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Title: The Roman

Author: Sylvain Reynard

Series: The Florentine #4

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release date: 6th December, 2016

Cover design: Heather Carrier Designs

Published by EverAfter Romance


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Raven and her sister, Cara, are at the mercy of a small detachment of Florentine vampyres, who are delivering them as a peace offering to the feared Curia in Rome.

Though she’s unsure William survived the coup that toppled his principality, Raven is determined to protect her sister at all costs, even if it means challenging Borek, the commander of the detachment.

In an effort to keep Raven from falling into the hands of his enemies, William puts himself at the mercy of the Roman, the dangerous and mysterious vampyre king of Italy. But the Roman is not what he expects …

Alliances and enmities will shift and merge as William struggles to save the woman he loves and his principality, without plunging the vampyre population into a world war.

This stunning conclusion to the Florentine series will take readers across Italy and beyond as the lovers fight to remain together. Forever.




Rachel’s 5 ★ Review

This is the most highly anticipated book of the year for me and when it landed on my Kindle, my normal routine was thrown out the window! The ending of The Shadow left me reeling and in need of more so thank goodness SR didn’t make the wait too long. The books in this series is one continuous story so must be read in order. I urge you not to skip any of the them as all the details are essential to get the full impact of William and Raven’s story. Pardon the pun but the devil is in the detail! Every page gives you more and more vital bits of information which is extremely intriguing and full of angst which I have come to expect from this author.

As usual, SR continues to spoil us with the most perfect usage of the English language. Reading his words just soothes my soul, I lap up each and every word! I have to admit some of the old English words used I had to look up. . . (God bless the Kindle dictionary!) However, this didn’t bother me one bit. I felt it added more mystery and authenticity to the story. William ‘The Prince’ of Florence has found himself and Raven in a very dangerous situation but who can he trust to help him? Although William is an extremely powerful vampire, he really does need a trusted ally which is where the story leaves Florence for Rome. It seems he is surrounded by people who are power hungry for his throne so he goes to the one person he thinks he can trust, mmm. . . but can he? Subterfuge is the name of the game and William finds out who his friends are!

William loves his beloved Florence and Raven. Can he have both? The title did have me foxed a little but this didn’t detract me at all from the enjoyment of the book. Awww Raven! What a girl she was and how I loved her so! She really stood by her man. It would’ve been very easy for Raven to walk away from Florence and all the troubles it brought her but no; she isn’t about to abandon her guy! She may be physically fragile but she’s a tower of strength for William. I’ve admired her principles from the start in this amazing series. She’s in it for the long haul and not once did she waver which just made me love her even more.

Raven is a protector to the very end and will stop at nothing to guard her sister and William. She’s been let down so much in her short life and William is the one person who never did. Her bravery in a world she has come to know really did test her resolve, but not once did she run. She has found her one true love and she will do almost anything for him and I mean almost. . .  I mistakenly thought I got the ending sussed when I was around half way through the book. I’m awfully good at trying to guess the outcome of a book but you got me SR! Very well played! The ending for William and Raven was astounding and fantastically executed. If you’re looking for a bewitching tale of love, loyalty and exceptionally written prose then I urge you to give this series a go. SR is a master which I must applaud. Encore, encore!!


Sharon Thérèse’s 4 ★ Review

It is with a sad heart but with a content soul that I say arrivederci to the Florentine series. And goodness me, the outstanding cover is the essence of scenes to take place in one of my beloved Italian cities, Roma! Once again, not only has Mr Reynard spoilt me with his scholarly prose in a magical way, but he’s also cloaked mystery and riddled rhyme which has become his unique writing style. It was an absolute pleasure reading his new offering. And I must say that even though the wait between books was long, he gave me no reason to refer back to The Shadow. He gave me hints of happenings nudging this reader’s memory to exactly where he wanted! Believe me, my memory is not one of the best. But with Reynard’s masterly sensory details and his vibrantly painted pictures, his book came alive. In other words, his tales are woven in such a manner that regardless of whether you like this genre or not, he will convince you so easily that if you’re like me and not into paranormal, after reading this series, you’ll want more! Of course, by the apt-hand of SR!

The Raven. How beautiful her name is in Spanish! “La Alondra”. I even feel the need to translate my review into this language as she conjures up a free spirit in the best of Latin phrases, “Spiritum Liberum”. She flies! She is her own person; she insists her wings are not for clipping by her adored one but she is his for the giving! I say this in present tense seeing she’s one of my favourite heroines from the beginning of my vampirism experience which mustn’t be confused with her persona. A handicap difficult to live with never bends the Prince’s desire or love for her. And thank goodness since this story wouldn’t have panned out the way it did!

Having been precariously left on a cliffy in The Shadows which I might add, left me totally intrigued, never could I have imagined what was in store for Raven or William. However, as their story developed, my suspicions were awoken. The crux of the matter is brought to a head when the Prince puts his faith in The Roman. You’ll find out why he chose to do so and whether his decision was correct or not by reading this book.

My feelings regarding The Roman. I really would have liked to have been able to delve more into this character’s way of thinking; know why he acted as he did and why went out of his way to misled someone so close to him. Causes . . . I didn’t think they were conflictive enough to put Florence’s or the Prince’s reign in danger but as always in SR’s books, twists and turns abound! Nevertheless, The Roman let me down to the extent that my rating of this book was affected. I would even go to lengths of saying that the title is a tad misdirected in certain aspects of goings on. Always under the impression that The Roman was hovering in the background, I wished he’d been more upfront with his wishes for peace and stability. Obviously, there are underlings who aren’t true to their word making circumstances more complicated. Maybe one reaches an ancient age when those around you have to take matters in their own hands.

How the Roman’s supposed protégée suffered in the hands of his enemy left me with no words. And my question was simple. Why! All concerned could have had what they wanted without much further ado. If there were ever an upsetting scene in this whole series, this was it. In the making of such heartbreak and quandary for his beliefs, William had no option but to trust his foe completely. When Raven’s wariness of someone she had faith awoke, I was shattered beyond their betrayal. I came undone, cried alongside her and lived her heartbreak and her longing to have the love of her life safely by her side.

The last chapter and epilogue. I wasn’t wrong in my suspicions. The journey Raven takes is arduous, confusing and long. Nothing happens overnight but the outcome is exactly what I would expect from SR and I salute him for it! What is more, this author’s round up of such an epic series is not an easy feat but my goodness me, it was what any reader would expect from him. BRAVO to you sir! Justice, love and humility prevailed in a story which had me begging for more.

















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I’m interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition – particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House. For more information, see my Charities page.




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