The #Brazilliant adventure tour

starring Jane Harvey-Berrick,

Stu Reardon, Franggy Yanes & GERGO JONAS

with The Gift Box Team,

Roberta and Esther

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *

HAVE YOU MISSED ANY OF The #Brazilliant adventure tour?




🇧🇷 DAY EIGHT ~the #brazilliant adventures


The day started with a short session at the gym – very important with the amount of amazing food on offer. I’ve never seen so much bread, cakes, donuts and pancakes available for breakfast. But as I’m a coeliac, I have to watch. Probably just as well.

Stu is militant about healthy eating, as is Gergo. The difference is that Ger follows a plant-based eating plan and has for over a year now. Luckily the coffee shop here has soy milk because he does love his caffeine in the morning.

Today we travelled into Salvador. This city on the sea was founded by Portuguese sailors in 1549. It’s one of the oldest colonial cities in South America. It was the capital of Brazil for over two centuries. It’s home to 3 million people and our guide said there were 365 churches – one for every day of the year 😊

Fran loved photographing the picturesque cobbled streets of the Pelourinho district, famous for its African culture, music and food.

Stu tried the acarajé, a sort of seafood samosa. I had fresh coconut water, straight from a green coconut. Delicious on a boiling hot and humid day.

I left the group briefly to call my husband but was told to stay close. Being blonde and a tourist makes me a target. Hmm.

I made a pilgrimage to the home of romance author Jorge Amado with Carol Dias and Martinha Fagundes.

Amado is best known for his novel ‘Flor and Her Two Husbands’. He died in 2001.

Then it was time to lounge by the pool with Author Andy Collins (pronounced ‘Angie’) and Stu.

More News tomorrow from our #brazilliant adventure when we hit the road again with @thegiftboxbr on my Facebook page and Kindle Friends Forever  or in Portuguese at The Gift Box Blog




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