KINDLE FRIENDS FOREVER                                   Twelve favourite reads of the year.



Choosing KFF‬‘s fave 2015 reads wasn’t an easy feat for us. All in all, there’s seven of us. Rach, Claire Goodfellow and I run the show with the collaboration of our reviewers, Donna, Claire Rose, Sarah and Tracey Lou.

From all of us, HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Reading!


Our fave reads are in order of publication and each one was chosen by the KFF team


BROKEN JULIET (The Starcrossed Series) by Leisa Rayven

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OVERRULED (The Legal Briefs Series) by Emma Chase

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THE SONG OF DAVID (The Law of Moses #2) by Amy Harmon

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VANGUARD by CJ Markusfeld

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THE PAPER SWAN by Author Leylah Attar

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SOULS UNFRACTURED (Hades Hangmen #3) by Author Tillie Cole
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CALLING ME BACK (The Calling Me Series #1) by Louise Bay
US | UK | CA | AU

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COCKY BASTARD by Penelope Ward: Author & Author Vi Keeland
US | UK | CA | AU

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THE AIR HE BREATHES by Author Brittainy C Cherry
US | UK | CA | AU

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LUCA by Gina Whitney
US | UK | CA | AU

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CORRUPT by Penelope Douglas
US | UK | CA | AU

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IRON & BONE (Lock & Key #3) by Cat Porter – Author

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                              RELEASE DAY BLITZ                                             MASTERED by MAYA BANKS



Title: Mastered

Series: The Enforcers #1

Author: Maya Banks

Genre: Erotic / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 29th December, 2015

Publisher: Berkley









What he wants, he takes with no remorse or guilt.
She stood out in his club like a gem, unspoiled and untouched. A lamb among wolves, she clearly didn’t belong. Drawn to her innocence he watched as she was surrounded by men who saw what he did—but no one but him could touch her. He summoned her to his private quarters. He sensed her fear. He also recognized the desire in her eyes. And he knew she wouldn’t leave before he possessed her. She had no need to know his secrets. Not until he had her under his complete and utter control.
What he wants, she isn’t sure she can give him.
The moment he told her want he wanted, she couldn’t resist. Instinct told her to run, but her heart said stay and walk the fine line between pleasure and pain. Though she wasn’t sure she could ever completely surrender, the primal part of her wanted to try, even knowing this man could break her in ways she never imagined. Because once he possessed her, he owned her and it would be too late to turn back. She can only pray that he doesn’t destroy her in the end.






Kindle Friends Forever 3 ★ Review

by Rachel McEwan & Sharon Thérèse Nuttall


We were so excited to be invited to review this book. The blurb was just up our street, too. Alpha male, naïve female protagonist who is attracted to him like no other man she had ever met. To say he is irresistible would be putting it lightly. Angst-ridden, hidden secrets and different in the respect that the secondary characters play an important part in the first book in this series should be in the making for a really good read. And we can’t argue that the author’s writing is perfect. Told in past tense and in third person with all the characters’ thoughts, what we really would have liked is more banter between two people who are as different as night and day. Saying that, KFF are fairly new newbies regarding this author’s works. Punchline! When there was dialogue, we had to rewind as we literally got lost in the minute details which were to our mind of thinking, a tad over the top.

Drake ~ ‘’I don’t deserve to walk on the same ground as you. But God help me, I won’t give you up…’’

Innocence is the name of the game and we loved the female protagonist’s absence of filter, who is so damn adorable and who is so sincere that we were left aghast. We blasphemed, cajoled and when it didn’t seem enough for her to see the light, we even went to lengths to talk out aloud to the person who held her future in his hands. He takes advantage of this gal who thinks she’s not worthy and is plainly ordinary in her eyes. Generous to the medulla, and in a place where she well-knows isn’t fitting for her, we couldn’t believe what we were reading. Does this happen in real life, we asked ourselves! We most sincerely hope not because it is a dangerous situation to be in for any young lass. Does he do what he does because he is out of his depth, has never come across someone so outstandingly sincere? So many questions which will only be answered by reading this book.

Drake ~ ‘’Why the hell are you working yourself to death in that shithole bar every night?’’
Evangeline ~ ‘’You could at least continue the fabulous foot massage if you’re going to interrogate me.’’

Evangeline is your girl next door. We’d just love to have her as our sons’ girlfriend. She’s a fighter, had a hard life but from a loving family that is foremost in every step she has taken. Quite honestly… the perfect daughter. Guided by her besties up to a certain point; she has principles even if they’re a tad archaic or conflictive to her persona. This trait of hers we found a little confusing as one minute she is influenced by her them and in another, she is defending secondary characters. Now this quirk of hers also confuses the man.

Evangeline ~ ‘’What could you possibly want with me? We exist in completely different stratospheres. I’m nothing. I’m average at best. Nothing to look at. The typical plain Jane who wouldn’t even draw notice in a small group, much less a crowd!’’

Yes, the man of the day is nothing less than drop-dead gorgeous and no wonder she succumbed to his persuasive ways. Who wouldn’t bend over backwards, (pun intended) for Mr Drake Donovan! Private, not at all forthcoming with his feelings, his wheels and deals have never been questioned by a third party, either. So is he prepared to come clean for once in his life? He has a dilemma on his hands and it’s on a force ten scale. He wants to own her, he wants her total submission. But for how long? Will he tire of her like he has with all his short-lived affairs in the past? Will he drive her away? Her reservations about her future are justly voiced. She is also justly proud for everything she has accomplished in a dire situation no one would wish to be in. Interesting don’t you think!

Drake ~ ‘’ ……. And just a warning, Angel. I give a lot. Everything. But I take every bit as much as I give.’’

So why did we award this book three stars when it had so much going for it? Quite simply the thoughts and feelings in this book for us were overly described. The plot was full of twists and turns which had so much going for it. We thought this was such a shame as so many characters in this read won us over. We adored Drake! The way he cherished Evangeline was simply delightful; however, there is a turn of events in the storyline which surprised us. It left us feeling differently towards him which disappointed us somewhat. Having said that, it did take the sex scenes to a whole different level in terms of steaminess! Although we are no prudes whatsoever to this kind of read, we felt this was out of character for this couple.

In a nutshell, read Mastered with an open mind. We most certainly hope it works for you.





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Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 50 novels including the KGI series, Slow Burn series, and the Breathless and Surrender trilogies. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas. Visit her website at





                            RELEASE DAY BLITZ                                          IRON & BONE by CAT PORTER



Title: Iron & Bone

Series: Lock & Key #3

Author: Cat Porter

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: December 29, 2015

Cover by: Najla Qamber Designs 

PR & Marketing: Sassy Savvy Fabulous






A knife that cut too deep,

a slash that still burns,

failures piled high and flammable.

I held my losses at bay with knives, with guns, my hands,

my bike, my brothers,

my iron will.

But not my heart.

No, my heart was the flame

that would light the match,

ignite the blaze.

I am the enforcer

The killer when called upon,

the ruthless hound on demand,

the one who cleans the mess left behind.

The protector.

I can make you bleed,

Smash you to pieces.

But she smashed all my excuses,

and I shattered hers.

For a split second she was mine,

but I will always be hers.

Some things,

really beautiful things,

you can’t hold onto forever.



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IB Desecration teaser


Kindle Friends Forever 5 ★ Review

by Claire Rose

Warning! I’m not saying too much about this novel as I feel it’s one you need to experience yourself. There is so much happening and many crucial details I don’t want you to miss out on, so why not just one click because I’m absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed! I most certainly wasn’t.

I was asked by a good friend of mine who I love dearly if I would like to review this book as she has read this author’s work before and highly recommend it. I agreed without blinking an eyelid as I adore MC / romance novels. And wow, this read was beyond my expectations! What I will say is even though this can be read as standalone, my personal opinion would be to read the first two books in this series before as they give more of a background on some of the secondary characters.

I fell for Jill. She’s a thirty-two year old single parent starting out anew in a town where she’s been hired to look after her ex’s mom who has MS. She also decided to help a friend out as past events made her feel guilty and it was her way of making things right. While helping out Grace and Lock and doing her job; very well at that, we see her slowly fall for Lock’s best friend Boner. Boy oh boy… it starts to get hot and steamy between these two but he keeps pushing her away. Until one evening her ex rolls back into town and he’s not happy about this at all.

I truly adored Boner. He comes across as hard, cold and a man of few words. Underneath there is a man do be discovered and I enjoyed every minute getting to know him. Not to mention he’s so damn hot! He is one of the older bikers and is the Jack’s muscle man, the enforcer for the club. He realises that he failed his friend, Grace, and he’s going to protect her friend, Jill, come hell or high water. In spite of the fact that strong feelings are forming, he still can’t let himself be truly happy since past events are holding him back. Now here is where the fun begins! When he receives new information and someone from the past comes back to haunt him, he refuses to give the one good light in his life Jill, more heartache. And things are about to take a turn for the worse. Can he escape from a disastrous situation he’s in? Will to they be able to get their happy ending? You’ll only find out by reading it.

The writing style of this author is something else! In my opinion, it takes a very skilful author to write a male POV, especially an alpha MC one. Ms Porter manages to bring Boner’s caring and sensitive side alive onto the pages of this book without him coming over as soft which we all no is not part of an MC members character.

After reading this book, I realised that my friend was right. I could not find fault in this read which is edited to perfection and flows faster than fast with moments of true angst. Nevertheless, I also laughed, cried and even shouted a few times in parts. Nooooo… totally untrue! To show you how affected I was, my knuckles turned white while holding tightly onto my kindle. I loved it from the very first page right up to the very last one. Even the secondary characters were beautifully developed. It has to be one of my ten top best books for 2015. For this reason, I award Iron & Bone five fantastic stars. Going to one click the first two books in this series now. Well done to the author; you should be proud.




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IB Drown in her taste


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LOCK & KEY, book 1 of the Lock & Key series:


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Cat Porter was born and raised in New York City, but also spent a few years in Europe and Texas along the way. As an introverted, only child, she had very big, but very secret dreams for herself. She graduated from Vassar College, was a struggling actress, an art gallery girl, special events planner, freelance writer, restaurant hostess and had all sorts of other crazy jobs all hours of the day and night to help make her dreams come true. She has two children’s books traditionally published under her maiden name. She now lives in Athens, Greece with her husband and three children, and freaks out regularly and still daydreams way too much. She is addicted to the History Channel, her iPad, her husband’s homemade red wine, really dark chocolate, and her Nespresso coffee machine. Writing keeps her somewhat sane, extremely happy, and a productive member of society.



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                                          REVIEW                                                         KINGPIN by LILI ST GERMAIN


Title: Kingpin

Series: Cartel #2

Author: Lili St. Germain

Released: 14th December, 2015

Genre: Dark Romance

Publisher: HarperCollins





They say love conquers all.

It’s a lie.

Five days a week, I dressed in smart business clothes. I painted my face, and went to work as an accountant. But nothing about my life was normal.

For eight years I had been the property of the Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club. I laundered their money so well they’d never let me leave. My only glimmer of light was the man I loved. The man who had saved me.


His love had been the only thing that kept the demons at bay. But he’d become so immersed in the cartel’s brutal business that I hardly knew him anymore.

Dornan had been my salvation, but he was also my undoing.

Would he pull me down into the darkness until he destroyed me? Could I save him?

Did I even want to?



‘Mariana,’ he’d whispered. He put his finger underneath my chin again and tilted it up, so I had no choice but to meet his cerulean gaze.
‘What?’ I asked.
‘If you change your mind—if you decide one day you need to leave—you tell me. And I’ll help you, okay?
​ I’ll make sure they can’t find you. Dornan’s my friend—my best friend.
But he’s also Emilio’s son, and there are things he cannot control.’
I burst into tears, covering my face with my hands. I’d been theirs for two years by then, two years where the only visitor I got was Dornan, and the only person I spoke to every day was myself, in the mirror, talking myself out of doing something crazy like killing myself. And I loved Dornan. But I hated my life.
‘You don’t understand,’ I said finally. ‘He loves me. He saved me.’
John looked at me sadly, the smile fading from his face.
‘You call this saved?’



Kindle Friends Forever

5 ★ Review by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

ARC received via Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review with many thanks.


Utterly sold once more! Having followed every heart-rending detail in Cartel which left me dangling on a precipice, not only was I crying out for more, but when given the chance to review the follow-up, I jumped for joy. The author’s style of writing is as always, explicit and crushingly crude, so I never doubted for a minute that I was going to be in for one hell of a ride. Kingpin was for me, the tip of the iceberg, the darkest point I could ever have imagined in book which I had hoped would clarify my many suspicions. The extremely complex love-hate relationship between all the protagonists whom I had learnt to invest in, only seemed to bring out even more conflicting feelings in me if that were ever possible.

Mariana Rodriguez was forced to sell her soul for the wrongdoings of another. Being imprisoned in a Catch 22 situation was not a matter of choice as many lives were in jeopardy. The leader of a cartel in Colombia has her life in his hands and that of her saviour, his son. My heroine is everything I bargained for in this series. Kick-ass, sassy and with more than a touch of dry wit and comebacks faster than lightening for her own good is mouthy by nature. However, she has to constantly bite her tongue for her own safety. Years have gone by and an erroneous decision and circumstances out of her control cause a catalyst of changes for the worst. Her secrets are like a time bomb waiting to go off at any moment and her dilemma as to whether or not wholly trust in one of the members of the Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club kept me on edge and had me talking to myself. No, I hadn’t lost it! I was simply grasping at straws for her.

I’d had very mixed feeling about Dornan in Cartel and more so in this read. His feelings for Ana were always made clear by him though. She’s knows she’s sleeping with her enemy, but loving him like she does wasn’t enough for me. He doesn’t freaking well deserve her! He keeps her in line in all aspects and I thought she deserved better treatment. I could have gladly leaped into my Kindle and strangled him with my bare hands at times.

Dornan ~ “Why would you be scared of me.”

John Portland troubled me no end. Despite this MC president’s relationship with his father which I disliked immensely, problems with the mother of his beautiful teenage daughter who at this age, needs comprehension and overlooking his drop-dead gorgeous physique, deep down there is a real softy to be discovered. Loved, just loved his intuition and his sensitivity. What I didn’t expect were a series of events which knocked me backwards and turned me inside out.

John ~ “I would never let anything happen to you.”

There are a few points I would like to make clear before summing up this read. Firstly, this is not a standalone. Cartel should be read first and to say there is a cliffy in Kingpin the size of the White Cliffs of Dover would be an understatement. Secondly, reading the Gypsy Brothers series beforehand was a must for me but not a necessity as the author has gone to great lengths to backtrack as much as is needed to understand the context. More importantly, I haven’t let on in this review. Spoiling it for the prospective reader is in my book, a no-no. For this reason, a synopsis is offered.

As in Cartel, there are a few characters which I hated with a passion and my opinion of them didn’t change at all in this book. Meeting up with Emilio and Murphy again put my hackles up on end and made me grit my teeth. The author’s descriptive development of all involved is without a doubt, amazing. Her storyline is solid and going to extremes, feasible. Ooh my, oh my. The bedroom scenes or wherever they happened to occur were so…. scorching. It was a question of what could I use for a fan! Passion abounds in most of them; nevertheless, my hairs stood on end when there is a unwilling connection.

Ana ~ “I can only see one fool now, and he’s right in front of me.”

What I was surprised to read was the structural writing. Ana tells her story in past tense from her point of view, John and Dornan’s stories are told separately in past and in third person. Unusual to say the least but it worked for me. What I would have liked to have seen is more banter in the first chapters. Notwithstanding, and after much reflection on my part, this was probably the best way for the reader to get back into the gist of a story overflowing with twists, turns, and unanswered questions. Please; pretty please, don’t make me wait too long for Empire. Ms. St.Germain, you have outdone yourself.  Bravo to you for an unputdownable, page flipping, nail-biting read!




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Now’s your chance to catch up with the CARTEL SERIES.

Book One now on sale: $0.99 / £0.99


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Additional Books including these characters

Gypsy Brothers Series by Lili Saint Germain

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, Book One) FREE

Amazon: U.S | U.K 

Kobo | iTunes

Six Brothers (Gypsy Brother, Book Two) ONLY $0.99

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Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers, Book Three) ONLY $0.99

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Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers, Book Six) ONLY $0.99

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One Love (Gypsy Brothers, Book Seven)

Amazon: U.S |U.K

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Lili Saint Germain

Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.

She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.



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Cover Reveal ~ Winterlust Tales by Ray Sostre

Winterlust Tales Banner

Title: Winterlust Tales – an Erotic Anthology

Author: Ray Sostre

Editor: Elicia S. Stoll

Cover Design: Tiffany Huegele

Genre: Erotic Anthology, Erotic Romance, M/F, Menage, M/M, F/F,

Release Date: January 4, 2016

Winterlust Tales Cover


Prepare for a cold winter, but because the season has changed it doesn’t mean the sexual fantasies have to. Author Ray Sostre delivers six steamy reads, related to a winter theme. Whether you’re snowed in or vacationing, or celebrating a holiday with your passionate one, this book will guarantee to heat up your winter.


About Ray Sostre:

Picture Of Ray S 2014

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.

Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010. That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”



                                       BLOG TOUR                                         OUT OF PLANS by STYLO FANTÔME

out of plans blog tour banner

We are excited to participate in the release week event for Stylo’s OUT OF PLANS, the much anticipated sequel to Best Laid Plans #RunningOutOfTime


Buy the Book

Amazon: US | UK | CAN | AUS




* Find Marc

* Don’t find Marc

* Take down a Russian Bratva boss

* Don’t have sex with Kingsley

* Find Marc

* Take down a Colombian drug lord

* Don’t fall for Marc again


* Kill every –




This is the story of what happens when best laid plans fail, and a vengeful woman is forced to find her own way once again. A bond broken, trust shattered, and too many lies to keep track of find Marc and Lily all out of plans and running out of time. Can they find their way back to each other before trouble finds them first, or is it really the end of their journey?

If this  NOVEL were a  MOVIE, it would have an R rating from the MPAA. Contains: Violence, Grisly Images, Strong Language, Nudity, and Graphic Sexual Content.





Shock wasn’t a big enough word to describe how Lily felt, looking up to find Marc staring at her in that ballroom. Anyone else. It literally could have been anyone else – her father, Mickey Mouse, Hitler, and she would’ve been less surprised. Marcelle De Sant wasn’t real, anymore. He was a figment of her imagination, something that usually only appeared late at night, when she was alone and missing a more dangerous time in her life.

Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be in Brazil!? Wasn’t he … anywhere she wasn’t?

Wasn’t he not quite this good looking!? It’s unfair that such a dick can be so good looking.

Dancing with her was bad enough. They’d fought, as had always been in their nature, but it wasn’t the same. She hated him. He’d lied to her, and he’d manipulated her, and he’d abandoned her. Told her she wasn’t good enough, then told her to go home. She loathed him.

And yet, his arm was around her, and his eyes were so blue, and she’d missed him so much.

Rat bastard.

And of course, along with fighting, their other old friend made an appearance – bad luck. Next thing Lily had known, she was being dragged upstairs and shoved into a bedroom. There was arguing. There was kissing.

So really, it was just like old times.

The bedroom door swung open, but she barely registered it. Marc’s hands were moving over her body, pressing down on her breasts. He moved one lower, sliding it over her hip and around to her ass, pulling her away from the wall and into himself. She ran her hands down his chest and worked them under his jacket, smoothing around to his back. She bit into his bottom lip and that earned her yet another groan, followed by his tongue filling her mouth.

Acting a part, acting a part. Not enjoying this at all. Nope, nooooope.

People were in the room. Someone was barking questions in Spanish. Marc ignored them, and the hand on her ass suddenly moved and grabbed her thigh, yanking her leg up to his hip. She made a big show of pulling his belt apart, all while his mouth moved down her neck, leaving sloppy wet kisses in its wake. His hands were back at her chest and buttons flew as he yanked open her blouse. One hand went down the top of her tank, and suddenly Lily didn’t care that they had an audience. Marc was touching her again, that was all that mattered.

Excuse me!” a voice barked out. “You cannot be in here. You go now.”

Marc’s free hand began rooting around in his pocket, and he pulled out a handful of pesos. He held them out to the nearest guard.

“We go in twenty minutes,” he panted, shoving the money into an open hand.

“Twenty minutes? Jesus, that’s disappointing,” she gave a husky laugh, then moaned when the hand on her breast squeezed.

“Alright. Twenty minutes. We come back, and you leave room,” they were warned.

But neither of them could answer, as their mouths met again and their tongues moved against each other.

Her mind had registered the length of time since he’d left her, but her body didn’t notice it at all. It recognized his touch as if they’d been together just the day before; like no time had passed. It made it all even worse. Her brain had done a good job of pretending it was over him. But her body had longed for him for six months. Had missed him. Hadn’t understood why he’d left.

That thought brought her to her senses, and Lily abruptly shoved him away. They were both breathing hard. Marc’s pants were undone and Lily’s blouse was hanging open. Her matte red lipstick was smeared across his mouth and chin. She took a deep breath and smoothed her hands over her hips.

“Okay, we need to figure this out, right now,” she told him.

“Alright,” he agreed, though he seemed a little dazed. She resisted the urge to smirk.

“I didn’t come here for you. Nothing I’ve done in the last six months has been for you,” she lied. “You’re not a part of this. You were never a part of this, except for a couple weeks in Africa. I will not let you ruin this for me again, De Sant. When we walk out of this room, you’re going to leave the house, and I’m going to finish this job.”

Marc’s daze wore off and he glared as he put his pants back to rights.

“I’ve been a part of this since the moment you opened that safe, and you know it. What do you think I’ve been doing this whole time? Fucking vacationing? I’m not exactly getting paid for this shit.”

“No one asked you to do any of this shit. You just took it upon yourself. You just ran away and decided to solve a problem that wasn’t even any of your business.”

He flinched and Lily smiled.

“I thought you’d understand,” he grumbled, glancing in a mirror that was behind her. He yanked off his bow tie and used it to wipe at lipstick around his mouth.

“Then you thought wrong.”

Kindle Friends Forever: Five Outplanned Stars

 Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

I was blown away! This unputdownable read which blows hotter than hot, caused my emotions to run riot! Two leading men’s roles; both exasperatingly intense and a heroine whose traits are more than peculiar. No, wrong word… spectacular. She’s freakin’ awesome and if I were a fella, I’d fall hard for this no nonsense, don’t mess with me heroine with a capital H. Sleep deficit? I had it. Making sure any interrupts would not be tolerated while reading this nail-biting and fast-paced follow up of Best Laid Plans meant I could lap up one of the best action-packed books I’ve read this year. Metaphorically speaking, the pages flew. I couldn’t wait to find out what the author had in store for three of the most outstanding characters I’d yet to meet this year. Even the most sceptical of us will believe in the leading lady’s ‘plans’ in this knock your socks off story.

If I were able to be on a film set, this would be it! Scenes vividly described come alive. Whether the three protagonists are being shot at, tortured, hanging out of a car in smithereens, or hanging on to hope; any screenwriter would have their heyday with Marcelle De Sant, Liliana Brewster and Kingsley Law. They are most certainly not your normal trio. She wants payback, the two men in her life are mercenaries par-excellent who got caught up in her mission of vengeance. To begin with, she goes about it totally green but soon realises that to get to her target, she’s going to need some expert training. I am not going to say too much as I don’t want to spoil the story for you; however, I will give you a clue. When a ruthless Russian Bratva boss did the unheard of personally affecting Lily, she’s prepared to go all the way regardless of her safety. In other words, she has more balls than sagacity.

Ruthless enemy:
Gorgeous bad guy with scruples in brackets:
Beguilingly attractive goodies:
Mercenaries in plural:
Kickass female protagonist:
Male protagonist needing the love of his life to see sense:
Male character needing both of them to see sense:
Gripping storyline.

Marc went about it all the wrong way at the end of the last read. What us gals don’t need is evasiveness and by not spelling it out clearly enough for Lily to cotton on to, just seemed to add insult to injury. Oh boy, was she mad with him and quite rightly so, too. The word stubborn is sublimely underrated for this trio! D words took on a new perspective for me. They’re all dangerous, disturbing, drop-dead gorgeous and desirable… Despite the chemistry between Lily and Marc simmering to boiling point throughout the story, it was second place for her as a job needed to be done. Pushing her true feelings aside, she considered them to be more sexual than emotional. Daft woman!

Lily ~ “Jesus, De Sant, then what do you want!?”
Marc ~ “I want you to call me Marc.”

Marc’s underestimation of her would change when Lily proved to him that she was as good or even better in the field. Kingsley never doubted her for a moment. He saw how determined she was and knew she’d never back down. Her heart was set on getting the job done regardless. Saying that, I could have strangled her at times. She tried hard to dislike Marc who was for me, the bee’s knees. Kingsley and Marc went back a long way together but a rift had been driven between them. Deep down Kingsley knew they were made for each other and not only were feelings questioned with words, but also with fists.

Kingsley ~ “You left her, remember, idiot? So stop chasing her. Treat it like a job. Like any other job.”

They were the perfectly disastrous couple. Both encroached on each other’s space. Both were not made for a stable relationship. Since this adorable man was so frustratingly naïve regarding how women tick, better said, one woman, I could never have expected the story to end as it did.

Lily ~ “How come whenever we try to do something together, it always gets so fucked up?”
Marc ~ “I think you were right — we’re just bad luck, sweetheart.”

Kingsley. Man-whore-cum-sluttish-womaniser. Cum everything in my vocabulary, no holds barred and so damn loveable. Kinsley…I adore you! I’m holding back on blasphemous words ’cause I want this review to be published. Without you, this fan-freakin’-tastic read would never have been the same. You made her, you trained her and above all, you had faith in her. All of the characters’ personalities in this read are extremely well-developed. But this guy pushes limits. And he might be the only friend that Marc has, and he might only be Lily’s friend, too. But for me, you are my hero and I loved your ‘law’!

Kingsley ~ “Darling. I know you. You’ve got a plan for when you take a piss. You plan everything. What is your plan?”

Damiano Ledo. Powerful, deadly, and unsurpassed in his dubious dealings, I’m sure the author’s intentions were for the reader to dislike him. What a real charmer! Besides bringing a smile to my face with his innuendos, Lily also found him amusing. I know I shouldn’t have liked this bad guy but his unlikely appearance in a scenario where I was biting my nails down to the quick sealed my esteem of him.

Damiano ~ “All these men, falling all over themselves for you. If you ever want a real man, please, give me a call.”

Untouchable and heavily guarded, Stankovski is the root of all evil. And his wife, Roksana, well, she makes Cruella de Vil look like a saint! What nasty pieces of work the pair of them are. Lily has something Stankovski wants badly, she’s played him too, only adding fuel to the fire. So how she’s going to make him pay for ruining her life? Read this story to find out.

The banter between all of the protagonists was for me, a joy to read. The endearing insults or not, fly between all concerned continually making this story so realistic that I really couldn’t find fault. Exceptionally satisfying was also Kingsley’s English lingo which had me in fits of laughter; his one-liners, second to none. Lol, the Armani suit, his debonair ways and his table manners were all an added plus. Not often am I lost for words but you, Ms Fantôme, have managed to leave me with my mouth wide open in epilogue. Thank you for such an awesome finale. Bravo to you ma’am!

Lily ~ “Fuck the plans. If I live through this, I’m winging everything from here on out.”



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Crazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since …, forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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                                      BLOG TOUR                                                     SWEET SOUL by TILLIE COLE



Title: Sweet Soul

Author: Tillie Cole

Series:  Sweet Home #4 / Carrillo Boys #3

Release date: 15th December, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance / New Adult




sweet soul cover




One shy lost soul.
One silent lonely heart.
One love to save them both.

Life has never been easy for twenty-year-old Levi Carillo. The youngest of the Carillo boys, Levi is nothing like his older brothers. He isn’t dark in looks or intimidating to everyone he meets. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. Haunted by a crippling shyness and the tragic events of his past, Levi spends his days with his head buried in his books, or training hard for his college football team. Too timid to talk to girls, Levi stays as far away as possible and completely on his own… until he saves the life of a troubled pretty blonde, a troubled pretty blonde that might just be the exception to his rule.

Elsie Hall is homeless. Or at least that’s all anyone ever sees. Everyday is a fight for survival on the cold streets of Seattle, everyday a struggle to find food and keep warm. Alone in life—a life that’s dangerous and cruel—her will to keep going is an ever-losing battle. In her world of silence, Elsie has given up hope that her life will contain anything but constant struggle and pain… until the beautiful boy she has severely wronged comes to her rescue at precisely the right time.

New Adult novel—contains sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up.






I moved to throw the useless wallet away when, just as it tipped upside down, something fell to the ground, obviously from a hidden compartment. Looking down, my eyes focused on what looked like a necklace lying on the wet ground at my side.

Reaching down, I picked up the necklace, noticing an old tarnished cross dangling from old scratched wooden brown beads. It wasn’t a necklace; it was an old set of rosary beads.

I held it up to the light, turning it in my hand. A small smile etched on my lips. Although old, they were beautiful.

Laying the rosary on my lap, I delicately ran my fingertips over each scratched and worn out bead, down to the cross at the bottom. There, in heavy silver, was the image of Jesus dying on the cross. I didn’t know why, but the sight of this obviously well used rosary brought tears to my eyes, and a harsh sting to my heart.

Instinctively, I lifted my hand to the locket hidden well beneath my hoodie and took a deep breath. This, my simple gold locket, was all I had left. The only link I had to her, to my past. It was my most treasured possession. The only possession I had.

The image of the boy in the locker room sprung to mind and my stomach instantly fell. This was his rosary. I’d taken his rosary; something that probably meant a great deal to him.

Leaving the rosary on my lap, I opened the wallet again, and there in clear center pocket was the boy’s face. Pulling the driving license from the wallet, I read his name: Levi Carillo.

Levi Carillo.


KINDLE FRIENDS FOREVER: Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall



This read literally left me trembling. It’s vibrates love, it wrenches your heart; it is outstandingly beautiful. Disconnecting from the outside world was easy as this read was so absorbing and so unputdownable from the very first page. And like all the books in the Carillo brothers’ saga which cover sensitive issues, Sweet Soul touches on a subject very close to my heart as an educator. It was clear to see that the author had painstakingly put her soul into writing this story. I could even imagine her tears falling while writing what we’ve all been patiently waiting for. So can this book be read as a standalone? Unfortunately not. You’d be missing out on the whole essence of these brothers’ lives, their highs, their lows, them striving to become better men. Now they’ve found happiness and stability alongside their women. But what Ms Cole has done here is simple to put into words. Never expecting less of her storytelling techniques, she conveyed to the reader the coming together of two emotionally damaged young people and their traumatic experiences.

Levi, the youngest of the brothers, is a brilliant football player, a good student and attracts the attention of the gals where he is studying. His friends try to cajole him into partying. They want him to let his hair down for want of a better phrase. But he can’t, doesn’t want to and gives all sorts of excuses to not socialise. Why? He knows he’s not capable of it. This gentle strapping lad can’t overcome his shyness and has no wish to change either. However, one day his life will change drastically. He’s robbed of the one thing that means more than life. Something he has cherished with all his heart and was the only connection to a person no longer with him. Heartbroken, he can’t find solace. Then the story takes a swing in the direction towards the culprit. His surprise was tenfold, his emotions were put to the test, his generosity and his family’s benevolence was of such that I couldn’t help but sob.

Please Ms Cole. What have you done to me? If all your characters in this series left me spent, Elsie completely floored me. More tears were shed. I despaired. My sympathy was utmost for this absolutely beautiful character with a handicap that would not be the only reason for shaping her character. Her traits were so exquisitely developed and with such a sensitivity that I just came undone. Elsie’s life is a harsh one. Self-confident she has not, but a will to live… I wanted to jump into the book and save her. I knew she had one though.

Bullying is for me, the root of all evils. There are scenes in this read which tore at my heartstrings. When Elsie eventually opened up to Levi and explains what she had had to suffer, it is shocking. However, and this is sad to say, believable.

Elsie’s thoughts. “I had opened the Pandora’s box that held in check my tears and pain.”

This read really should have been called Sweet Souls because that is exactly how I felt about these two wonderful, outstanding young adults. Moments so tender literally took my breath away, left me with a lump in my throat, and I have to confess that while writing this review, my tears flowed freely. It was a matter of dry them ’cause you won’t be able to write on gal!

Elsie ~ “He’s saved me. He’s good for me. We’re good for each other.”

Now then, apart from the behaviour of those who go out of their way to make one suffer so much for their own depravity, there are also three more important factors which have to be mentioned. Firstly, many of us have no idea how people live in a cocoon of silence. Tillie has outdone herself by describing Elsie’s disability. I could literally hear Elsie making an effort to tell Levi what she had been through and how she felt. He fell even more in love with her; I did too.

Levi ~ “I’ll be your voice when you can’t speak.”

Secondly, she was so damn sweet, so wise beyond her years that she was the force behind Levi coming out of his shell. He blossomed into a man in front of my eyes. Taking on his responsibilities, I saw happy future for them although I fear that this will the last book in an unforgettable series. And last but not least; the bedroom scenes. Actually, I don’t think it is necessary to mention them as I want you to enjoy them as much as I did in all their innocence.

The poems are indescribable Tillie. Thank you! Bravo to you lady.

Fav quotes:

Levi ~ “I love that you love my voice. I love that I never hide who I am, disguise how I sound. Because I’m tired of trying to please others.”

Elsie ~ “You’re my kind of extraordinary. Levi Carrillo, you’re the sweetest of souls.”




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SWEET HOME (A Sweet Home Novel, Book 1)   U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

SWEET ROME (A Sweet Home Novel, Book 1.5) U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

SWEET FALL (A Sweet Home Novel, Book One, Carillo Brothers #1) U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

SWEET HOPE (A Sweet Home Novel, Book One, Carillo Brothers #2) U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS




tillie coleAmazon & USA Today Best Selling Author, Tillie Cole, is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

Being a scary blend of Scottish and English, Tillie embraces both cultures; her English heritage through her love of HP sauce and freshly made Yorkshire Puddings, and her Scottish which is mostly demonstrated by her frighteningly foul-mouthed episodes of pure rage and her much loved dirty jokes.

Having been born and raised as a Teesside Smoggie, Tillie, at age nineteen, moved forty miles north to the ‘Toon’, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where she attended Newcastle University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Religious Studies. She returned two years later to complete a Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching High School Social Studies. Tillie, regards Newcastle to be a home from home and enjoyed the Newcastle Geordie way of life for seven ‘proper mint’ and ‘lush’ years.

One summers day, after finishing reading her thousandth book on her much loved and treasured Kindle, Tillie turned to her husband and declared, “D’you know, I have a great idea for a story. I could write a book.” Several months later, after repeating the same tired line at the close of another completed story, she was scolded by her husband to shut up talking about writing a novel and “just bloody do it!” For the first time in eleven years, Tillie actually took his advice (he is still trying to get over the shock) and immediately set off on a crazy journey, delving deep into her fertile imagination.

Tillie, ever since, has written from the heart. She combines her passion for anything camp and glittery with her love of humour and dark brooding men (most often muscled and tattooed – they’re her weakness!). She also has a serious side (believe it or not!) and loves to immerse herself in the complex study of World Religions, History and Cultural Studies and creates fantasy stories that enable her to thread serious issues and topics into her writing — yep, there’s more to this girl than profanity and sparkles!

After six years of teaching high school Social Studies and following her Professional Rugby Player husband around Europe, they have finally given up their nomadic way of life and settled in Calgary, Alberta where Tillie spends most of her days (and many a late night) lost in a writing euphoria or pursuing a dazzling career as a barrel-racing, tasselled-chap wearing, Stetson-sporting cowgirl… Ye-haw!





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AMAZON: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS  ~ Our review

AMAZON: US | U.K | CAN | AUS ~ Our review

AMAZON: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS ~ Our Review

 To be released in 2016