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Authors: Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Series: WAGs #1

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 31st January, 2017

Publisher: Rennie Road Books

Cover design by Sarah Hansen

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Hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning’s life. Already the family screw-up, she can’t afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It was wrong, and there will not be a repeat. Absolutely not. Even if he is the sexiest thing on two legs.

Blake Riley sees the wedding as fate’s gift to him. Jess is the maid of honor and he’s the best man? Let the games begin. So what if he’s facing a little (fine, a lot) of resistance? He just needs to convince the stubborn blonde that he’s really a good boy with a bad rap. Luckily, every professional hockey player knows that you’ve got to make an effort if you want to score.

But Jess has more pressing issues to deal with than sexy-times with a giant man-child. Such as: Will the ceremony start on time, even though someone got grandma drunk? Does glitter ever belong at a wedding? And is it wrong to murder the best man?

Warning: Do not read while sipping hot liquids. Or cold ones. Or while sitting anywhere laughter would be inappropriate. Contains hot but hilarious hockey players, puppies and a snarky pair of underwear.

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4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Rachel & Sharon Thérèse

It is no secret we are huge ice hockey fans which is mainly down to reading Elle and Sarina’s amazing stories. They’ve really spoilt and amused us with such fantastic characters! We adore every single one of them, however; if we had to choose, Wes and Jamie would have to be our favourites.  Although this is not their story per se, it’s a spin off following from the ‘Him’ series (m/m). Although this can be read as a standalone, we highly recommend reading the previous books too, so you don’t miss out!

This story is about Jess who is Jamie’s baby sister and Blake, one of Jamie’s and Wes’s besties. Wow, did they have some fun and games! We caught a glimpse of them in the ‘Him’ series and were thrilled when we heard they were getting a book their own. As you can tell, we were greedy for more!

“Blake Riley is on the premises, and my blood pressure doubles.”

Jess is at her point in her life when she has finally decided what she wants to do! She’s flitted around doing various job’s but can never settle and finish what she’s started. After taking care of her ill brother, she’s decided she wants to be a nurse. Her family are very dubious what with her track record, so you can’t really blame them; however, she’s determined to prove them wrong, knuckle down and achieve something meaningful. She feels she has big shoes to fill with her successful siblings and wants to make them proud of her. What she doesn’t need is a distraction, but she’s not quite banked on a certain fun loving hockey player! They’ve had their one night stand and Jess took that for what is was, just a one-time thing. After all, he’s an NHL hockey player in more ways than one! (pun intended)

“Aren’t you going to tuck me in?”

“You’re a big boy.”

“I sure am. You probably remember pretty well, because I’m unforgettable.”

Blake loves life! He has an established and successful career in hockey, which he adores, and together with great friends and family, he’s living the dream. He’s also chuffed with the added ‘extras’… shall we say the fame and fortune that being a superstar hockey player affords him. He’s loud, fiercely protective of his loved ones and humorous to boot. He has no interest in a long term relationship after a particular painful experience with his ex-fiancé.  After getting his fingers well and truly burnt he’s giving love a miss but he finds himself undoubtedly drawn to Jess which really does thrown him a curveball! He’s well aware Jess has something to prove and doesn’t want to hinder in any way; in fact, some of the sweetest moments in this read is when he helps her. Ahhhh, Blake, we fell hook, line and sinker. We are suckers for a lovable guy with a huge heart!

“We’re more than friends, Jessie.”

“Blake ….”

“But no worries, I’ll just sit tight until you figure that out.”

The attraction between these two is apparent from the very beginning and although these two aren’t what you would say, in a  conventional relationship, (more like a friends with benefits arrangement) for us, is very much was!  At times we could’ve banged their heads together! Will or won’t they play out through some very entertaining chapters and bore us? No… our interest was well and truly held throughout.

“I’m disgustingly weak. And he’s so disgustingly sexy.”

We have to say we are massive angst fans in our reads and although it wasn’t full to the brim, it didn’t bother us one little bit! Taking into consideration the age of these characters, it wouldn’t have been fitting and cheapened their story making it too drama filled! Don’t get us wrong. This book has its moments, but they were on the passionate and tender side and to fully appreciate this wonderful story, we highly recommend you read it! Elle and Sarina, the story you gave us was predictably fabulous! As always, your books never fail to delight and entertain us. Bravo!  


STAY (WAGs #2) coming mid-June!



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Meet the Authors

Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

The Ivy Years is her bestselling series. Centered around the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college, The Year We Fell Down began breaking hearts in March, 2014. There are three novels and a novella in the series so far. Click here for The Ivy Years  updates.

For lovers of angsty snowboarding heroes, Sarina also writes the Gravity series! Coming in From the Cold features a downhill ski racer and one of the most unique plot conflicts in contemporary romance today. Falling From the Sky is book #2, about a freestyle snowboarder who nearly loses his life in the halfpipe.

Sarina enjoys skiing, coffee products and a nice glass of wine. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.


A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle writes romantic suspense and erotic contemporary romance for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!


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