The #Brazilliant adventure tour

starring Jane Harvey-Berrick,

Stu Reardon, Franggy Yanes & GERGO JONAS

with The Gift Box Team,

Roberta and Esther

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  DAY EIGHT & nine

🇧🇷 DAY TEN ~the #brazilliant adventures


Today has been fascinating. I’ve been doing one of my favourite things – talking to other members of the Gift Box team about their lives, and about their writing and creating.

First I talked to Brazilian Author Paola Benalia, through our translator, Carol.

I learn that her first historical romance was set in London, and that although her family support her in her writing, they don’t read her books. She thinks if her husband read her books, he’d blush. Gotta say, that’s intriguing!

It’s frustrating that I won’t be able to read her books except through Google Translate.

Paola used to be a Psychologist although she’s a full time writer now. I imagine that’s a useful background for a writer.

Then I chatted with Cristina Melo, and she said that her husband not only reads her books but critiques the first draft and always encourages her to improve.

I’m intrigued to learn that she ran a pet shop for 15 years, and dumped her ex-boyfriend because he didn’t want dogs in the house. Smart lady!!

I think her husband shares her love of animals… I certainly hope so!

My interpreter, Carol Dias, is a 23 year old author who also works for Gift Box publishers. She also has an amazing voice and used to sing with her church. She can also dance samba but sadly failed to teach me the moves. She tried, I tried, but this body just won’t move like that. Oh well.

Interviewing Gergo Jonas was also incredibly fascinating. Originally from Hungary in Eastern Europe, he’s lived in the UK for 10 years.

When he first arrived, he didn’t speak much English so worked three jobs as a cleaner to pay the bills, and taught himself English along the way.

He’s a fitness trainer now, but admits to being a chubby child and had years of yo-yo dieting. The last few years has been a journey for him to a balanced lifestyle, his words.

My final interview of the day was with photographer Franggy Yanes.

He says he doesn’t consider himself a model, despite being on the cover of almost 70 books. It’s photography that is his passion. His eyes light up when he talks about ‘learning his craft’, or the photographers who’ve inspired him, particularly those who from the fifties and sixties who caught the emerging street style.

I’ve been trying to think of the words that sum up his style to me. I’d say his images are ‘the beautiful natural’ – capturing unexpected moments of beauty in what he sees around him.

He says Stu is someone who energises him with his positivity, which he needs, and we can all see that they have a true friendship that will stand the test of time.

I’ll publish all the interviews in full after I’m home.

It’s been an incredible adventure, which isn’t quite over, but I’m looking forward to being with my family again soon.

More News tomorrow from our #brazilliant adventures when we hit the road again with @thegiftboxbr on my Facebook page and Kindle Friends Forever  or in Portuguese at The Gift Box Blog and Jane Harvey-Berrick