REVIEW ~ RECLAIM by Marley Valentine

Title: Reclaim

Series: A Redemption Novel

Author: Marley Valentine

Release Date: March 29, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Artist: PopKitty Design

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Unlike most eighteen year olds, I had the weight of the world on my young shoulders. Desperate to do right by my family, my questionable choices led me to the pits of hell.

Steel bars, three meals a day and no contact with the outside world; regret consumed my every thought. Desperate to pay my penance, forgiveness and a happily ever after wasn’t the plan.

But there she was.

Warm, passionate and unexpected, Emerson Lane was the light at the end of the tunnel. She was all a man like me could want and everything I didn’t deserve.

Redemption wasn’t something I thought I would ever find. Until she found me.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of KFF

Emerson Lane is a Lawyer whose field of work is legal aid namely helping paroled prisoners adjust to life outside and making sure the transition is smooth along with working with the parole officer assigned. Emerson grew up with a family tradition of lawyers who specialise in property law and that was originally the field she was supposed to follow in; however, she soon realised it wasn’t for her much to her family’s disgust who felt it wouldn’t pay the bills and wasn’t worthwhile enough. She is a strong-willed lady with a heart of gold and on a mission to help those that have fallen on the wrong side of tracks.

Jagger Michaels is a  brooding man who has spent the past twelve years in a penitentiary and finds himself up for parole although he isn’t very keen. Whatever it is that got him wound up in, jail preys a heavy burden on his shoulders. He feels so much guilt and thinks he should still be serving time. He paints himself as worthless and not in the slightest good enough to be back in society with any forgiveness for what he did all those years ago.

“Can you do one thing for me please?”
“It’s a bit early to ask for favours isn’t it?”
“Its time to call your family Jagger, get ready to go home.”

There is an instant attraction between the two protagonists but given their positions, it’s hopeless even thinking about it. The chemistry is very palpable and you get to know what each one is thinking with the story being told in dual point of view. Jagger has a brother called Hendrix and he is very different, but an interesting character and the dynamics of their relationship was refreshing considering they had spent so many years apart. Overall, the side characters were a great attribute to the story and while its mainly centred around the two main counterparts, the development and individuality kept me fully entertained. Emerson has a colleague called Taylor and she was very feisty and funny.  I should also mention two other additional characters called Dakota and Sasha although I don’t want to give away their connection to the story just be assured they were interesting. Dakota was a real sweetheart and I warmed to her instantly. Joe, Emerson and Taylor’s colleague, I didn’t like him one bit. I had a bad feeling about him.

There is a total swoon worthy moment and my favourite line: I kiss her as if its my first kiss. I kiss her knowing its our last.

“So, why are we walking away from one another?”
“It’s not our time.”
“Maybe in the next life?”
“You wont be able to keep me away.”

The moment I turned the cover to the prologue the words reeled me in. I wanted to know more and why. The author very cleverly makes you think you know what’s going to happen only to put a completely different spin on it. I hung onto every word and felt the pain of the transgressions of the male protagonist and the passion. There is every emotion going from sadness to laughter. I love the author’s storytelling and the development of plot and characters. I have had to go in for a re-read as I couldn’t get this masterpiece off my mind. You know it’s a great book when you think about it long after the epilogue. Its already paved the way for Hendrix story and I look forward to it especially if we get a glimpse of all that played a part in Reclaim. Marley valentine is a great addition to the book world with her talented penmanship. I mustn’t forget to mention the Reclaim playlist on Spotify that I have had on constant play since I have read the book. The tracks are cleverly chosen to compliment the story. Bravo and congratulations Ms Valentine. A worthy five stars.

Author Bio

Marley Valentine comes from the future. Living in Sydney, Australia with her family, when she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.

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