Title: For All the Evers

Author: Debra Anastasia

Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Release date: 18th December, 2016

Cover Art Design by A True Friend


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Fallen Billow should be in college like most of her friends, but instead she’s raising her brother and working as a housekeeper at a vintage local hotel. It’s back-breaking work, but not nearly as challenging as fending off unwanted advances from the hotel’s owner.

Thomas McHugh is fighting for our country, across the globe and decades before Fallen Billow was even born. So there’s no way they’re soul mates. There’s no way he can be desperate to see her, hold her, kiss her. Except there is.

Is it a dream when he inks his name on her skin? Is it a delusion when she puts her hands on his face and says she loves him? Nothing has ever felt more real.

Fate has etched paths for Thomas and Fallen that even time cannot touch. A Purple Heart proclaims Thomas’ valor and bravery. And his death. But Fallen dares to dream of the impossible. She wants Thomas to stay. Just stay.

A tribute to all who have served our country, this novel honors the impossible beauty of love and the endless power of hope. Come open your heart and celebrate the many facets of bravery with Fallen and Thomas.





Kindle Friends Forever: 5 ★ Review by Sharon Thérèse

I truly had no idea what to expect from this read and all I can say is the author left me speechless. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn’t read the synopsis. Trust me, she’ll take you on a mystical journey like no other you’ve been on. Her extraordinary ability to pull the reader in from the first page and make you want to turn the next and the next and the next remains unparalleled. The plot is a fascinating one. Her characters I loved to hate and others made me come undone. Yes, man-sized hankies are a must here since this story of forever and ever love touches one’s very soul. She kept me on edge throughout so much so that I needed to take a break and even then, I couldn’t stop thinking about the two protagonists’ dilemma. And ooh boy, what a DILEMMA! You ma’am, made me lose sleep over these lovebirds!

For All the Evers couldn’t have a more apt title. For me, it conjured up a story that has no ending. Ah. . . does it have one though? You’ll have to wait and see because while you’re reading, it’s not only Fallen and Thomas’ surroundings that come alive. I can assure you that this reader never could have envisaged such beautiful scenes in every sense of the word. Their story; their lifetime and lifeline, made me smile, cry and pray hopelessly all at the same time. I was given no option but to root for two of the most awe-inspiring characters who at the author’s hand, made me feel like I was alongside them. And I can’t thank her enough for giving me this pleasure.

“Don’t cry, my pretty Fallen. This. What we just did here? It will be the light in my darkest goddamn hour. Memories of time with you are my sanity.”

Fallen. Gosh. . . how on earth can I begin to tell you how I felt about her. Firstly, her nature is selflessly caring and the humblest of all heroines I have yet to meet. She takes no credit; she survives by doing her best. She is too young to take on so much responsibility; however, she gets on with the job making sure her brother needs for nothing under such dire circumstances. Her love for him is unquestionable. When the going gets tough, it’s hands down regardless of one family member’s interference. An interference which is sadly something which exists and difficult to deal with for those of us that have had to live with it.

“How dare you? How dare you come in here and ask me what my paycheck is? Do we have to starve? Do we have to have nothing to make you happy?”

Thursdays. “So why or what is the problem with this day of the week,” you may ask! Simply answered. This book awakens where you’d least imagine it to. Or just maybe it falls into a dream beyond anyone’s comprehension. Perfect narration had me itching for it to be Thursday again! And as much as I’d like to tell you more, I can’t possibly let on. What I can say is three completely different personas slam together with an almighty clash on these days to such an extent that I was either showing support for two of them, or wishing the other would do a disappearing act. I’d have gladly given the latter a good Kindle-head-bashing! Grrr. . What a conniving so-and-so he is. There were times when a didn’t know how Fallen was going to tackle this man without coming out unscathed.

“I could make your life much easier.”
“I’m not sure that’s how things work. . .”

Thomas. Not allowed to swear here since you know who won’t publish my review; ooh, but for the love of him, he had me from the first time I set eyes on this chivalrously gorgeous man. Yes, it’s a very visual read so excuse me while I swoon! When I met Thomas, I was a tad confused. Fortunately, I wasn’t left puzzled for too long. He goes out of his way to do the impossible and I have to confess that there were moments when I thought he wouldn’t be able to be where he wanted.

“Stay with me.”
“Dream girl, make it until next Thursday. Please.”

Any good story has to have a bad guy and if there are a couple of bad gals to spice things up, all the better. I loved the how Fallen named two of her backstabbing co-workers; nevertheless, Fallen does make a trustworthy friend in her workplace and takes all the advice she can get from her. I adored Desta. This wise and wonderful woman doesn’t make it easy for Fallen to begin with but at the end of the day, she is there for her. The baddie. . . read the book and make your own minds up!

“You have to keep this between us. I’m never supposed to talk about it, but there’s a spark in you, lady. I feel you can handle the truth of it all. Well, the truth of what I know.”

I can honestly say that while writing this review, I cried. I could have made it longer; there is so much more to say and I feel that my written words don’t give enough praise to the author who has written such an amazing story. Lady, you have brought Thomas home. The ending. . . BRAVO!

“Thank you,” “For stealing me from time. I want to spend all the evers I get right here. . .”





    “I bet you were adorable.” He put his knuckle under her chin and encouraged her to lift her head. She rolled back over and settled against his shoulder.

    “I don’t want to be adorable. I want to be impossible.”

    “How do you mean?” He kissed her forehead.

    “I want to be impossible for you to forget, impossible for you to keep your hands off of.” She leaned up for a kiss.

    “You’re my impossible then. Have no fear.” He tenderly reminded her he was her impossible, too, with his lips.

    She put her hand against his stomach and snuggled in. “This is my spot. Right here. With you—it’s home.”

    He swallowed before talking to the ceiling. “My heart was like a fist. Where I am? It’s not a place you plan to survive. I’ve been there for years, and it’s not about skill; it’s not even about luck. You get strapped into a machine, and fate’s driving. You can’t get out even if you want to. So you submit to it. You harden your soul. You get ready to die.”

    He shifted, rolling on top of her. She sighed in contentment. Being beneath him made her feel safe and secure.

    He kissed her lips, then the tip of her nose, before continuing. “But with you, it’s like my heart’s opening up, and I’m terrified to feel, after all this time. Yet I don’t have a choice. No matter where I am, I draw your face whenever I get a scrap of paper.”

    He laughed a little. “We found a puppy, and I named it Fallen, just so I could say your name over and over. The guys think I’m crazy—such a strange name for a dog. But I don’t care. I’m gasping for you every moment I’m awake. And I’m making choices to keep me alive through the week.”

    His eyes searched hers. “What if I’m not as tough as I was in the beginning? God, I hope no one is affected by my distraction with this. But in the end there’s you. Only you. Do what you have to to get back to me when you’re awake. You have to. I need you more than air, more than life right now. The softness of you, the tenderness in your eyes when you see me. I’m trying to force fate to throw me in your direction. To hurl me at you somehow. I don’t know if it will work. But I’m praying for it.”

    Fallen touched his face, then his neck. “I will do everything I can to find you.”












About the Author:

There are a lot of eyes in Debra Anastasia’s house in Maryland. First, her own creepy peepers are there, staring at her computer screen. She’s made two more sets of eyes with her body, and the kids they belong to are amazing. The poor husband is still looking at her after 17 years of marriage. At least he likes to laugh. Then the freaking dogs are looking at her–six eyeballs altogether, though the old dog is blind. And the cat watches her too, mostly while knocking stuff off the counter and doing that internal kitty laugh when Deb can’t catch the items fast enough.

In between taking care of everything those eyes involve, Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination. What an amazing job that is. The stories hit her hard while driving the minivan or shaving her legs, especially when there’s no paper and pen around. Within all of the lies she writes hides her heart, so thank you for letting it play in your mind.

Debra has written a smattering of books in a few genres. There are two paranormal romances in the Seraphim series and now four contemporary romances in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series. Fire Down Below and Fire in the Hole complete the Gynazule Comedy Series. The Revenger, a dark paranormal romance, is finally in the light, and the last, a novella called Late Night with Andres, is special because 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. (So go get it right now, please!) For All The Evers (FATE) is a touching time travel story to honor a vet in Debra’s family.


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