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The whole stethoscope-and-white coat thing isn’t my cup of tea.

I prefer a man with an artistic vein in his body. 9 – 5 hours. And I can definitely do without the half-lidded, sleepy bedroom eyes. (Okay, so those are kind of sexy.)

Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t change the fact that he’s arrogant, cocky, and rude.

Not that I care, but he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with a quirky girl like me, which is why he said no.

Turns out no isn’t an option.

I have a quickie wedding to plan, and Dr. Jake Kissinger doesn’t have a choice. He looks at our situation like he’s stuck with me, but in reality I’m stuck with him. Stuck with his pouty mouth. His long, lean body. And stuck with those loose, low riding scrub pants. (Okay, so the doctor thing is growing on me.)

When spending time together turns into more than it should, I know I’m in trouble.

He isn’t supposed to make my heart pound.

I’m not supposed to make him look twice.

And we aren’t supposed to spend the night together. (Okay, so he has more than one artistic vein in his body, and other places.)

Falling for him is definitely a mistake.

Here’s the thing…

Jake is unavailable, and I know it.
Just not in the way you might think.

I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


By Kim Karr
Copyright 2017

If a barn could be magical, this one was definitely enchanting.

I was in a daze as I looked around. The rafters. The tables. The river. They all seemed to sparkle with a light I wanted to capture.

“Isn’t that right, sweetie?” The voice was deep and husky, but I was in my own world imaging what I could do with a place like this and not paying any attention.

An elbow nudged me, and it wasn’t until then that I realized I was sweetie.


Seriously, the man with the DR before his name couldn’t find something a little sexier in his vocabulary to call me? Sugarcakes. Honeypie. Cookie, even.

“What’s that Chocolate Cake?” I smiled big and wide when I said it. Obviously, he was giving this little show all he had, so I figured I might as well, too.

Ignoring my taunt, Jake draped an arm around my chair just as Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” came bellowing through the speakers.

When his fingertips brushed my shoulder, I wasn’t listening to the beat of the music though because butterflies took flight in my belly, and lower. I had to remind myself that this was part of the show, but still, I found myself having to squeeze my thighs together to sooth the ache his touch had ignited.

“I was just telling George how much you love to dance. Especially square dance,” he said.

I had been reaching for my water, and I practically spilled it when he said that. Was he out of his ever-loving mind? I didn’t know a thing about country dancing other than the fact that the word do-si-do had something to do with it.

I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. “Yes, big boy, I do like to dance, but you know I prefer to watch you line dance because you’re so great at it. Besides, don’t forget, I did hurt my ankle not that long ago.”

His grin was beyond wicked. “You can be a klutz sometimes, but I seem to recall you assuring me your ankle was absolutely fine, and after I checked it out, I did concur with your self-diagnosis.”

Ethel tapped George on the shoulder, and when he looked at her, she whispered something in his ear.

“Did you say you wanted to dance, Jules?” George asked me over the music.

Before I could say no, George was on his feet and standing beside me with his hand extended. “Would you do me the honor of having this dance with me?”

Like I could say no now.

He really was so sweet. Dr. Kiss, on the other hand, well he was the devil reincarnated. “I’d be delighted,” I said and glared at Jake as I stood.

“Have fun, Sweetie,” Jake grinned.

I bent to whisper in his ear. “While I’m gone, do you think you could come up with something to call me that doesn’t make you sound like you might be George’s age.”

He narrowed that blue-eyed stare at me.

Satisfied with that, I pivoted around and didn’t look back.

The bridesmaids, in their short, peach dresses and cowboy boots, were having a blast stomping their feet and clapping their hands all while shaking their behinds and pressing their thumbs into their sides.

How on earth were George and I going to dance to this?

Thank God just when we reached the center of the dance floor, the music changed, and Tim McGraw’s voice came overhead. As Tim sang about how no one ever made him feel the way she did, George and I stepped into position.

He took my hands and started to move, ballroom style. This type of dancing I knew how to do. “So,” he said, “When are you and Jake planning on getting hitched?”

Up until now, I had been able to twist what I said so it didn’t sound like a blatant lie, but this question was pretty straightforward. “We haven’t decided yet.”

Which was true. In fact, we hadn’t decided a lot. Like as a starting point, if we were friends or enemies.

“I noticed you ain’t wearing a ring. He not gotten you one yet?”

“That’s complicated,” I answered.

And it was. He hadn’t gotten me one and he never would because he didn’t even like me, and after tonight, I was fairly certain he wouldn’t be able to stand me.

“Well, he’s a good man. Give him some time. He’ll come around.”

Yes, he’d come around all right. Come around to telling me I was fired, which reminded me of Finn.

Where had he gotten his information?

I leaned back. “Is Labor Day weekend available for a wedding?”

George started to laugh. “You’ll give the man a heart attack if you make him move that fast.”

“Oh, I know, but just in case, is it?”

“As a matter of fact, it might be. A lad called here today inquiring about it though, and I told him to come up and see the place before I reserved it for him. Since he ain’t shown, I reckon it could be yours.”

“Good to know.” I winked.

He raised a curious brow.

I shrugged. “Just in case.”

Yes, just in case I decided to come clean. And just in case I could figure out how this place was suitable for Rory. But even as I thought it, I knew it wasn’t.

I nearly missed a step when I caught a glimpse of Jake leaning against the wall, watching us.

He threw me off, and I had to order myself to tune back into George for the remainder of the dance. My lack of focus had to cease right now because the bottom line was that at the moment I couldn’t allow myself to be thrown off course.

When the music ended, I stepped back and curtsied.

“Thanks for indulging me.” George gave my hand a squeeze. “You and the Doc are really quite a couple.”

“Thank you,” I told him, but I knew I should have been correcting him instead. I hated the lie, but I couldn’t undo it now, nor could I stop what he was doing. George had signaled Jake over, and he had started to move.

All tall, dark, and handsome, he strutted my way with a cat that ate the canary grin on his face. I wanted to wipe it away—with my lips.

No, I didn’t mean that.

“It’s your turn,” George told him.

“Oh, but he only likes to line dance,” I said.

George laughed like it was a joke and strode toward his Ethel, who had started clearing the buffet table.

“May I?” Jake asked, all debonair-like.

“I don’t know, may you?”

He shook his head. “Just give me your hands, will you? I’d hate to ruin George and Ethel’s night by admitting this was all a ruse.”

“Grrr…You are so frustrating,” I said offering my hands.

He laced his fingers in mine and drew me close. “Did you just growl?”

With a frown, I placed my hands on his shoulders. “I did no such thing.”

His hands fit my waist like they were made for me. “Yes, you did. And smile, they’re looking at us.”

Forcing myself to keep the corners of my mouth tilted upwards was very difficult because I could barely breathe when he slid his thigh between mine.

The crowd surged around us, and just like that, I forgot this wasn’t real. We were aligned thigh-to-thigh, belly-to-belly. If I turned my head, our mouths would be close enough to kiss.

Silly thought.

We moved together, and when my hands slid from his shoulder to cup the back of his neck, the edges of his soft brown hair tickled my knuckles. The heat of his skin was almost too much, as was the feel of his body so close to mine.

When his fingers splayed against my back and lingered there, I could have sworn the music thumped in the pit of my stomach, my wrists, and especially between my thighs

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He moved closer to me. “I believe it’s called dancing.”

“Are you still acting? Because if you are, George and Ethel are no longer watching us.” I whispered this in his ear.

“Does it matter?” he answered back, and when he did his breath caressed my ear.

“Do you want it to?”

He pulled back to look into my eyes, his smile less bemused and his gaze bright. “Do you always answer a question with a question?”

“Only when…I’m talking to you.” My hesitation sounded coy, but I hadn’t meant it to. Scared of something, but no idea what of, I said, “This place isn’t that bad. It just needs some more sparkle.”


“Yes, like crystal chandeliers hanging from the beams.”

He chuckled. “I don’t think crystal chandeliers are George and Ethel’s style.”

“No,” I said. “We should probably go. You were right to begin with, this place isn’t appropriate for your sister’s wedding.”

All of a sudden, the music ended, and before I could say another word, I was being pushed into a very grabby crowd of women.

Oh, no! The bouquet toss.

I had to get out of here. I bent down and crawled around, through, and practically under, a number of jumping cowboy boots.




Rushing out of the side of the crowd, I stood up, and I could hardly believe it when the bouquet landed at my feet.

Without thinking, I picked it up to throw it back into the crowd, but it was too late.

“Oh Jules, you caught it.” It was Ethel, and she was escorting me to the front of the room. When I saw George leading Jake there as well, I wanted to end this charade.

It was too much to handle.

Having him so close was too much to handle.

He was too much to handle.

George and Ethel pushed us both together, and all of the girls started chanting, “Seal the deal. Seal the deal.”

“What are they talking about?” Jake muttered.

“Kiss her, Doc,” George clarified for me, and before either of us could step away from each other, George and Ethel were once again pushing us together.

I landed against Jake’s hard chest. My mouth flew open in surprise, and a small sigh escaped. My lips were so close to his. Tantalizingly close. I wanted to close the distance so very much.

He was breathing heavy, and I could see the muscle twitch at his temple, witness how tight his jaw was. Everything about him screamed he was holding himself back.

We were both losing that battle though.

Whether out of obligation, pressure, or need, his mouth came crashing down over mine, in the hardest, heated, and most demanding way.

Oh, God, I wanted this.

Wanted him.

Especially when his tongue pushed inward, hot and sensual. It glided over mine as he licked at the roof of my mouth and swirled around my tongue in the most erotic dance.

His lips were so soft.

His mouth so hot.

His possession unlike any I’d ever experienced.

I could hear the catcalls, but ignored them all because he wasn’t simply kissing me, he wasn’t just sealing the deal, he was devouring me.

In that moment, any other man I’d ever kissed faded away.

No one had ever kissed me this way.


Meet Kim:

Kim Karr is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.

She grew up in Rochester, NY and now lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She’s always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, she wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. She went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise her family. Kim currently works part-time with her husband and recently decided to embrace one of her biggest passions–writing.

Kim wears a lot of hats! Writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all around go-to person of her family. However, she always finds time to read. One of her favorite family outings was taking her kids when they were little to the bookstore or the library. Today, Kim’s oldest child is seventeen and no longer goes with her on these, now rare and infrequent, outings. She finds that she doesn’t need to go on them anymore because she has the greatest device ever invented–a Kindle.

Kim likes to believe in soul mates, kindred spirits, true friends, and Happily-Ever-Afters. She loves to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart.

Connect with Kim

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | Newsletter

Vertical photo of young lovers kissing





Title: Spiral of Bliss

Series: The Complete Boxed Set

Author: Nina Lane

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 26th December, 2017

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The professor and his beauty…

From an exhilarating crush to the intensities of marriage, Liv and Dean West embark on a passionate lifelong journey together. As the medieval history professor and his beloved wife face both personal challenges and painful battles, they never lose sight of the hope, humor, and devotion that belong only to them.

Liv and Dean’s everlasting romance will melt your heart, turn you on, and enchant you with the power of a love to end all loves.

This set includes all seven Spiral of Bliss books and a bonus short story:

ADVENT (short story)


Butterfly on Apple iOS 11.2


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

Having previously read most of the full-length novels in this series, I didn’t have to think twice about one-clicking the complete boxed set. And ooh boy, am I pleased I did! Nina Lane has developed two unforgettable characters whose passion for each other turned my world upside down and inside out. Their sensitivity and sensuality leaps off the pages, their highs and lows so realistic, knocked the socks off me.


I first read this book four years ago and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the original storyline. This time around, it was like watching a movie for the second time. You know…all those little details you think you might have missed but come flowing back. Dean and Liv have been married for three years and are deliriously happy together; however, when a delicate subject is discussed, it puts their marital status quo in jeopardy. Also, Liv feels that Dean hasn’t been totally honest with her. I thought many of her doubts were because of her insecurities which I couldn’t possibly criticize considering what she’d been through. So whether Dean intentionally misled her or not is for your to discover; however, it was made clear to me that all he wants is to protect the woman he adores, the woman who’s his raison d’être. How they deal with this issue and more is exactly what Arouse is about.


I learnt a lot about this perfectly flawed couple in Arouse. Yet, having picked up on subtle hints in Arouse, I wasn’t in the least surprised when a problem of a different sort reared its ugly head, causing much unrest. Family conflicts are also the source of misunderstandings that need dealing with, but Dean’s wife is his beauty and although he’s still overly protective of her, Liv wants him to share his fears, bare his soul and trust her judgement. How could he not seeing as hers is a generous heart! I can’t say how much I loved their humour, their little-huge tokens of love and their reminiscences. The banter combined with backstory told from dual points of view is quite mind-blowing and I couldn’t wait for more!          

ADVENT: #2.5 (Bonus short story)

Goodness me, the title for this short but very titillating read couldn’t have been more apt! If I loved this couple in Arouse and Allure, their gorgeousness made me fall even harder for them whilst they shared their first Xmas together. Floved Liv’s pressie to her hubby, the professor, and wish I could say more but I’d spoil it for you.


Theirs isn’t just any kind relationship. They yearn for each other’s company, the chemistry between them is a palpable magnetism and written in such a way, it’s not only believable, but also highly emotional. Life’s learning curve makes them stronger and even more responsive if that were ever possible. That being said and I’m certainly not complaining, they do have a habit of solving their differences in the bedroom. Ooh my word, the scenes are nothing less than erotically explosive, breathtaking and beautifully narrated! The professor…Liv’s soulmate, her yin to his yang, has the challenge of a lifetime which of course, I can’t possibly mention. Despite his ‘beauty’ being there for him through thick and thin, she needs alone time to confront her past which showed me how self-assured she’d become. Dean is as always, chivalrous and learning to share his innermost feelings with her. Wow, wait for the ending folks. I sobbed my heart out!         


Arrive is a little gem of a novella, its seven chapters complimenting Awaken to a tee. If you like the element of surprise, I’d suggest not reading the blurb…mind you, the title and collage book cover does give it away a tad!  The author takes the reader on an emotionally touching journey that comes alive, that you’ll never forget. I’ve tried my hardest throughout this series’ review not to let on certain happenings since I really want you to enjoy it to the full. What I will say is Lane’s gone above and beyond in Arrive and left me in awe of her descriptive writing.    

BREAK THE SKY: #5 (Spinoff)

This was the first book I’d read by Lane and not only was it a joy rereading, but I’d also found out that Break the Sky was a continuation of the Spiral of Bliss series. I can assure you my reading enjoyment was hindered in the slightest. Manwhore extraordinaire, Archer West, steps into the scenario and tries to make amends with his estranged brother, Dean. We meet up with Kelsey once again who’s going to kick ass, hidden secrets are revealed and did she drive me round the bend or what! But I couldn’t help connecting to her. She’s irresistibly irritable, made me laugh out loud with her lightening-speed responses and I completely understood that past events which will haunt her right up until the present, would mould her character. 


I can’t reiterate how much I adore all the books in the Spiral of Bliss series. Dean is just as gorgeous and as always, puts his family before his career. But in Adore, Lane has changed the tone to fit this couple’s everyday trials and tribulations. New opportunities are on the horizon for Dean. Highly respected by colleagues in his field, it was a matter of time before he’d receive the recognition deserved. However, things aren’t how they used to be at home. It seemed to me Liv was having trouble achieving a work-life balance with other personal obligations, consequently putting stress on their married life. Observing how Dean and Liv look for solutions and find more time for each other was a joy in itself, but when my interest was aroused in the epilogue, I couldn’t help but dive straight into Always.


Now then, this book and the short story had escaped me and one of the reasons I one-clicked the whole series. I was convinced their journey had come to end, so you can imagine how gutted I felt when Dean whose lion-heart has never wavered, shatters into a million pieces. Faced with the biggest challenge of his life, I thanked all the deities he’d made peace with Archer who would play a crucial part in a story so heartbreaking, a man-sized hankie handy won’t be enough!  All I can say is there is light at the end of the tunnel for the professor and his beauty.

Lane is an exceptionally good writer. She gives you all the feels; makes her unique characters come vividly to life, gives you the rough with the smooth and constantly holds the reader’s attention by adding banter in just the right scenarios in a plot easy to relate to. I plot which I have said before, original. Despite the perfect timing, it is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the professor, his beauty, Archer, Kelsey, family and friends. Bravo Ms Lane!


Butterfly on Apple iOS 11.2


Spiral of Bliss: The Complete Series is now available!



Butterfly on Apple iOS 11.2


Meet Nina 

AuthorPictureNew York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances and spicy erotica. Originally from California, she holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization. She also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she’s that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer.

Follow Nina

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Website | Goodreads | Amazon

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Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick

Title: Carnival

Series: A Standalone Story in The Traveling Series

Release Date: 26th December, 2017

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AP new - synopsis.jpg
Empty inside, cold in his heart, Zef turned to whisky and drugs to fill the void.

Instead, he ended up with a prison sentence and a new determination to get clean and make something of his life.

Since his release, Zef has been on the road, finding his spiritual home with a traveling carnival and working as a motorcycle stunt rider.

Live fast, live hard, keep moving.

He doesn’t want to be tied down to anyone or anything. Fiercely loyal, the only people he cares about are his brother and his carnie family.

Until a crazy girl who’s run away to join the circus crashes into his world.
But now his old life is catching up with him, and Zef has to choose a new road.

A standalone story, and the last one in the TRAVELING SERIES.




4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

This is the fourth book and final installment to the Travelling series and can be read as a standalone although I would strongly suggest reading the previous books as they are all brilliant.

In this book we get to read Zef’s story, the silent and brooding daredevil who’s had his share of ups and downs, the most recent one finding out that his long distance relationship has ended. I have always admired this author’s style of writing; she digs deep through the carnie life and makes the reader feel as if they are living inside the book. One gets all the glorious details, the interesting family dynamics and hierarchy within the carnies and the business aspects of it.

When Sara, the eighteen year old stowaway joins their group, Zef’s life became more interesting. Their friendship slowly grows into something special in which the author takes us through their emotions,  Zef’s reluctance in getting involved with Sara because of their fourteen year age gap, and Sara’s hero worship of Zef makes their story a sweet and slow burn romance.

The other couples from the previous books: Kes and Aimee, Luke and Zach, Tucker and Tera and also Zef’s brother Dan with his fiancée Lisanne and the patriarch of the carnie clan Ollo (with Bo his capuchin monkey) who although small in stature is bigger than life; his advice and his wisdom makes his character in this series so special. “The carnival is a place to become the person you could be or should be; a place to start over.”

There was no need for me to reread the previous books because their story all intermingled in this book and once you start reading it all comes back to you.  And this being the last book of the series makes me sad to say goodbye to these very interesting friends. Zef and Sara’s story may not be like Kes and Aimee’s fireworks in the sky type of romance but more like striking a match to light a candle in the dark that slowly and steadily glows and shines through. This final book is the perfect ending to a great series.




It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d landed on my good leg, but I didn’t, and the pain was so intense, my vision went black and all I knew was deafening silence.

I woke up a few seconds later wondering if I’d died and gone to Heaven, because the view was pretty damn good and surely an Angel was watching over me. But as my vision cleared, I realized that Sara was on her knees in the dirt next to me. I think she was screaming, but my ears were ringing so badly, I couldn’t tell.

“…call an ambulance?”

I struggled to sit up, but she held me down by my shoulders.


Kes was next to me, lifting my visor carefully.

“Wait for the paramedics, man.”

Flames of pain were running up from my ankle to my thigh.

“I think I fucked up my knee again,” I groaned.

“Does anything else hurt?”

“Only my pride,” I lied.

Kes grinned and I heard Tucker’s relieved laugh behind me. I squinted up at him.

“Everyone else okay?”

“Yeah, Zef,” he grinned. “We’re all good. You certainly gave the crowd their money’s worth. Can you do that again?”

Then Sara screamed at him.

“Shut up! Shut up! He could have died! He’s hurt! He’s really hurt, and you’re just making a big joke of it!”

And then she burst into tears.

Tucker’s mouth dropped open, stunned into silence. I saw Kes gesturing to Aimee to take Sara away.

“No! I’m not leaving him!”

And she flung herself across my body, gasping and crying. I thought she was going to have a complete meltdown when the paramedics tried to pull her off me.

“Sara, honey,” I gritted out while my whole body felt like it had been run over by a charging rhino, “they’ll do a much better job of getting me onto a stretcher if you climb off of me now.”


She stumbled back, wiping her eyes and nose as I helped the paramedics get me onto the stretcher.

The crowd was on their feet, expressions of interest or horror, depending on how macabre they liked their shows, so I gave them a quick wave and heard applause and cries of relief.

“We’ll see you at the hospital,” Kes called after me.

I gave him a thumbs up, then relaxed back on the stretcher, my knee throbbing like a mofo. Sara was walking next to me, still crying, so I lifted up my gloved hand and she clung onto it as if it would save her from drowning.

But waking up and seeing her sweet face, thinking it felt like Heaven, I wondered if I was the one who was drowning.



AP new -about the author.jpg


Writing is my passion and my obsession. I write every day and I love it. My head is full of stories and characters. I’ll never keep up with all my ideas!

I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day. It’s on those beachside walks that I have all my best ideas.

Writing has become a way of life – and one that I love to share.


Author Links





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Title: Tales From Cushman Row: A Compendium of Love

Author: Suanne Laqueur

Series: Venery

Release Date: December 12th, 2017

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“Come here, you moron.”

For fans of the Venery series, author Suanne Laqueur offers a compendium of love scenes—unpublished chapters, character sketches and assorted reflections about Javier Landes and Steffen Finch. A treat to skim through, skip around and linger over at leisure. Like caviar.

For people who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they will like. Contains adults in adult situations using adult language and a f**k-ton of gratuitous boning. No socks required. Batteries sold separately.

“Why do I like when you call me a moron,” Jav said.
Stef smiled. “Because the moron in me recognizes the moron in you.”


Purchase Links


iTunes | Nook | Kobo | Smashwords  


Order Signed Copies

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Rachel 

It’s no secret amongst my book buddies the Venery series is one of my all-time favourites so when I heard Laqueur was releasing a Compendium book of deleted and alternative storylines for A Charm of Finches, I admit I was a little torn. Why you may ask; because for me the stories she wrote couldn’t be any more perfect. I thought these extras would dilute my feelings or at the very least, make me think differently about the characters she made me fall in love with. Nonetheless, held in my hands was more of Jav and Stef and I simply couldn’t pass up that chance once again to immerse myself in their world and maybe fall even deeper in love!

“I’ll hold your trust in my hands like it’s the best gift I’ve ever been given.”

What I really enjoyed about this book is that the author explains before each chapter why scenes were cut which gave you a deeper insight into her incredible writing. As readers, I think we sometimes take for granted the words which appear before us. It’s very obvious from the notes she provided she lived and breathed these characters. In fact, I think she should make an appointment with Stef! Or maybe read some Nietzsche as she recommends in the introduction.

“I love when you’re raw. I love when you’re sweet. I love when you talk dirty and I love when you cry. I love all of it.”

My main concern was I would read scenes where Jav and Stef were experiencing difficulties in their lives. Knowing Jav’s back story gave me reason for concern. However, the scenes I read just confirmed how absolutely perfectly matched they were. Jav’s endearing vulnerability came through more but it was matched equally with Stef’s love, patience and his sensitivity. I have to say some of the extra scenes in this book were beyond hot and intense.

“You know you have more of me than anyone else ever has.”

“I know. I’ll be really careful with it.”

If you’ve read and enjoyed the Venery books and feel you didn’t quite enough of Jav and Stef, and also a few others of these lovable characters, then I highly recommend reading this collection of scenes. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the author for sharing your notes with us. Ms Laqueur, I took your advice and found this quote which I think sums up the series perfectly…. “To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” A favourite quote by the man himself.


Start reading the Venery Series TODAY!



Amazon Purchase Links

An Exaltation of Larks: U.S | U.K | CANADA | AUSTRALIA

KFF’s 6 ★ Review

A Charm of Finches: U.S | U.K | CANADA | AUSTRALIA

KFF’s 6 ★ review


Author Bio

suanne-laqueurA former professional dancer and teacher, Suanne Laqueur has gone from choreographing music to choreographing words. Her goal is to create a new kind of emotionally-intelligent romance that appeals to the passions of all readers, crossing gender, age and genre.

Laqueur’s debut novel The Man I Love won a gold medal in the 2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards and was named Best Debut in the Feathered Quill Book Awards. Her follow-up novel, Give Me Your Answer True, was also a gold medal winner at the 2016 RFBA.

Laqueur graduated from Alfred University with a double major in dance and theater. She taught at the Carol Bierman School of Ballet Arts in Croton-on-Hudson for ten years. An avid reader, cook and gardener, she started her blog EatsReadsThinks in 2010. Suanne lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband and two children.

Author Links

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BLOG TOUR ~ TEAM PLAYER: A Sports Romance Anthology

Eleven authors. Eleven Novellas. This is one thick . . . book.

Christmas just became a whole lot merrier…

TEAM PLAYER, A Christmas Anthology featuring titles by LJ Shen, Kennedy Ryan, Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, Emma Scott, Charleigh Rose, Ella Fox, Sara Ney, Meghan Quinn, Kate Stewart and Rochelle Paige is LIVE!


Publication Date: December 14th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary/Sports Romance

Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Add to your TBR 

Hot jocks. We love them all.

Sexy baseball players. Intense footballers. Sweaty MMA fighters, and sizzling hockey hotties. Score!

The good news? Eleven bestselling authors have gathered to give you a set of stories focused on the men we love most—sports heroes. We bet you’ll love this thick…book.

The bad news? The men in these novellas don’t actually exist.

*This anthology does not contain calories, just eleven original, never-before-seen stories by the following authors: Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, LJ Shen, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Ella Fox, Kate Stewart, Emma Scott, and Sara Ney. We aren’t responsible for melted devices.

Read Today!

(FREE in Kindle Unlimited)

Amazon U.SAmazon Universal


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

Yard Sale by Charleigh Rose

A fun, sexy and quick read. Cam a professional snowboarder hooks up with Mollie who is in a fake relationship with Tucker to appease their families. Mollie and Cam had a one night stand. A few months later they meet again and surprise, surprise! This pair’s story is so steaming hot it’s enough to melt the snow in Aspen. (Rating: 3.5 stars)

Sin Bin by Mandi Beck

This is a light-hearted and fast paced hockey romance written in alternative points of view. Joshua and Stella’s story started as a four night stand. They met and sparks fly, had a wild weekend and went their separate ways. Six months later they bump into each other and he’s in for a big surprise. Will he own up to his new responsibility? She’s a college student and he’s a professional hockey player I do hope they get it sorted out. (Rating: 4 stars)

Sweeping the Series by Kate Stewart

This angsty second chance romance features a baseball pro and a wary PR executive. Ren and Erica met by chance and it was love at first sight. It was baseball that got them together but it also tore them apart. He thought she felt the same but he didn’t realise that her problems with the game ran deeper. A few years later and they were thrown in together. Some questions need to be answered and someone needs to forgive. (Rating: 4.5 stars)

Full Court Press by Kennedy Ryan

This short romance is written in dual points of view. A former NBA player and a successful sportscaster meet for an interview in the locker rooms. He liked her but she wasn’t impressed. Ten years later they meet again. Avery and Decker’s story is a steamy and bumpy ride of an emotional rollercoaster that will break your heart but there just might be a silver lining for them if Avery opens up to Decker and let him in. (Rating: 4.5 stars)

Out of Formation by Ella Fox

This is a sweet romance featuring a former NFL player and a cheerleader. Elena has had a crush on Colin since she was eight years old. Even with the age gap between these two there’s no denying they were meant for each other. Their relationship will make you swoon and melt your heart. (Rating: 4.5 stars)

Slapped Into Love by Rochelle Paige

A light-hearted romance between a hockey pro and an Olympic medallist speed skater. Tamara and Ryan’s story starts with a one night stand, she was gone when he woke up. This pair’s drive for excellence in their respective sports parallels their steamy and hot romps in bed that will not only warm the cockles of your heart but also melt your knickers. A totally enjoyable read, you don’t want to miss it! (Rating: 4 stars)

Back In The Game by Meghan Quinn

I have always loved this author’s funny rom-com stories. Calder is a pro hockey player, a single parent to five year old Shea and the love of his life. Rachel is a kindergarten teacher who is as sassy as they get. One good thing about a short story is it cuts out all the drama and BS and gets right down to the meat of the story. Two people who fall in love fast and have a go at it. Super fun to read! (Rating: 5 stars)

One Good Man by Emma Scott

Wow! I am totally blown away by this very emotional love story of Adrian, a French footballer and Janey, an American student journalist that will surely touch your heart. Told in dual points of view this well written narrative captures the essence of Janey and Adrian’s journey through the 70s, the world reeling from the effects of the war in Vietnam, the soldiers and their families. Vivid images of two countries: America and France amidst the backdrop of French football league with exceptional characters is what you get from this fantastic novella. A short but powerful story, packs a punch! (Rating: 5 stars)

Switch Hitter by Sara Ney

When Lucy, Amelia’s identical twin asked her to bail her out from her date with Dash, a baseball player in their school Amelia didn’t have any choice but to agree with the switch. After all they have done this a few times when they were younger. Little did she know that she’d fall for Dash and some things get a tiny bit complicated. This young adult romance of Dash and Amelia is fun and sweet. Told in alternating points of view, this young couple is perfectly matched. (Rating: 4 stars)

End Zone by L.J. Shen

This is a childhood friends to lovers romance written in alternating points of view. Reading this author’s angsty novella makes you wish there was more because I felt like a passenger in a speeding car looking out the window watching Sage and Jolie’s life on a blur. Sage is the star quarterback of the school and Jolie his best friend since they were little is also his roommate. This well written romance captures their budding friendship which later on develops into deeper love when they grow up.  This is a great short story about young love. (Rating: 5 stars)

This anthology is a great collection of different stories, just perfect for a lazy weekend of binge reading. The stories will make you feel emotional, make you smile and you have a bit of a laugh at the antics of some characters. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy! Over all rating: (5 stars)

Meet the authors:

LJ Shen

L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

Connect with LJ Shen:

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Website | Goodreads | Amazon

Stay up to date with LJ Shen by signing up for her mailing list:

Kennedy Ryan:

Kennedy Ryan is a Southern girl gone Southern California. A Top 100 Amazon Bestseller, Kennedy writes romance about remarkable women who find a way to thrive even in tough times, the love they find, and the men who cherish them.

She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son. She has always leveraged her journalism background to write for charity and non-profit organizations, but enjoys writing to raise Autism awareness most. A contributor for Modern Mom Magazine, Kennedy’s writings have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, USA Today and many others. The founder and executive director of a foundation serving Georgia families living with Autism, Kennedy has appeared on Headline News, Montel Williams, NPR and other outlets as a voice for families living with autism.

Connect with Kennedy

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Adriana Locke:

 A contemporary romance author running on coffee and sticky kisses from my rowdy four little boys.

From Indiana, I’m a true Mid-Westerner. Life, for me, is about family, faith, and food. When I’m not running my kiddos around or having a lunch date of fajitas with my husband (and high school sweetheart), you can find me outside. I love a good sunny day almost as much as I love candy, random quotes, and steamy bad boys in fantastic books.

I’m on nearly every social media platform. Please find me on the ones you frequent – I love chatting with readers.

Connect with Adriana

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Mandi Beck:

Mandi Beck has been an avid reader all of her life. A deep love for books always had her jotting down little stories on napkins, notebooks, and her hand. As an adult she was further submerged into the book world through book clubs and the epicness of social media. It was then that she graduated to writing her stories on her phone and then finally on a proper computer.

A nursing student, mother to two rambunctious and somewhat rotten boys, and stepmom to two great girls away at college, she shares her time with her husband in Chicago where she was born and raised. Mandi is a diehard hockey fan and blames the Blackhawks when her deadlines are not met.

Connect with Mandi

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Emma Scott:

I write romances with flawed characters, characters with artistic hearts: builders, poets, and writers of various makes and models. I love to write book lovers; those who have found refuge, companionship, and escape in books, much as we do in real life. I like realism, honesty, authenticity in storytelling. I love to write about enduring love, soul-deep love, in as real a setting as I can make, but with big smooshy HEAs. I believe in diversity, open-mindedness, and inclusion. I like sweetness mixed with steam, love conquering all, and above all, hope. Love always wins.

Connect with Emma

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Charleigh Rose:

We are a duo of an international best-selling author and a blogger who teamed up to write the taboo, thought-provoking stories we want our audience to have–without filters.

Both Charleigh and Rose are committed to giving you witty, sexy, intelligent novels that will leave you wanting more.

Connect with Charleigh

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Ella Fox:

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

Connect with Ella

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Sara Ney:

Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

Connect with Sara

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Meghan Quinn:


Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Meghan has grown into a sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She is known to bust out and dance if “It’s Raining Men” starts beating through the air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they may be humped.

Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with the cheaper option and started writing… enter her first novel, Caught Looking.

​Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores, wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife. Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

Connect with Meghan

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Kate Stewart:

Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it’s what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things ’80s and ’90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.

Connect with Kate

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Rochelle Paige:

Rochelle Paige is the Amazon bestselling author of nineteen books. She absolutely adores reading and her friends growing up used to tease her when she trailed after them, trying to read and walk at the same time. She loves stories with alpha males, sassy heroines, hot sex and happily ever afters. She is a bit of a genre hopper in both her reading and her writing. So far she’s written books in several romance sub-genres including new adult, contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense.

She is the mother of two wonderful sons who inspired her to chase her dream of being an author. She wants them to learn from her that you can live your dream as long as you are willing to work for it.

Connect with Rochelle

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Title: The Man in the Black Suit

Author: Sylvain Reynard

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 19th December, 2017

Cover Design: Heather Carrier Designs

PR: Nina Bocci

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Acacia Santos excels at her job as concierge at the prestigious Hotel Victoire in Paris. When her superior, Marcel, is attacked in a supposed random mugging, she is tasked with serving one of the hotel’s most mysterious and attractive guests.

Nicholas Cassirer checks into the hotel under an assumed name every three months. Usually, he stays in the penthouse suite with a beautiful female companion but on this occasion, he arrives alone and is displeased in having to deal with someone new. A match of wits ensues as he tests Acacia’s expertise with a series of almost impossible demands. Her intelligence and creativity rise to the challenge, earning his respect.

They strike a tenuous accord until Acacia discovers a famous stolen painting in his suite, she contacts a former boyfriend who works for the elite BRB, a unit of French law enforcement that deals with art thefts.

Nicholas is questioned by police and released when it is revealed the painting is a reproduction. Irked with her behavior, Acacia’s supervisor demotes her threatening dismissal and the cancellation of her work permit.

But Acacia has already attracted Nicholas’s attention. Remorseful that she may lose her job on his account, he offers her a choice – she can wait until her supervisor dismisses her, or she can leave the city of lights behind and become his personal assistant.

Acacia initially refuses his offer, but Nicholas is persistent. He reveals himself as a man who quietly acquires stolen art in order to restore it to its rightful owners. Faced with mounting familial debts and the possibility of dismissal and deportation, she agrees to work for him.

Nicholas opens up a whole new world of beauty and intrigue to Acacia as they travel the globe. Soon the line between employer and assistant is blurred, and the two lonely people embark on a passionate relationship.




 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Rachel & Sharon Thérèse

“Art is for everyone, but without access, it becomes elitist.” 

The Man in a Black Suit is an exceptionally good read for various reasons. Staccato sentences used in the intriguing prologue become a rhythmic sequence of words instantly capturing our attention. Also, the pace of this story kept us on edge in a standalone novel which is so much more than a romance. Mystery and suspense flow non-stop; sublime character development and remarkable dialogue in just the right places, (yeah, we’re suckers for it), couldn’t have been better. Were we able to put this book down? No…we read it in one sitting! Disconnect from daily humdrum? Absolutely! To give you an idea of the plot without letting on, Reynard has touched on delicate world issues in an extremely realistic manner. He unleashed his storytelling abilities through a nail-biting narrative, respecting our beliefs and opinions regarding the difficult times we live in, and all we can do is categorise his writing as masterful. And before we go any further, the cover has to be mentioned. In keeping with the author’s other book covers, this one is no less elegant, eye-catching and as always, manages to capture the feel.

“We create something together we don’t have apart.” 

Reynard’s heros and heroines love hard, are vocally expressive with their sentiments and desires, so therefore it was of no surprise for us to find his protagonists truly lovable. Regardless of the difference in their cultural backgrounds which we have to add, refreshingly innovative, he hit home—made them come alive in our sitting room, made us root for them.

“You’re beautiful and charming and good.”
“Don’t put me on a pedestal. I’ll fall.”
“I’ve got you Acacia.”

Nicolas Cassirer didn’t keep us guessing for long, Acacia Santos was for us, a tad enigmatic seeing as her past wasn’t clear until well into the read. But even when thrown into the most complex of situations, her actions spoke louder than words. Both are talented, strong-minded and both are on par with each other. Of course, we didn’t find out how she’d acquired her many talents straightaway. Once the story unravels, all revealed literally left us aghast.

“…. I don’t want anything from you.”
“Perhaps that’s why I want to give you everything.”
“You are the only one who never wanted anything from me.”

Never acting in haste, Nicholas has a vengefully well-thought-out plan. His reasons for taking such a dangerous path are comprehensible, heartbreaking and open up in a world of art taking the reader on a journey across the globe. He fiercely believes in an ‘eye for an eye’, but little did he know who or what he’d be up against. Much to Acacia’s concern and of her own doing, she’s caught up in the crossfire putting her career in jeopardy. Ahh, but as you will see, this woman is not just your ordinary concierge.

“I’m a concierge, not a saint.”
“Nor am I, mademoiselle, I assure you.”

We adored the references to certain works of art, artifacts and relics that had us consulting their accuracy. We shouldn’t have been worried though. Reynard’s forte is without a doubt, detail. Not only does he know what he’s talking about but more important, makes the reader want to know more about cities visited, countries’ cultures, understandings and religious tendencies. If only we could overcome disputes with such finesse as does he, what a beautiful world it would be!

“You can’t fault an art collector for appreciating beauty.”
“I’m not eager to be collected.”
“If a man were fortunate enough to win you, he’d give away his collection.”

Secondary characters play a huge part and we loved to hate them…or not! As did Acacia, we had to gain our own perspectives and not dwell on certain incidents which took place! Ooh, and we mustn’t forget the steamingly hot scenes. Reynard held back in The Man in the Black Suit just enough to get us wondering whether or not their attraction for each other was going to flower into something more. Playing the waiting game is his style; was it worth it…boy oh boy, a definite yes! We can’t recommend this read enough. It has everything and more besides and for us, is a must one-click. Bravo Sr Reynard!



Meet SR

I’m interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition – particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House. For more information, see my Charities page.

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