Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

There is a short prequel novella out called The Masquerade although not essential as this gives a good start for The Rental.

Rick first noticed Vee when she was 15 years old. He knew he could never go there— she was too young. Vee had also noticed Rick. She watched him, lusted after him, and feelings for him grew. There is something between them; whatever this connection is they both feel it. Then Rick left giving no reason, no explanation, he was just gone. Vee got on with her life. She had always been around Justin, Rick’s younger brother, so eventually they decided to give their relationship ago; however, Vee never forgot Rick. Vee isn’t happy with Justin either. He pays her no interest, seems disinterested, secretive and guarded. In fact, she often wonders why she’s with him. After a tragedy and a betrayal from two people close to her, Vee longs for Rick; the man who held her heart since she was fifteen.

One day he comes back. She bumps into him, they spend some time together, and then he’s gone. But she has his phone and coat so follows him to give them back. This is when she finds The Rental and Rick’s secret job. She is intrigued and gets a job there, too. She becomes Victoria and he is Rhett it’s a sexual journey for Vee / Victoria exploring her sexual fantasies and letting go of her inhibitions allowing people to watch them and act out anything they wish to do.
Together they embark on a relationship, trying to keep their lives as Rick and Vee separate from Victoria and Rhett. As employees of The Rental, it’s forbidden. All is not as it seems because Rick has secrets and reasons why he does what he does, and he wants to keep Vee out of it. When his secrets come tumbling down, how will that affect their relationship? Can they carry on as Rhett and Victoria? When they are both given the opportunity, what will they decide to do?

Rebecca has certainly got another hit on her hands. It’s well written, highly erotic, the characters and storyline are good, the story flows well and holds your interest. It is intriguingly sexy and hot and you’ll find yourself totally immersed in the world of The Rental….it sort of ends in a cliffy, too. So there’s more to come with Vee and Rick’s story which is obvious. I’ll definitely be waiting impatiently for book two, The Reversal!!