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New Orleans, a city of mystery and magic, of secrets and dreams, and a history drenched in both love and the deepest of heartache.

When ballet dancer Clara Campbell arrives in New Orleans, lonely and homesick, she is immediately captivated by the story of Windisle Plantation and the tragic tale that is said to have transpired beyond its gate. Legend has it that it is abandoned by all living souls, but to Clara’s great surprise, it is not a ghost she hears through the stone wall surrounding the property, but a flesh and blood man. A scarred stranger with a pain deeper and darker than the churning waters of the Mississippi river that flows beside his self-imposed prison.

The ruined man behind the wall hides himself from the world. The last thing he expects is to find a friend in the selfless girl who speaks to him through the cracks in the rock. The girl who keeps returning week after week. The girl who makes him wish for things he has long since given up on. The girl who strikes both fear and hope within his wounded heart. But there can be no future for them, no life beyond Windisle, for no one knows better than him that monsters only live in the dark.

The Wish Collector is the story of shame and triumph, of loneliness and love, and the miracle of two hearts connecting despite the strongest of barriers between them.



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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

It’s been quite a while since a book has inspired me to read from beginning to end without putting it down when the genre isn’t exactly my choice reading material! That being said, I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for since I hadn’t read the synopsis. The mere fact that it was written by an author who had previously written an unforgettable book engraved on my heart was enough for me to one-click. So, did her writing exceed my expectations? Yes! Sheridan’s unpredictable tale in present and past melds two stories together with the precision of reality, entwining unimaginable past happenings. Always intriguing, the mysteries of a convoluted logic took this reader on a journey of wishes, making me try and guess the outcome.

A broken soul. The owner of wishes. A mysterious wall, bleeding tears of despair. Light is shone on a lass whose curiosity to know the whys and wherefores of a fascinating story she’d inadvertently stumbled on, brimming with unanswered questions, the unknown. She becomes a lonely man’s shadow of hope confined in his solitary world behind mortar and stone. He hadn’t had the courage to venture further afield in many years for reasons you will discover. Right guys, this isn’t an easy read. It’s not all rose petals and strawberries, but it will keep you stuck to the pages. The emotional stress broke my heart too many times to count. Then my heart skipped with joy when beautiful scenes gained not only a semblance of relief, but also left me in awe for such compounding compassion.

New Orleans’ historical richness, its architecture and a stifling humidity caused by the river are incredibly well-described. The climate was most certainly different to what ballerina, Clara Campbell had ever experienced. Never once did she complain because it wasn’t in her nature. I couldn’t help but like her. Clara’s gratefulness for everything small, big and in between sizzles off the pages. If anyone in Jonah Chamberlain’s existence could lessen his grief, it was she. Oh my, to say I felt sorry for him would be an understatement. I desperately wanted a know why there were so many dark areas in his story. Only one person could unlock two parallel stories’ truth. Who?

Jonah. Goodness me. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if you have to gravel for that connective tissue we all look for in our heroes. He is a sorrowful fellow buried deeply in his woes although his acceptance of bad luck or call it what you will, made me respect him. I found fault in him as did Clara but as they say, love moves mountains…it gives fuel for change and can lift even the most desperate to unimaginable levels!

I am going to keep this review short. Firstly, I have no wish to spoil this magnificent story for you and secondly, you have to see for yourselves if hope, self-forgiveness and love rules. Sheridan’s storytelling technique is beyond exquisite. Her secondary characters’ abounding sense of goodness and encouragement left me smiling. Only one more thing to say. Sheridan, bravo!


Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.
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