as saying that even though it wasn’t written as a standalone, there’s absolutely no harm in reading it beforehand. There is no doubt that this book gives us more insight into why Robert is like he is today!”

“Dawn! This man’s was a walking time bomb in the ring! How on earth he had sufficient control to tame his ire after what he’d been through is amazing! What I liked more about him is his honestly—most certainly a lad wise beyond his years! He knew from a very young age how to use his psyche to his advantage, too! Those eyes—oh my God! I tell you what, I’d rather be on the good side of him!”

“You’re not the only one Sharon! What stood out for me was his devotion to the few people he loves!” “Just look at Travis, like chalk and cheese, but Robert never gave up on him. Quite the reverse; he instilled right and wrong from the very beginning of their relationship. Not to mention they could have easily run off with the money Guiseppi Morietti, Evelyn’s father, gave them to buy decent clothes!”

“That’s a good point you’ve made Dawn. And the milestone in this story. His ambition overwhelmed me. And his trust issues are quite comprehensible after what he had to bear as a child. It was a pleasure reviewing with you!”

“Me too Sharon. Like to add that the author has conveyed her characters’ personalities to perfection, a brilliant read!”

                                                                         ❈ ❈ ❈

Robert’s future wasn’t a bright one! At a very young age, he had to learn to fend for himself. Born in the south of London, he was friendless! His parents were there; however, not as parents should be. They couldn’t care less for his well-being, if he was in or out of school, if a hot meal was put on the table. Circumstances dictate his destiny. He knew his American aunt was bonkers! Highly religious, she chastises Robert for existing. He had no comparison to make; nonetheless, his sixth sense kicks in and he survives.

He and a young lass, Cara, become friends. Both live in nightmarish surroundings where the protection of minors doesn’t exist. They only have each other but that’s not enough. When the unspeakable happens, he does something which he has no remorse for. While reading this chapter, I literally sobbed my heart out for these two young souls. Years later, he will take revenge without batting an eyelid and believe you me, I backed him up all the way. Robert runs! He finds himself in a very precarious position only to become stronger; a fighter in the best sense of the word.

Guiseppe, aka Joe, is shrewd man. He can see Robert’s potential and employs both boys. Robert is given more and more responsibility as he gets older, and boy oh boy, does he flourish! Every one of Joe’s wishes becomes his command. His ambitious drive to turn the business into a legitimate one is only possible because of the respect all Joe’s workers have for him. Except one person, Joe’s son. Joey, who is eaten up with jealousy, plays an important part in Robert’s story. A nasty piece of work I might add!

This read is well plotted out, the bloody scenes are descriptive but not overly so that you need to take a breather, and above all, the characters’, secondary included, are easy to relate to. Mmmm, Nikki! Robert wants a release, he definitely doesn’t want anything serious with this conniving b**ch! On the contrary to what he thinks about love, maybe this drop-dead gorgeous man will find a woman to share his future. We will see! And Evelyn, well, she has her own story which is worthy of reading. Perhaps the author might even consider writing Travis’ story because I couldn’t help fall for him!

A word to the author is in order here. You have complimented the Fallen Angel series with Robert’s story to perfection. Therefore this book can be summed up with one word…Bravo!

I would also like to mention Dawn Vickers, my buddy reader. Thank you!

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Reviewed By Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

lockeThis instalment is the last book in the Corps Security series. I have not read the series but believe this can still be read as a standalone. All being said, I shall definitely be going back to start from the beginning as Locke proved to not only be a great story, but it was also very well written and had me totally intrigued from the start.

Locke is a broken and damaged man. He has neither had an easy life growing up, nor in his adult life. He joined the military to rebel and escape. Maddox Locke doesn’t let anyone close to him, keeping them at arm’s length. Could he possibly love at all with all the darkness in him?
Emersyn is a young lady with a path already mapped out for her which she secretly wants to escape. Emmy is forced to live a certain way by her parents; they have tried to mould her into their lifestyle to take over the business, so they can sit back and reap the benefits.

Emersyn is rescued by a fellow corps of Maddox. She is employed as a receptionist at The Corps Security where she meets Maddox. Emmy is drawn to him— it’s not love at first sight as he is very volatile towards her. Eventually, it is clear that Emersyn has quickly fallen for Maddox. This is not easy for her as he pushes her away; however, he has developed something for her.

There a lot of bumps in the road for them, trying to escape their past and look for a possible future together. Can they save each other? Will Maddox finally open up? You will have to read to find out. He maybe dark, but Emersyn has a lot of love to give.

I love the dark brooding of Maddox and the hot sexiness of him. And although Emersyn has had a tough life, she has a reasonably strong character. Of course, there was some hot sex scenes thrown in and the whole Corps Security family was in amongst the story.

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the story of Maddox and Emersyn. It certainly had enough twists and turns and a fantastic ending. There is a playlist written at the beginning that’s worth listening to as you read, because it gives a real feeling to the story. One last thing Harper, you have a new fan and ready to one-click The Corps series and by the time I’ve read them all, I will probably need to read Locke again.

locke teaser 4



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

This is the prequel to the Chasing Carolina Series.

Chase loves cars and women. He’s twenty-two, has a high profile family and wants for nothing. Chase and his friends take off to spend summer at Myrtle Beach thinking it will be wall to wall partying and women. What he doesn’t bank on is meeting Ashlynn. She’d found out that her boyfriend cheated on her before going on holiday with her friends, and doesn’t expect to meet Chase and fall for him. When they meet, sparks fly between them. Even though an attraction grows, she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Chase is experiencing feelings he never knew he had, so they try not to fall in love; however, with only four weeks together, can they both survive when something that started out as a summer fling suddenly becomes so much more? Can Ashlynn let Chase in and will Chase be able to change his playboy ways and be with Ashlynn?

Ashlynn will be going to college and Chase is starting his career as a Nascar driver. They both know their time together will be limited and living so far apart— can they settle for a holiday romance and walk away at the end of it, or agree to wait for each other while they pursue their dreams?

This read is perfect if you are after a light, fun, easy read full of sexy hot moments and little drama. The beach setting makes you almost feel like you’re in this story, too! The secondary characters are also an enjoyable part of the book and don’t fade into the background. Each has a good solid character in their own right.

Danielle Jamie writes some smoking sex scenes and things were definitely hot between these two. This book is a prequel Chase and Ashlynn will be back in 2015 can’t wait!!



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

There is a short prequel novella out called The Masquerade although not essential as this gives a good start for The Rental.

Rick first noticed Vee when she was 15 years old. He knew he could never go there— she was too young. Vee had also noticed Rick. She watched him, lusted after him, and feelings for him grew. There is something between them; whatever this connection is they both feel it. Then Rick left giving no reason, no explanation, he was just gone. Vee got on with her life. She had always been around Justin, Rick’s younger brother, so eventually they decided to give their relationship ago; however, Vee never forgot Rick. Vee isn’t happy with Justin either. He pays her no interest, seems disinterested, secretive and guarded. In fact, she often wonders why she’s with him. After a tragedy and a betrayal from two people close to her, Vee longs for Rick; the man who held her heart since she was fifteen.

One day he comes back. She bumps into him, they spend some time together, and then he’s gone. But she has his phone and coat so follows him to give them back. This is when she finds The Rental and Rick’s secret job. She is intrigued and gets a job there, too. She becomes Victoria and he is Rhett it’s a sexual journey for Vee / Victoria exploring her sexual fantasies and letting go of her inhibitions allowing people to watch them and act out anything they wish to do.
Together they embark on a relationship, trying to keep their lives as Rick and Vee separate from Victoria and Rhett. As employees of The Rental, it’s forbidden. All is not as it seems because Rick has secrets and reasons why he does what he does, and he wants to keep Vee out of it. When his secrets come tumbling down, how will that affect their relationship? Can they carry on as Rhett and Victoria? When they are both given the opportunity, what will they decide to do?

Rebecca has certainly got another hit on her hands. It’s well written, highly erotic, the characters and storyline are good, the story flows well and holds your interest. It is intriguingly sexy and hot and you’ll find yourself totally immersed in the world of The Rental….it sort of ends in a cliffy, too. So there’s more to come with Vee and Rick’s story which is obvious. I’ll definitely be waiting impatiently for book two, The Reversal!!




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

She’s done it again! If Mister Black left me dangling on a precipice, the follow up has had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout this book which I guarantee you is beyond perfect! This isn’t a standalone novel, so unless you’ve read the first book, don’t attempt to read this one because every small detail in this well thought out plot is of extreme importance from beginning to end. Trust issues abound, untold truths are rife, and the big question is whether or not the past catches up with the two protagonists, Talia and Bash.

“I’m not the only one still holding my cards close,” he says softly.”

Talia is just as confused by Bash’s persona as I was. Now out of job and concentrating on her writing, she will meet up with this drop-dead gorgeous Alpha male when she is cajoled into going to a resort by her aunt. She goes on the condition that her good friend, Cass, accompanies her, but Cass has the opportunity of a life time and drops out at the last moment. The first contact she has with Bash brings back nostalgia for the only person she has truly had any feeling for, Sebastian. She has gone to great lengths to protect herself by learning to live with her obsession for this mysteriously attractive man whom she gave herself to completely three years ago. He has ruined her for any other man and she knows it! She also has no idea that there is a lot more to Bash than meets the eye. Hence, a brilliant plot with twist and turns that absolutely enchanted me.

“I’ve never had to explain myself to anyone before, but for you, I’ll try.”

Bash has a job to do which I cannot possibly tell you about because it would spoil the book for you, but I will say this; his character is mind blowing! Even though I got a little irate with Talia at times, I loved the sassy banter and innuendos between both of them. And reflecting on the two books and how they have been so well woven together, I really do understand how Talia feels.

“Why is spending the night with me so embarrassing to you?”

The author’s ability to describe their personalities is quite incredible. This passionate read palpates each other’s attraction so much so that it simmers on every page. Of course, the build-up is nothing more than explosive. Ms. Mitchelle, you have written an unputdownable book. The grammar, vocabulary and editing is faultless. And you have a way of making me want to strangle my Kindle at the end of the story, so to sum up in two words is easy; simply bravo!

I couldn’t resist! Here are a few more teasers for you…

“Keep your legs where they are and trust that I’m a man of my word.”

“I’m a starving man, cruelly teased by this gorgeous spread of Talia laid out like a five-course meal.”

“I think you might’ve forgotten what rainbows look like, so it’s my turn to show you exactly where to look.”