RELEASE BLITZ ~ CALLING TIME                                                by K A SANDS

KFF are so excited to present to you K A Sands all-new novel, CALLING TIME


Title: Calling Time

Author: K A Sands

Series: The Razer Series Book One

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 18th December, 2017

Cover Design: K A Sands

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Life can change in a split second, a minute moment, an infinite hour.

For Laura Hamilton, her split second lasted 2,880 minutes. 48 hours to be exact. She barely escaped with her life. With a body full of scars and a heart full of hurt, the twenty-nine-year old clothes designer spent the following eight years clouded with grief, believing herself to be too broken to ever see the beauty in her surroundings again.

After a last-ditch attempt to scrape some semblance of her pieces together goes disastrously wrong, Laura’s pushed pin guides her to the sleepy village of Beaufort. No longer content to hide behind her sister, or languish in the depths of her sorrow, she finds a measure of peace among paranoia and fear, carving out an existence she is almost comfortable with.

Laura inadvertently catches the eye of the enigmatic hotelier and newcomer, Lucca Rinaldi. For the first time, her heart begins the slow trip towards letting another man into her life. Passion and pain go hand in hand when the couple finally meet.

Little does she know that Lucca’s history is not so far in the past as he thinks. His troubled affairs follow hot on his heels, bringing scorn and hate back into her fold. When their pasts collide with explosive consequences, Laura’s bitter memories threaten to pull her under when a walking nightmare crashes back into her life, bringing terror along for the ride.

The seconds are counting down – but who gets to call time?

*Please note – suitable for 18+ only due to adult/graphic themes and possible trigger content.

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4.9 Stars

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

This is the second book to the Razer series and continues the story of sisters Laura and Taylor and best friends Lucca and Ryder. This romantic suspense novel is written in multiple points of view.

Calling Time deals with characters that are emotionally damaged, dealing with their horrific past and tackles domestic abuse. A well written story, a tale of love, pain and resilience. This is not your ordinary fluffy feel good kind of romance. Lucca and Laura both have broken pasts. Lucca is trying to deal with his soon to be ex wife, Stella and Laura running from her past and her ex- fiancé.

The relationships amongst the main characters are extensively explored and you grasp the family dynamics between Laura and her sister Taylor, how they rely on each other’s strengths to get them through the trauma of their pasts. Lucca’s close bond with his son Ayden, his best friend Ryder and the toxic relationship with his wife, Stella make you want to dig deeper into his psyche. Why does a person allow things to happen and not do something about it?

This story is fast paced and addresses serious issues that makes you want to psychoanalyse each character. I admire Laura’s new found strength when faced with the monster from her past. Will Laura choose to shed her chains of trauma and embrace a new beginning with Lucca? How does one get rid of a psychotic, vengeful and evil ex?

Some books you can read and skim through quickly and the endings are quite predictable, not this one though. Author KA Sands creates characters and situations in this story that draws you in deeper. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.

Early Feedback

Wow, this book has definitely left me speechless and that doesn’t happen too often!! Calling Time surprised me with its darker element of both of its main characters; Laura and Lucca. ~ Lady Living In Bookland

This book is one you should definitely read, it will keep you glued to the pages from beginning to end, I promise. ~ A Book Lover’s Emporium Book Blog


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After eight long years of running, Taylor Hamilton has had enough of looking over her shoulder.

Tired and emotionally spent, she comes face to face with her past. Walking away had never been her intention. But how can she come back to the man whose heart she broke, right along with her own?

Can Taylor find the home she so desperately craves, without putting those around her at risk?

Can she come home again to the man who promised her forever?

Meet K A

K A Sands is an exciting new author who has a passion for reading and more often than not, can be found with her nose stuck in a book. She loves angsty, dark reads but is not averse to the fun, light hearted side either. Typically, a romance reader, of most genres/sub genres, she loves reading a debut herself. Her passion for the written words goes back to her childhood and she has always dreamed of writing and telling the world her stories.

Not quite a stay at home mum, K A Sands has a busy life which she shares with her husband of twenty-two years and her little monkey boy. Her adult children have flown the coop already, but still manage to come home for ‘mama’s lasagne.’

Avid eater of mayonnaise and chips, anti-get-fitter, lover of cheesy music and a fierce advocate of things close to her heart. She enjoys doing photoshop manipulations and would love to be a whiz using it… maybe one day. She has a bucket list as long as her arm, which includes sky diving and visiting Cambodia. And wants to travel the world.

Great believer in second chances, insta-love (because her love is a product of that), fairy tales and monsters… K A Sands just wants to write all the words for you.

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