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Leaving Me Behind
Sigal Ehrlich
Publication date: May 24th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

He was supposed to be a personal challenge. A Spanish lover – younger and sinfully attractive. A daring, wild experience for one night.

My liberation from my self-oppressed lifestyle was planned out carefully down to the last detail.
Everything except . . .

I didn’t see it coming, not by a long shot. My plan was safe. I was going to quit my job, say goodbye to the restraints of the life I had known, and follow my dreams.
I rented a house halfway across the globe in an exotic Spanish town on the coast. I made some new friends. I reveled in luscious food and a stunning landscape. Most of all I savored my new found freedom.
That is until I met HIM.

It was supposed to be a night of lost inhibitions, soon to become a sweet memory. That was my plan.

He had something different in mind.

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“So how did you like our wine?” Sebastian gestures with a hint of a knowing glee to the half-empty evidence on my coffee table.

“Vivian suggested I try it,” I blabber. “Umm, it was good.”

He cocks an eyebrow.

“Frankly, I’m not much of a wine person; I’m more of a sweet cocktail kind of gal. It was very good though, but I couldn’t elaborate on the taste or anything else as you experts would.”

“I see,” he says somewhat pensive. He motions for me to take a seat at the low coffee table and settles himself on the sofa in front of me. His slightly parted legs almost touch mine. He takes the bottle and deftly removes the cork.

“Let’s try to do it together, shall we,” he says, his voice a degree huskier. “You need to use your senses to evaluate wine, scent, taste . . .sight.” He gives me a soft, yet bluntly suggestive look. “Sight,” he says as he brings the bottle to his mouth, wraps his lips around the narrow opening, and takes a slow sip. I swallow hard, following the motion of his Adam’s apple under bristled, tanned skin. He then inclines his head toward me and cups the nape of my neck. He slightly tilts my head back and touches his mouth to mine. With the parting of my lips, his tongue reaches in, filling my mouth with warmness, wine, and an intoxicating breath. His tongue commences to stroke mine through the rich moistness; a combined sensual flesh on flesh electrifying sensation hovered by the tingling of the aromatic liquid. It skims around my tongue, letting the luscious liquid reach every part of my greedy mouth. I suck hard on his tongue, tasting the wine and him; my desire grows, and grows with every erotic stroke of his.

“Taste,” he says low as he pulls back, lightly biting my bottom lip causing a sting that crawls all the way between my legs. “Keep your eyes closed, Liv. I’m going to do that again. I want you to suck on it, swirl it in your mouth, and try to think what flavors come to your mind.” And he does, with one hand at the nape of my neck and the other sliding to curl around my knee. Everything inside me tightens, everything around me melts, and everything about me arouses. It’s a sensory overload.

“Open them . . . now, tell me if it’s balanced.” He kisses my lips gently. “Complex.” Another kiss. “Evolved.” A more profound one.

Tastes like an orgasm? I close my eyes and lick my slightly pulsing lips. His hand trails slowly under the hem of my dress, holding my thigh with mild force. I lick my lips again, distracted by the touch of his hand.

“It tastes warm and rich.”

“Mmmhmm.” His hand sprawls, making my skin burn at the spot.

“Fruity and sexy,” I add quietly, my eyes still closed, the edge of my lips slightly curved.

“Keep going.” His other hand cups my cheek, and his thumb grazes my lips.

“It tastes like something I want in my mouth again.” My eyelids slowly lift and my eyes meld into his with everything that rages inside of me.

“Sold,” he says gruffly, with a hint of a heated smile. “Oh, and there’s the scent,” he adds next, nuzzling the area just below my ear. His hand on my thigh under my dress advances till the tips of his fingers whisper over the delicate fabric of my panties. I strangle a moan while his lips sear the skin of my neck. He murmurs, “Divine.”

My eyes remain closed as I savor the taste of his mouth, his tongue, and his sweet, musky scent wafting around me. God, he smells like warm, rich, spicy chocolate. He smells like molten chocolate with a sprinkle of chili.

“Take your dress off for me, Liv.” His voice reaches me, and we slowly flicker our eyes into a scorching, locked stare. He speaks to my mouth next, though it feels like he speaks to the spot between my legs as it insentiently starts pulsing in heat. “Undress for me. Stand up and slowly take your dress off.”

Leaving Me Behind

Kindle Friends Forever 5  Review by Sharon Thérèse

I’m a great fan of this author and was delighted to have the opportunity of reading her new release the before the publishing date. Saying that, I had no idea I was in for a surprize or two! Her story telling style hasn’t changed; however, this read is more daring and most certainly one of the sexist reads she’s written. And my second surprize? Well, the scene is set in the country I have adopted. Sunny Spain! And the lady has done her homework, too. The details of the surroundings where you’re going to meet her characters is nothing less than spot on. I laughed out loud when my favourite beer was mentioned! So details described exactly as they should be, enchanted me. Oh yes, and a difficult feat it is to write in present and in first person, but Ms. Sigal has pulled it off!

A good plot needs well-developed protagonists and secondary characters. There is no doubt that they all fit the bill. The leading lady, Liv, takes a good while to find herself which is basically what this story is really about. She’s in her early thirties, has a good job earning really good money, and loves her boss, Saul. She has her father’s love and support, but her mother; humph… it’s not surprising she’s been itching to get away, to carry out her dreams. I can honestly say that this was when I connected with Liv. Her mother is overboard, always seems to have the upper hand, and is always ready to criticise. At times, I would have gladly strangled her. Her shrink who has a huge influence in her life; loved his name by the way, is all for it… in brackets! So she shuts up shop, (pun unintended), and trots off to Catalonia. I really and truly liked this woman’s personality. It’s as if the Spanish air and her new group of friends lifted her spirits higher than high. Ah yes, and Sebastian will play a huge part by making her question herself.

Quote ~ Liv: “Just finished a call with Dr. Smartass.”
Kai: “Did he manage to fix you yet?”
Liv: “I’m unfixable, but you already knew that.”

Sebastian. Oh my! Who couldn’t help falling for this gorgeous drop-dead Spaniard! Being younger than Liv was never an issue for him. Swooning here ladies ‘cause not only is he a gentleman, but he is also so damn hot in the bedroom that it’ll have you grabbing for your fan! And even then, he plays a cautious game to a point that made me think how much bloody patience he has. Virtually running the family ‘bodega’ producing the finest wines and ‘cava’ keeps him occupied when he’s not discretely observing Liv from the shoreline or the side-lines. Is his flirtatious stance to be taken seriously? You’ll only find out by one-clicking!

Quote ~ Liv: “I’m not looking to get involved with anyone,” I say in a quiet, somewhat croaky voice.
Sebastian: “Don’t worry; you will not fall in love with me. I will not let you.”

Now then… the gals. I just have to mention them as they’re the backbone of this story. It is not my intention to put my foot in it and ‘let on’ but they are all absolutely incredible. The Café con Aroma where Liv hangs out is for me, the bee’s knees. I was honestly there watching Vivian prepare the most wonderful Spanish cuisine for her buddies. I was attentively listening to Dominique Bouchon who I didn’t like at all at the beginning but ended up feeling totally and utterly sorry for, totally in love with her! Her dry sense of humour and her advice to Liv as they warm up to each other is how the Spanish say, “Es el no va más!”

Quote ~ Dominique: “So, Sebastian Noé Balle, who’s the dze current lucky  fuck-du-jour?”

What a marvellous club they made. I adored all the chitchat, the leg pulling, ribbing, and Viv’s cooking, deary me… mouthwatering! I couldn’t believe that the author has so much knowledge of Spanish customs, their idiocies, their way of life and of course, the cuisine!

Quote ~ Vivian: “You can call us a bunch of happily heady guinea pigs.”

Kai. I have to mention him as he’s been Liv’s bestie forever. Even though they have a pact; have known each other since youngsters, the twist in the plot left be flabbergasted. Do we have another story here I asked myself. Hmm, nudging the author might just convince her that it is worthwhile.

So here goes! Summing up this excruciatingly hotter than hot love story with its perfect morphophonemic speech, sayings and idioms which were easily understood, was for me, an outstanding achievement from a linguist’s point of view. A good job well done. Visual scenes were there. The sexual tension abounded and consumed me. The story flow was nothing less than outstanding! However, I missed Sebastian’s personal opinion dreadfully. I knew how Liv felt throughout the story, but I was dying to know his. Could it be that we’ll have his? I have no idea. One more thing before I go… every chapter is named with a song so very apt in every event that takes place. What a freakin’ brill idea to make a playlist. Listen to the songs. I did and I love her choice!

Ms. Ehrlich. Thank you so much for taking me on a ride through the Spanish culture, their wines, their dines and their passion for living the moment. ¡ Un énorme bravo!


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Author Bio:

By teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she was lucky enough to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Not exactly sure where they will end up next…

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