The #Brazilliant adventure tour

starring Jane Harvey-Berrick,

Stu Reardon  and Franggy Yanes

with The Gift Box Team

(Roberta and Esther)



Our adventures took a more relaxed turn today. We had the morning to swim in the pool (and some of us to use the gym (no names!).

Strange as it sounds, I was enchanted by the bugs I found floating in the pool, including a bright green grasshopper that was so beautiful. I tried to save it, but too late. Farewell, little friend.

The heat grew gradually until I became more and more pink, but Stu and Fran took a walk in the sun while I stayed in the shade – they both got sunburn. Guys!!

But we had time to talk and I found out some interesting things about our favourite guys. Fran said he’s always been tall, even as a child. At birthday parties, he couldn’t get the nice gifts because he always looked older. Aw. He’s nearly 6’3’’ but says that where he lives in Holland, he’s just average height. Hmm.

And Stu has challenges, too – he struggles to get jeans and trousers to fit. He has a 32’’ waist but his quads and glutes (thighs and backside) are so well muscled that jeans don’t fit. I think we can all sympathise with finding the right jeans. When it comes to suit pants, he has to buy a 36’’ waist and then get them tailored to fit.

I know these are small points, but I find these details fascinating. I think writers are observers by nature – and nosy, too!

After more food (!) we headed out to the Itaipu dam, the 8th largest in the world, and a massively important source of hydro-electric power. Like all countries, Brazil has a rising need for power, but is trying to move aways from fóssil fuels like oil. I haven’t seen many electric cars here, but I’m told there are more and more.

The dam is a partnership Project with Paraguay, so technically I visited another country today. It’s quite a piece of engineering. The idea was first mooted in the 1960s but it took politicans 10 years to agree the deal (no change there), then 10 years to build, and finally opened in 1982.

The plan was to get a boat trip on the lake behind, but Fran predicted a storm was coming and he was right. Rain lashed into our windowless bus, so they rushed to pull down plastic covers, but we were wet… again!

The rain was Biblical, but really refreshing. I love how quickly the weather can change here, and so dramatic. But it was warm rain, at least!

Tomorrow we travel to São Paulo to meet up with our Brazilian author friends and Gergo Jonas, the cover model for EXPLOSIVO \ TICK TOCK which was released in Portugese today. I think he and Fran and Stu will really get along – they all have kind hearts.

I know … good looks and they’re sweet – it is possible!

More News tomorrow from our #brazilliant adventure with @thegiftboxbr

PS And my luggage has arrived in Rio. I hope to be reunited soon!
@thegiftboxbr @jharveyberrick










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