THE LOVER’S GAME (No Exceptions #2) by J.C. REED


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

the lover's gameEven though No Exceptions book two is told from Brooke’s POV, Brooke and I are still in the dark as to what Jett’s game is! Gr…the author has indeed got us all worked-up! Why his behaviour towards Brooke is so out of character is another detail that must not be overlooked either. He makes out to be the caring lover, but as yet, he’s still got to prove himself to me. One thing is for sure; we going to have to wait for The Lover’s Promise coming in October to find out if he really is who he claims to be.

If you’re reading this review, it’s because you’ve read The Lover’s Secret and well know Brooke’s made a preconceived decision regardless of her carrying Jett’s child. I personally think her lack of communication with Jett; her inability to tell him her true feeling and her stubbornness, is the crux of the problem in this story. She has no regard as to whether or not he’s behaviour is right or wrong and won’t listen to him, and this irritated me no end. Why he won’t come clean and clear up a few points with her, I found very frustrating, too! In a nutshell, all this guy has managed to do is sow confusion!

A looming future as a single parent with strangling debts and now no stable job doesn’t stop her from leaving him. She’s made a new friend who suggests that she tries out a job which sounds a little ominous, but what choice does she have? Will she even consider it under the circumstances in which she finds herself? Get ready; the author is going to take us on a helter-skelter ride where you’ll definitely be in for a surprise or two. You will be left with gaping mouths when you discover who the drop-dead gorgeous man is in the sleazy club where Brooke’s friend insisted they go to? Furthermore, Brooke becomes persona non compos mentis after someone for reasons unknown to us, does an unscrupulous action in the same place. To say that this well described part of the book didn’t put me on tenterhooks would be an understatement! There is certainly more than meets the eye here and the only way to know who is behind this, is by reading follow-up.

As always, the author’s explicit description of the hot, sexy scene is brilliant. However, I did feel that a little more banter between the two protagonists was necessary. There is no doubt that the plot is solid which in itself, is the recipe for a good story, and the cliffy was exactly what I would expect from her. I am really looking forward to the next instalment. Bravo Ms. Reed!

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