VOULOIR (Passion Noir #1) by J.D. CHASE


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Vouloir: French meaning ‘to want’.


To have a desire to possess something or someone;

To have a strong desire to do something;

To wish for something or someone;

To desire sexually;

To require something to be attended to in a particular manner.

Sexual Therapist by day and desirable Domme by night, La Veuve Noire is struggling to keep up with demand for her services. Whether it’s fixing them up or tying them down, Veuve’s skills are legendary. Juggling her demanding roles with looking after a mysterious nineteen year old, the Kid, her life is a balancing act. But the tart with a heart cannot resist taking on ‘just one more’ client. The problem is, there’s always ‘just one more’ client, and each one appears more needy than the last. Like Dean, the barman who’s taken advantage of his drunken boss and has to face up to being a flop between the sheets. Like Dan, a teenager in crisis who is contemplating the unthinkable.

Juggling so much inevitably means that something gets dropped occasionally. La Veuve Noire, The Black Widow, hates to fail at anything and like everything in life, the higher the stakes, the greater the potential loss. With everyone turning to her in sheer desperation, she turns to her usual means of escape: the club, Vouloir.

But Vouloir now holds a reminder of a distant past she strives to forget. Blond hair, blue eyes and unmistakable dominance tinged with danger. Is Jones the key to the Kid’s future? Or will he simply unlock the painful past?

This three part series runs parallel/post parallel with Rouge Passion and features some of RP’s characters but it can be read as a standalone series.






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Title: Vouloir: Passion Noire Book One

Author: JD Chase

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic Romance

Cover Design: Chris Young

Photography Credit: © oshepkov, © jonbilous, © QQ7 All images: Fotolia.com

Release Date: 26th February 2015

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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This is the first novel in the Passion Noire Trilogy where we meet up with a few erstwhile characters from the author’s previous novels, The Player and The Redeemer. However, it should be pointed out that this new series is completely independent as the protagonists’ story is not only clearly told in first person, but also explicitly detailed so as not to cause any confusion.

What caught my attention was the author’s style of storytelling. If you are familiar with her work, you’ll know she’s an expert in one-liners. That Brit sense of humour she integrated in her characters abounded in the Rouge Passion series was too much! It’s still there though; just much much more toned down. She’s moved on. The dark side has beckoned and the result is tremendous. This is not an easy read at all. It made me squirm in places — made my nerves edgy. Despite the plot being a difficult one, I had no option but to sympathise with the leading lady, La Veuve Noir. “The Black Widow.”

Quote: “But La Veuve Noire … she’s a different kettle of vaginas.”

The definition of sexy is seductive, alluring, provocative, and desirable. This is Veuve. A temptress of the first degree by night; with her weaknesses when she’s working as a sex therapist by day. Throw in strong-minded for good measure and you’ve got one hell of woman! She melted my heart! An expert BDSM Dom in a club where she commands respect and gets it! Nothing is taken lightly, everything that happens in the club; above all, Vouloir, is taken seriously.

Quote: “She’s upfront, inappropriate, unabashed, shameless and many other adjectives besides.”

Dean! My, oh, my! This adorable young man lacking in sexual prowess has a problem and a half. He put his foot in it! Well, actually, it wasn’t his foot so please use your imagination! His wish to better his bedroom skills will take him on a self-discovering journey of revealing dimensions. What he wants with a capital W, and what he gets are two completely different things. However, Veuve susses him out quicker than the blink of an eye. Of course, a problem or two arise as he vies for her attention. He’s not too happy about the competition either. Not only that, he’s not prepared to wait for his initiation into this new world. His impatience has consequences when he crosses paths with a beast of a female Dom who has no limits. What happens is laughably embarrassing, horrendously painful and ouch, did the after-effects make me cringe!

Favourite quote: ” I’m going to make sure that I can fuck for England before I bed her … she can’t keep her mouth closed about anything.”.

There’s a new man in town and Lord above, I wouldn’t mind bumping into him in the middle of the night! Jones becomes a thorn in Dean’s backside. Older, much more experienced in the ways of the world, his mission in life is to protect Veuve. What from you may ask? From herself; perhaps! One can’t argue about his stance. He has his head screwed on right and more besides, and just oozes sex appeal. He also knows what he wants with another capital W. So this dead-drop gorgeous male slowly but surely wriggles his way into Veuve’s thoughts. Mine too!

WANT! This simple word takes on a distinctively different meaning from what I am used to! Desire has to be the perfect definition in this heated story full of sublime innuendos.

While I’m at it, I have to give you the definition of Veuve and Jones’ relationship, too. Complicated to say the least. They always seem to be walking on hot coals and although they both want in … that damn word ‘want’ keeps cropping up again and again, he realises that Veuve is fighting past demons. Why does he remind her of someone or something that happened in her past is to be disclosed. We don’t know who or what holds her back. But by remembering her past, only results in unanswered questions in this story. So the author’s titillating ways kept me in limbo. Cursing here! And big time!

Apart from everything that is occurring in her life, I was absolutely enchanted with a young soul whose innocence is so becoming. The Kid. She has taken him under her wing. She constantly worries about how he’s going to cope one day in a world that appears to have been so cruel to him. I was left hanging here. Yet again, this brilliant piece of work on the author’s part reveals nothing. We’ll have to wait and see what really caused this clever lad to be in the position that he’s in. He has an enormous amount of respect for Jones who wouldn’t ever envisage overstepping the fine line. Respect apart, Jones could hold the key to Pandora’s Box. I sincerely hope that you, Ms. Chase, don’t make us readers suffer regarding this loveable youngster. Please, please go easy on him!

This woman, Veuve, deserves ten out of ten and five gold stars in my book. Excusing the pun, I ask the author for more! For once in my reviewing life, I can honestly say that the cliff hanger is perfection. I laughed, cried and I blasphemed in this read. Doesn’t sound so good, does it? Well, no worries because the plot was beyond my expectations.

One comment of utmost importance. It made me sit back and think about many aspects of sexual abuse and bullying. As an educator, I am in awe of the homework this author has done to get her facts right. It saddened me to know that the social services fail so miserably when dealing with such delicate issues.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t mentioned the sex scenes in my review. One click … open the book … and see for yourself! To say they’re hot with a twist or two here and there would be an understatement.

Bravismo Ms. Chase! The definition of WANT has been perfectly construed in this read. Furthermore, your heart has taken a one hundred and eighty degree turn for the best which I would say is a courageous change indeed. Your hard work has paid off resulting in a perfectly written and delicate read handled with the utmost sensitivity. I can’t wait to see what more you have to offer!





I love reading – almost as much as I love writing.. I relish the sheer escapism of losing myself in a book that grips me and takes me on an emotional roller coaster. I regularly mourn the passing of a good book – am I the only one who turns the pages more slowly when you don’t want a great book to end?

I love a good steamy romance and I adore sexy alpha males. I also have more than a passing interest in BDSM (nod, nod … wink, wink). One day, I put pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard, actually) and the Orion the Hunter series was born. Little did I know that, at that moment, I was sowing the seeds of change. For, just a few months later, as a somewhat bewildered Amazon Kindle bestselling Indie author, I quit my career as an education professional to write full time. Scary stuff, I think you’ll agree.

2013 was a very difficult year for me for personal reasons. It taught me how fragile life is and how important it is to grab it with both hands and ride the hell out of it. So in 2014, I began my comeback with the Amazon #1 Bestselling Erotica/Romantic Erotica bestselling series, Rouge Passion. I also met many of my favourite authors and so many lovely readers at my first signing event in Edinburgh. I flipped Stu Reardon’s kilt! Happy days …

I have big plans for 2015. I’m signing at several more author events around the UK and I’m pouring my heart and soul into what I consider my best series yet – by far! Cue Passion Noire, a three part series revolving around La Veuve Noire – a sexual therapist by day and a desirable Domme by night. But fear not, sexy alphas are still on the menu. I mean … this is me!



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BLACKEST RED (In the Shadows #3) by P.T. MICHELLE


Title: Blackest Red

Series: In the Shadows #3

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Author: P.T. Michelle

Release Date: February 24, 2015



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall.

What a finale! The author made me wait five months but was is it worth it! This is the last book of a series which was from the very beginning, gripping. It is highly advisable to read the first and second book, Mister Black and Scarlett Red as this one is not a standalone.

Up until now, Talia and Sebastian have been absolute experts in giving each other the slip one way or another. He had made it clear from the start of their relationship if you can even call it that, that he couldn’t offer her more. She doesn’t want to get hurt and her disappearing act on him was not only going to protect her heart from the only man she has ever loved, but also frustrate the hell out of him. Hence, their story of passion is put on hold indefinitely. However, all is not what is seems!

Quote: “I don’t want to be your obligation.” His jaw tightens. “I want to be your f**king obsession.”

Talia’s new novel is being promoted in style by her editor. Based on true facts, it is causing an uproar in the media world. As they have received some disturbing news before her tour starts, they decide to play it safe by contracting one of the most reputable security businesses around. If you’ve read the first two books, maths doesn’t even come into the equation. Therefore I don’t need tell you who they hired. And this folks, is where I was absorbed into a plot which thickens by the minute. Once again, Sebastian’s body guard talents are going to be put to the test. Keeping track of her isn’t going to be an easy task; in fact, not even his protective skills will be enough to control her stubbornness.

Quote: “If she wants to battle, she needs to know I go for the kill every time.”

Talia’s ex-boyfriend is still sniffing around and Jared, the editor’s son, is doing his utmost to woo her much to Sebastian’s disgust. Well, you can’t have all your cake and eat it too, now can you? And seeing as Talia isn’t going to say yea or nay to any of them, adds an interesting twist to a story flourishing in uncertainties. Nevertheless, the chemistry between the two protagonists is still simmering. Bloody Nora… that’s putting it lightly. This couple are frigging dynamite regardless of the non-fraternisation clause Jared conveniently slips into the contract. Sebastian’s definition of this policy will have you laughing out loud!

Quote: “I saw that prick put his hand on you knee. No one touches you but me.”

Drama abounds. Who is sending threatening letters, trying to stop her book being published? I was taken aback when all is revealed. And there’s no doubt about it; Talia is in grave danger. Text messages fly backwards are forwards and as the heat is turned up, so does Sebastian’s annoyance.

Quote: “PainInMyAss: Where are you? I’M NOT F**KING AROUND!”

Love it, love it, love it! Much to Sebastian’s consternation, Talia’s contact name for him is not at all becoming. And that is exactly how she wants it. Firstly, he has to convince himself that she’s the only woman for him. Then he has to breakdown all her defences which will be a battle of wits. Throw in some hot sex for good measure and the result is explosive. The author has as always, made sure that the reader enjoys an outstanding banter. Her secondary characters are brilliantly developed, the storyline solid. I loved how Talia’s loyalty towards Mina, Sebastian’s sister, is so unwavering, how she confronts his bitchy mother and stands up to his father. There’ll be a surprise or two all around.

One of my favourite quotes in the form of a text message: “Me: What happened to that infamous control Mr. Black?” “RainbowMaster: I met you Miss Red.”

We have a happy ending like I had never ever envisaged. Eek, it bought such a huge smile to my face, and I am truly going to miss these two guys. Ms. Michelle, you have totally spoilt me by bringing out so many emotions. BRAVO!


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RELEASE DAY BLITZ includes synopsis, excerpts, teasers, series trailer, buy links and links for Mister Black and Scarlett Red. Stalk the author too!



BLACKEST RED (In the Shadows #3) by P.T. Michelle




Title: Blackest Red
Series: In the Shadows #3
Author: P.T. Michelle
 Release Date: February 24, 2015
RED is the passionate and explosive conclusion to the IN THE SHADOWS series

No matter how hard I’ve tried to let go of Mister Black, the memories of us together torture me. They’re an unforgettable reminder of a life I can’t have for many reasons. Burying myself in work mostly keeps thought of him to a screaming minimum, until he’s thrust into my life under circumstances beyond control. Despite my need for his protection, this time I’m sure if I’m strong enough to survive with my heart intact. 

He is Black: a fierce protector and irresistible charmer.

I am Red: a trouble magnet and rainbow weaver.

Together we ignite. Explosive colors merging at the hottest melting point.

NOTE: BLACKEST RED is meant for readers 18+ due to mature content. This is part 3 in the IN THE SHADOWS series and is approximately 369 print pages. The series must be read in the following order: MISTER BLACK (part 1), SCARLETT RED (part 2), and BLACKEST RED (part 3).


Links to Buy


Series Book Trailer 


Also Available
#1 Mister Black




#2 Scarlett Red




Author Bio

P.T. Michelle is the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and International Best Selling author of the Contemporary romance series IN THE SHADOWS, the YA/New Adult crossover series BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS, and the romance series: BAD IN BOOTS, KENDRIAN VAMPIRES and SCIONS (listed under Patrice Michelle). She keeps a spiral notepad with her at all times, even on her nightstand. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.


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★★★★★★★ Happy Release Day! ★★★★★★★ BY ANY OTHER NAME by J. M. DARHOWER




By Any Other Name (Forbidden Series #1)


J. M Darhower


Romantic Suspense

Release Date:

 23rd February 2015






:::: SYNOPSIS ::::


A deadly rivalry.

Two families at war.

Nobody is safe, not even the innocent.

Especially the innocent.

Blood will be spilled.


Genevieve “Genna” Galante knows a thing or two about causing trouble. After all, it’s engrained in her DNA. As the only daughter of Primo Galante, notorious boss of the Galante crime family, her life is dictated by a certain set of rules… rules Genna was never very good at following.

Matteo “Matty” Barsanti never wanted anything to do with the family business, but as the first-born Barsanti son, certain things are expected of him. It’s his duty, according to his father, to help take down the enemy… even if that enemy means something to him.

A chance encounter on an elevator changes the course of lives, causing the biggest trouble of Genna’s young life. The only good Barsanti is a dead Barsanti. She’s heard it said time and time again. So what happens when she falls in love with one of them?

The story of star-crossed lovers caught in the middle of the biggest rivalry New York has ever seen, determined to make it… if only they can survive their parents’ feud.



:::: TEASERS ::::



“A Roman Coke,” Genna mused. “What’s that?”

“It’s rum and Coke. We just call it a Roman Coke around here.”

“Because you’re Italian?”

“And because when you get drunk enough, it all just slurs together anyway.”

“Ah.” Genna picked hers up, motioning toward him with it. “So what are we drinking to?”



He nodded. “Right now, this moment. Let’s drink to it.”

Smiling, she clinked her glass with his. “Today, then.”

They threw them back at the same time. The liquor hit Genna’s taste buds and she grimaced, the vicious burn seeping down her throat and settling deep in her chest. “Ugh, is there even any Coke in this damn thing?”

Matty laughed, setting his empty glass down. “Just a splash.”

“I couldn’t tell.”

“That’s because I prefer it that way,” he responded. “Strong and rough, enough to leave a lingering ache. I like it to hurt just a bit.”

Oh good God. Those words sent a chill down Genna’s spine, one she couldn’t hide, as Matty waved for the waitress. Eyes never leaving Genna, he ordered another round of drinks.

“Another?” she asked, picking up the water to take another sip, this one to soothe the sting in her chest. “You said one drink.”

A sly smile curved his lips. “I like to keep them coming.”

“Is that right?”

“Absolutely.” Matty stood, leaning across the table, his lips near her ear. “Maybe you’ll let me show you later.”



ban teaser





By Sharon Thérèse Nuttall


I am putting it mildly when I say that this book is dynamite in capital letters! In fact, I would go so far as saying that it’s one of the best reads of the year for me. I love the fact that the author’s knowledge of the New York City Mafia is not only right up my street, but told in such detail. I was literally on tenterhooks throughout it. This nail-biting story leaves so much to the imagination. The plot is so well thought-out resulting in a read which I found unputdownable. My husband agonised over my one sleepless night, and my running commentary actually opened his interest! Yes; this story which revolves around two families has a backlash. Flipping the pages in fifth gear left us both exhausted.

Can you possibly imagine borrowing someone’s car without permission? What a one-liner! “I’m Italian,” he said. “That’s kind of the name of the game.”

Writing this review at this very moment is causing me heartache and pain as I have had to relive this tragic story. How on earth can two best friends reach a point in life when common sense blurs any reasonable doubt? Any possibilities are out of reach; many questions go unanswered. Who has to pay the priceless tag for the Roberto Barsantis’ and Primo Galante’s hatred? What was it that actually triggered off their undeniable quest for vengeance? Their sons, Joey and his best friend Matteo, were eight years old when a horrendous act had catastrophic repercussions. Matty will be marked for the rest of his life. Why?

Do you believe in destiny? I did in this story. Every mundane act, move, simple whispers of promise; sold me! Sucked up into believable scenes made me cry my heart out! The main protagonist is a feisty and spoilt piece of work. But she’s really a softy at heart. I. Loved. Genna!

There’s nothing like being in the most inopportune of places; or maybe in right place at the wrong time! When she set eyes on Matty — blinkin’ heck! This scene had me so wound up with its many innuendos, my breath was taken away. And even though the attraction between them is indescribably sizzling, both of them play the cautious game as their backgrounds demand it. Neither of them have any idea of who is who. Secrets will slowly be revealed as their relationship becomes more solid; as trust sets in. Genna’s father is overly protective. And as Matty’s existence has been incognito for years, he’s not even prepared to tell his story. When the truth is eventually revealed, the consequences are cataclysmic.

I just adored Genna’s brother. Dante is a guy between a rock and a hard place. His undeniable protectiveness towards his sister is more than feasible when you discover why his actions are like they are. Loyalty is ingrained from the very beginning of this heart-rending story. Saying that, another brother had also won my heart. Matteo’s sibling, Enzo. Loyal to the medulla. Superlatively fast and furious to make decisions, deadly dangerous and prepared to take the helm of one of the stongest Mafia familes.

Ms. Darhower, how you could have pulled this novel off to such a degree is quite unfathomable. I am in awe of you! I am truly and sincerely spellbound by your written words!

To sum up with one word for this outstanding read has to be ‘bravo!’ You have done justice to this word for the reader. Your penmanship is quite outstanding. Do you think that leaving me hanging over the Cliffs of Dover is fair play? Bravo to you because you have managed to make me suffer like no other read has done this year! Don’t keep me waiting too long for the next instalment of this tremendously impeccable read! Or else!







jm darhowerJ.M. Darhower is a USA Today bestselling author, best known for her Mafia romantic suspense novels. She lives in a tiny town in rural North Carolina, where she churns out more words than will ever see the light of day. She has a deep passion for politics and speaking out against human trafficking, and when she isn’t busy writing (or being a fangirl) she’s usually ranting about those things.












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Empire State Box Set for .99 cents!
20th – 22nd

Set Release: February 20, 2015


Anna Kirby is sick of dating. She’s tired of heartbreak. Despite being smart, sexy, and funny, she’s a magnet for men who don’t deserve her.

A week’s vacation in New York is the ultimate distraction from her most recent break-up, as well as a great place to meet a stranger and have some summer fun. But to protect her still-bruised heart, fun comes with rules. There will be no sharing stories, no swapping numbers, and no real names. Just one night of uncomplicated fun. 

Super-successful serial seducer Ethan Scott has some rules of his own. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t stay the night, and he doesn’t make any promises. 

It should be a match made in heaven. But rules are made to be broken. 

The Empire State Series comprises the novellas A Week in New York, Autumn in London and New Year in Manhattan. 

Praise for the Empire State Series 

“The Empire State Trilogy is one of the not only good ones, but GREAT ones. I am so in love with Ethan and Anna.” – Book Briefs 

“The writing is excellent and you’ll be hooked from the very beginning.” – Love Between the Sheets 

“5 “I don’t Bullshit” Stars! If you haven’t started this series, you need to now!! It’s an easy, quick, and smooth read that you are sure to enjoy.” – Book Bitches Blog 

“I would give it 6, 7, 8, or 9 stars if I could.”  -Obsessed with Books 


About the Author

I write sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind I like to read. My books Faithful and Hopeful are stand-alone novels although there are some overlapping characters. The Empire State Series of novellas starts with A Week in New York.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, I love all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so I’ll settle for books and films.

I love the rain, the West Wing, London, days when you don’t have to wear make-up, being alone, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

Hearing from readers is the best thing in the world so get in touch!







Where We Belong


Eve Connell


Contemporary Romance

Release Date:

 19th February 2015






:::: SYNOPSIS ::::



One man diving into the past.

One woman emerging from the depths.

At the age of seventeen, Amelia Baide won silver at the Olympic Games and was the second-fastest woman in the pool. Then one tragic night she crashed into a lake and was dragged out without a pulse. Now twenty-four, she is still haunted by it and hasn’t swum again. Until this year’s anniversary of the accident. It is a day unlike any other and a strange turn of events finds Amelia back at a swimming pool.

Harry Jamieson had eyes for one girl while women and the media had eyes for him. As a trainer of Olympic athletes, he was an in-demand man. Until one boozy morning after … But from bad luck to pure chance he runs into his old flame, Amelia, at a swimming pool no less. She doesn’t remember a thing from the night of the crash.

And Harry knows every single secret.

The pair joins forces—a comeback for Amelia and Harry’s ultimate coaching opportunity. But dodging waves is hard to do, and even the strongest swimmer may sink.

Where We Belong is a second-chance love story for young and old, for swimming enthusiasts and romantics at heart.



:::: TEASERS ::::



Handsome couple in the sea


A young couple in love standing on nature, feelings show








by Dawn Vickers


Seven years ago Amelia was an Olympic swimmer. She’d won a silver medal as she was the second fastest woman in the pool. One night everything changed. She had an accident and was dragged from a lake never to swim again. Now aged twenty-four, she still suffers, she’s still afraid to get back into the water, and she still can’t really remember much. She has a fiancé but she’s not happy. He doesn’t seem to care or understand her.

On the sixth anniversary of her accident, she finds herself at a pool and who does she meet? Harry! Harry was her swimming partner and friend. He had always fought his attraction for Amelia, and hadn’t seen her since that tragic night. He’s fighting his own demons. He hasn’t gotten back into the water either and now is a coach who prefers training swimmers rather than being one.

When Harry meets Amelia again at the pool, it’s clear to him that she doesn’t remember that night or what happened. He decides to offer to train her and get her back into the water where she belongs. Even though she isn’t in shape, with Harry’s guidance, she starts to feel alive again and determined to get back to the top of her game. Feelings between Harry and Amelia are coming back to life. There had always been something but it was never acted upon. Does Harry have secrets of that night and Mia — is she engaged to Kristopher? Their connection to each other is solid and it’s not just because swimming is involved. Harry is there every step of the way; cheering her on from the side of the pool as she competes.

When secrets and lies are finally revealed, will Amelia be able to cope or will she slip away from her life and swimming once again? Will Harry get to be with Amelia, facing the demons of their pasts and move on together? Set in the world of swimming it’s a story of second chances, misunderstandings, overcoming fears, and fighting for what you want and of course, finding love. It’s told from a joint point of view, beautifully written and emotional so you may even require some tissues!!






Writer, kid-at-heart, awesome partner, graphic design dabbler, book lover.



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shards of glass


Shards of Glass (The Glass Trilogy #1)


Arianne Richmonde


Contemporary Romance/Erotica

Release Date:

 17th February 2015

:::: SYNOPSIS ::::

Ingénue actress Janie Cole is in love with her director, Daniel Glass. He’s controlling, he’s demanding, and he’s a perfectionist, and Janie wants nothing more than to be his shining star. Tall, dark, and devastating, and with eyes so blue they sear, she cannot get him out of her mind, or her dreams.

Just one problem though: Daniel’s married.

But when his wife dies in a freak accident, and Daniel casts Janie in his erotic romance movie, Janie’s fantasies become a reality, and it terrifies her. Her mind, her soul, and especially her body . . . Daniel could take it all, no matter how hard she tries to hold her own.

Obsession can be dangerous . . .

Glass can cut . . .

Shards of Glass even deeper . . .

:::: KFF’s REVIEW ::::

FOUR STARS: Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

This is the first novella in a trilogy which revolves around the film industry. This theme is by no means new to this author as she has had first-hand experience in being an actress. If you have read The Pearl or The Star Trilogy, you’ll be delighted to see how she has deftly triggered our memory with erstwhile characters. I learnt to love them and now they’ve reappeared in all their glory only to enchant me once again. Pearl Chavalier is one of the directors in a film with more than one setback. Even though she is put to the test, her savvy in this field, her convincing ways and patience with Samuel Myers, pays off. This horrendously powerful man whom I found totally disagreeable, is an important factor in the making of a film with a tight budget. In fact, I found him downright obnoxious at the beginning of the book; however, I did liken up to him towards the end. And actress, Star, is going to do her utmost to guide her friend, Janie, who has only performed on stage. Saying all this, Shards of Glass is completely independent to the other series.

Quote: “All actors are a brand whether they’re aware of it or not.”

How does one cope with obsession? Janie Cole is barely managing to. Her director in a successful play is driving her inner thoughts berserk. Trying to control her feeling towards him is something she has to overcome when she discovers that she’s barking up the wrong tree. Her attitude has to change if she’s going to move on with her career.

Quote: “Meet the right man at the wrong time and you’re screwed.”

A year later, Star’s cajoling ways help Janie make a life changing decision which will economically alleviate her debts. It all sounds very tempting but all is not what it seems. Here we have one hell of a stage actress with no self-confidence, no experience in movies, and she’s extremely concerned about baring all and more besides! This part of the book had me on tenterhooks! Will she? Won’t she? Her leading man in the film, Cal, is an absolute sweetheart and I could not help but fall in love with him. What a gentleman and a half! We all know when two actors have that feeling, but is it going work for Janie? Cal most certainly thinks so in more ways than one! Her director, Simon, does too!

Quote: “Damn Daniel Glass. Why couldn’t I rid him from my thoughts? He invaded every part of me, even when I was working.”

Well I never! My reaction to what comes later left me with my mouth wide open. The storyline takes a one-hundred and eighty degree turn. The plot is so well thought out on the author’s part; so brilliantly described. As I can’t possibly ‘let on’, I shall keep my mouth shut!

Daniel Glass is desirable! Oh my; what a CV this man has under his arm, too. He’s not to be taken lightly. He’s demanding, cannot tolerate fools and won’t be influenced regardless. He has a history which Jani has yet to savour. And I can’t wait to find out all the ins and outs of this unquestionably gorgeous drop-dead director with all his hang ups! And why did this brilliant stage director change his mind at the last minute? Could it have something to do with Janie, or does he want to dabble in the world of movies?

What caught my attention in this read were the sexy scenes. They don’t exist, but they do! As always, Ms. Richmonde is a masterful titillator. To put this read in a nutshell is without a doubt, easy. This read is awesomely well written, well plotted, with rich vocabulary and impeccable characters. Notwithstanding the merits of this book, there were times when I had a strong case of deja vous regarding The Star Series. This feeling hasn’t changed my opinion though. I still can’t wait for the next instalment. Playing the patience game doesn’t please me very much either, but what the heck, I’ll have to! Ms. Richmonde, what can I say? Bravo seems to be more than a fitting word for me!

Quote: “Tortured souls have always fascinated me.”

:::: EXCERPT ONE ::::

My eyes strayed back to Daniel, who had just gotten out of the pool. His body was cut like the fine piece of Glass it was. His legs, strong and muscular, his ass tight and oh, just so right. It made me sick to think he was screwing around. Yet not with me! Daniel, a promiscuous player? It just didn’t suit his personality. But Star was right. I couldn’t risk it. Just one chastising look from him could send me into a post-mortem for days. Even weeks. If I had sex with him and then he ignored me afterward, it would destroy me. I had to stay strong, no matter how tempting he was.

I eyed him up as he grabbed a towel, water dripping off him like shining crystals. Fuck, he was handsome. Beautiful. Men just weren’t made like him anymore. No, they looked too “done” these days, too pampered, like they’d made a ton of effort looking into a mirror and preening themselves—shoving products in their hair. Even shaving their chests and balls. So unmanly! So self-obsessed. Not Daniel—he was naturally good looking without having to try—pure one hundred percent tough, alpha male, every last inch of him, especially where it counted most. I wanted to explore him, immerse myself in him, but I knew how dangerous he was. At least, for me.

:::: EXCERPT TWO ::::

Daniel quickly moved away and walked to the opposite side of the table where he sat beside Pearl. He narrowed his laser-blue eyes, studying me as if I were an object of art. Sizing me up. A commodity. A tool for his next success.

I assumed he was going to be the director for this movie and that’s what he was doing here. Hell, I still didn’t even know what the film was called—not even the working title—nor anything about it. This whole situation was insane. Unorthodox. They would have called my agent if this were for real.

“Well,” said Pearl, cutting through the terse atmosphere in her Ivy-league educated voice, “you all know why we are gathered here today.”

Gathered here. Made it sound like a funeral. And it was. My funeral. Where I would get buried beneath the complex, powerful character that was Daniel Glass. Where he would mould, and dominate and break me. Make me a whimpering wreck who dreamed about him twenty-four-seven. I could feel my core moisten; just thinking about what he could do to me. How hard he could fuck me. How he could make me come a thousand ways if he chose to do so. But he didn’t see me that way.

No, I was a vessel for his art, not for his lust or love. If he’d had any interest in me he’d had nearly a whole year to get in touch. Invite me for a coffee. A walk in the park. Nothing. And here he was, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Obviously he needed me.

But not in the way that I’d fantasized about.

“Janie, I want you on board for this film,” Daniel said in a sharp, unapologetic voice. God I loved that voice. Deep, rumbling. That voice had given me so much pleasure. And pain.

“Why didn’t you just call, Daniel?” I threw out, challenging him with an equally sharp look, eye to eye.

“Because the casting is not my final decision, and I didn’t want to get your hopes up.”

“And what makes you all think I want this job so desperately?” I heard myself say. It was as if another character lived inside me. A confident, brash, superstar who didn’t give a damn. “After all,” I continued, “I haven’t even been sent a script. How do I know what the writing is like? You haven’t even mentioned what part you want me to play, nor anything about the storyline.”

“We only confirmed Daniel as the director two days ago,” Pearl explained. “And it’s true, the whole thing has been very spontaneous and last-minute. Samuel wanted to meet you, Janie. Me, too. Daniel has already made it clear you’re his first choice for the role.”

“Mr. Myers might change his mind when he sees a screen test. Maybe I’m unphotogenic, perhaps I don’t have a rapport with the camera the way I do with the audience on stage. I think all this is very precipitous.” Precipitous? Who was this haughty alter ego that was taking me over? I guessed I was doing everything I could to sabotage my chances of being offered the part, whatever the part was. That way, I couldn’t be hurt. Star had instructed me to be nonchalant, but this? My attitude was downright negative, even rude. And definitely ungrateful.

Daniel said in an even voice, “We still don’t have a script, Janie. That’s why we haven’t sent you one. This is going to be very ad-lib. Lots of improvisation. You know, I wanted to go in the direction of someone like the British director, Mike Leigh. That’s why I need a strong theatrically trained cast. I’m not going to be doing hundreds of takes a scene. Not my style. You know, I need actors who can sustain one, long, fifteen-minute take—who know how to choreograph their way around a scene, without fucking up, without fluffing their lines.”

Samuel glared at Daniel. The F word was obviously not welcome, despite his own uncouth manners.

I turned to the overweight producer. Beads of sweat were gathering on his brow. I said, “Excuse me, Mr. Meyers, but isn’t this kind of film a little too experimental for the likes of you, whose repertoire is a chain of blockbusters and all-star rom-coms?”

He chortled with a loud snort, his belly jiggling like greasy chef in a bad restaurant. “Smart girl. She’s onto us, Pearl. Haven’t you heard of such a thing as ‘tax deduction,’ Janie?”

Pearl broke in, “Sam, really! Janie, this is absolutely not why we want to do this film—please don’t be offended. This is going to be an art movie; we need to lend our bigger projects, and Hooked Up Enterprises, more credibility, creatively speaking. I was stunned by your performance, Janie, and I was the one to contact Daniel in the first place. Daniel agreed. An actor of your caliber would do us proud. You could carry this film.”

I took in a deep breath. I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or flattered. I was about to be Hooked Up Enterprise’s tax loss experiment. Samuel Myers told it like it was, and I admired his honesty. Especially in the notoriously bullshitty world that was Hollywood. At least I knew where I stood.

“She’s not sexy enough,” Samuel suddenly announced, as if I weren’t in the room. Sorry, honey, you know it, I know it. This is a hot-blooded love story we’re talking about. A la francais. Close ups in private places. Think Last Tango in Paris. Think Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs.”

My alter ego took over again. I could feel my cheeks burning, my veins surging with bubbling blood. How dare he tell me that I wasn’t sexy! How dare this pig of a man judge me like a book cover.

I got up from my seat and walked over to Daniel. Startled, Daniel looked up at me as I straddled him, my Halston dress rising high as my smooth bare legs gripped either side of his muscular thighs. I sat on his lap facing him and, leaning in close, started to slowly lay my lips on his.

Shocked into stillness, he did nothing. Just closed his eyes in resignation, his nearly black hair flipping over his brow. I could smell him. Clean. Rough. Uncompromising. A bullet of sexuality and intensity straight to my fluttering heart. And elsewhere. In that instant, he was all mine. My tongue darted out and I flicked it on his mouth, trailing it seductively along his full lips. They parted, and I heard him take in a sharp breath. I kissed him. Hard. To my amazement I felt his erection strain against his slacks. I continued the kiss, licking, sucking gently, nipping. I groaned quietly—almost imperceptibly—into his mouth, which tasted of oranges and mint. Then, as abruptly as I’d accosted him, I got up.

“There,” I said. “Consider that my audition.” I turned to Pearl and smiled. “Nice meeting you,” and I made a B-line for the door.

:::: TEASERS ::::

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ARIANNE RICHMONDE IS THE USA TODAY best-selling author of Stolen Grace, and the Pearl Series books: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl – all full length novels. The first three books in the series are also available in one trilogy bundle/box set as The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- a provocative short story, which is currently being extended as a trilogy, The Glass Trilogy. Book 1 Shards of Glass, is available for preorder.

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