Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this story after reading the Searching For Moore series. This story is about Zac Moore who we had a glimpse of in the series as he is the son of Schooner Moore.

The glimpse we got of him was not colourful for this seemingly troubled young man who caused a lot of problems. So going into this, I kind of guessed we were going to learn why he is the way he is, and if he goes on a self-discovery and finally grows up. He has to at some point, doesn’t he? After all he is Schooners son!

Zac uses his good-looks to his advantage. A total man whore; he takes nothing seriously in his college life. His best friend is Liz, and he’s very friendly with his roommate, Brian. Zac gets himself into a whole lot of trouble and subsequently has to stop and take stock of where he is heading in his life. He embarks on a mission to help out in the Congo. He is a student engineer and his father feels that if he takes the next semester off, he will get a lot out of the trip. Not only does he find out Lily Castillo is out there; a family friend who Zac is intrigued by, but he is happy to go, too. Lily and Zac are worlds apart. He is a bad boy and Lily is a serious and focused young lady who has also taken the semester out to intern in the Congo. When the time comes for her to go back home, she’ll be going to med school.

Obstacles are in the way, but it soon materializes that Zac and Lily have a connection. He has settled in well in the Congo and is truly making a difference. The two embark on a relationship of sorts. Seemingly coming together, the path of true love never runs smoothly. Tragedy strikes and sacrifices are made. What does the future hold for Zac and Lily? Is there a future? You feel your heart rip out for the two of them. We see a change in Zac as he comes of age. Love, tragedy and life’s experiences certainly turn this boy into a man. An extremely hot man!

I knew I would really enjoy this story. I would describe it as a coming of age story that is filled with angst, and definitely hot, hot, hot! I loved Julie’s work and just had a feeling I would enjoy this offering. The only little niggle I have is the over usage of first names and surnames. I felt that at the beginning, I learnt who they were and did not need to constantly reminded of their full names. But saying that, it’s a very small niggle because I saw through yet again, a fantastic story. Massive positives in this book make it a highly recommended and worthy read.

Thank you Julie for sharing another fantastic creation.